My Life as Arabella

- All stories do not have happy endings. -

Arabella tell her story of living with cystic fibrosis. Falling in love but not having much time left, they both declare there love for one another before tragedy strikes.


4. Chapter 3.


 Lets get his party started yeahh. Welcome back people. Ready for another chapter of my life. Of course you are, lets get this thing rolling. Okay, back to the doctor that bares all bad news.

 "I'm sorry, but we're going to have to hospitalize you for a few weeks until you show signs of getting better." He said while tapping a pen on his clip board. I like to call it, the clip board of death. 

 "She's okay, she can go home, it was just one time" My mom said. The cracking in her voice was so recognizable, I felt so bad. If only I had not tried to be a horny teenager and have sex with Sai none of this would happen.

 Sai, that was the only thing that was running through my mind. Where did he go? What happened? I miss him so much. Those were just a few thoughts running through my mind. But I hated him for it. If he wouldn't have tried to use his notorious sex styles on me, I wouldn't have freaked out,  I wouldn't have hyperventilated, I wouldn't have blacked out, and I wouldn't have been there, making my mom cry. Oh, and the worst part about it, was that he wasn't even there! No where to be found. Which of course made me more angry at him. But when he walked back in the room, I was only angry at myself.

 I felt angry for judging him, I felt angry for blaming everything on him when it was all my fault, and I felt angry for dragging him into this situation. I was the one who opened the window for him to climb in. I was the one who kissed him back. And I was the one all of this was happening to. 

 I got pulled out of my thoughts when I heard my name being called by the doctor. "Arabella is it, um what are your relationships with these people in this room." 

 I looked at my mom, "That's my mom". I looked at Sai, "That's my boyfriend". I looked at Clark, "That's Clark". And last but not least I looked at the doctor, "You're my doctor" I said as clear as I could. 

 "Nice, now do know what I just diagnosed you with" He said while looking at the clipboard of death.

 "Party Fever" I say while looking back up at the large hospital light.

 "Close, but not exactly. You have Cystic Fibrosis" He said ever so gently. 

 "Anymore good news?" I said, enthusiastically. I heard Sai chuckle softly which made me feel a little better. 

 "Nope, looks like that's all for now." He says and turns to my mom. I don't really know what happened after that because I wasn't really paying attention to them. Just thinking to myself about how I should not stop breathing. 

 Sai placed my hand in his which at the time made me feel a thousand times better. But I knew he had his phone in the other hand. Texting, snapchatting, doing everything to get his mind off of what was going on right in front of him. And this, this made me feel a thousand times worse.

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