Apartment 5S - (Cake) ON HOLD

Luke Hemmings had a pretty average life if he must say so himself, he a job at a local music store that paid pretty well, his own home dwelling space and a very supportive family.

Little did he know everything could change with one single accident.

Calum was an ordinary young adult looking forward to finding a job and moving into his own home dwelling.

Both of their lives will begin to change.

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5. Chapter 5

Luke's POV:

"Boys! Come down for dinner we're having pizza and a few refreshments!", me and Ashton looked at each other before running downstairs, it was like we were racing each other to the bottom of the stairs to see who would win. By the time I got down the stairs I thought I won but then I looked over to my right and saw Ashton right beside me giggling. I guess we both got down at the same pace, he raised his hand up signaling me to high-five him. We high-fived before running into the kitchen finding my other brothers sitting at the table with my mother. 

When my mom said refreshments I knew exactly what she meant, my favorite chocolate chip cookies that she always makes. Usually she does that to cheer me up or when she's in a very good mood I wonder what's going on today. Oh well, I'm not complaining though I really want some cookies. I looked over at Ashton and he was practically drooling over the cookies as well. 


"Aye mate wake up!" I heard someone shout from the other side of me. The bed dipped in the same direction I heard the voice which means the person sat down. I groaned and got up to see who it was, it was some dude with brown curly hair that stopped a little above his shoulders with green eyes. I jumped out of the bed and stood up walking closer to him cautiously. 

"Who are you?" I asked with a confused expression plastered against my face. "Oh I'm sorry I'm Harry, Harry Styles!" he said while smiling sheepishly and holding out his hand for me to shake. I took it and gave him a firm handshake. "I'm Luke, I'm guessing you're a ghost too considering you can see me and talk to me?" he grinned and nodded his head. 

"I'm here to check up on you, originally Louis was supposed to come but he had some stuff to handle so here I am. Do you know how long you've been sleep?" he said running his fingers through his hair. 

"Um about an hour or two I guess?" I asked him and he raised an eyebrow. 

"Uh more like 2 days mate." he said while pointing to the calendar that was hung on the wall. I didn't know I slept that long, I only meant to sleep until Calum or Louis came back.

 "I guess that's why I feel so refreshed" I said while stretching for a quick second. If this room is finished up with, I wonder if the rest of the apartment is too. I walked out the room hearing footsteps behind me, I looked back to see Harry behind me with an amused expression on his face. 

While looking around I was right, the rest of the apartment was completely furnished and done with I must say it was very nice. They setup everything pretty quickly, it took me a couple of weeks to finish decorating but that's probably just because I'm really lazy.

"So if the apartment is finished with, where is Calum?" I turned back asking Harry. He walked into he living-room and sat on the couch before he spoke. "He went out somewhere with some dark red headed boy that came here earlier. 

"Wait so how do you and Louis know each other?" I said while looking over at him.

"Louis and I are dating, his my boyfriend." he said while looking down at his hands blushing lightly. I mentally awed, "You guys make a good couple." I said while sitting on the opposite couch from him. He looked back up at me and smiled, "Thanks, but um Luke I was supposed to tell you something about Calum-" before he got to finish the sentence Louis appeared and spoke. 

"Sorry guys, I'm here now I got caught up with a few things." he said while walking over to Harry and gave him a quick peck on the lips leaving Harry blushing lightly again. 

He looked over at me and smiled. "Luke we need to talk to you about Calum." he said before plopping down on the couch next to Harry.

Great what now?



Quick Author's Note: Change of plans, I'll only be updating Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays unless something else happens and I'm not able to update. Sometimes I tend to update out of the blue also so don't worry and thank you for being patient!

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