Apartment 5S - (Cake) ON HOLD

Luke Hemmings had a pretty average life if he must say so himself, he a job at a local music store that paid pretty well, his own home dwelling space and a very supportive family.

Little did he know everything could change with one single accident.

Calum was an ordinary young adult looking forward to finding a job and moving into his own home dwelling.

Both of their lives will begin to change.

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4. Chapter 4

Luke's POV: 

"Louis what exactly are we doing here?" I asked looking over to him. He looked at me raising his eyebrow and grabbed my hand, once again we moved from the front of the apartment complex to the inside of an apartment room. "This here my dear Lucas, is your new assignment." he said while raising his arms up acting as if this was a honor. 

"Details please." I said while walking closer over to him. He ran his hand through his hair ruffling it a bit before speaking, "Well you know how people always have a bad idea when it comes to ghosts?" he said and I nodded for himm to continue. "There's this thing you have to do when you first change into a ghost, you must complete an assignment to prove that you can be helpful to others instead of hurting them." 

Although that was kinda a good idea, why do I have to prove myself to anyone? I just wanted to see my friends and family. The faster I do this, the faster I go to do so. "Well then what's the assignment?" 

"I can't stay for long I have to go check up on something else, your assignment should be starting very soon you'll know it when it when you see it." I raised my eyebrow in confusion as he continued.

"Whatever you do don't let anything bad happen." he said before disappearing. 

"No! Louis come back!" I groaned in frustration, what do I do now?  Just as I was about to call for Louis again I noticed the front door to the apartment starting to jiggle open. I started panicking, what was I suppose to do? Do I hide? 

Wait a minute. I'm a ghost no one will be able to see me. 

"Alright so this is a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms a decent sized dining room, and of course a kitchen and living room." I heard a man say who I'm guessing is the tenant of this apartment complex. Right behind him I saw 2 guys following closely behind him, one with all black fluffy hair with a blonde streak in the front with tanned skin. The another had a full head of dark red hair with slightly pale skin. They continued to look around the apartment and came back into the living room area to close up the deal.

"So what do you guys think?" the tenant said to the tanned skin boy. Hm, why do I feel obligated to know him better? I took the time to admire this Hood boy's features. His jawline is cute and boy is he- wait I'm supposed to be doing my assignment. Is he my assignment? I was snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of them talking again.

"Can we have a moment to figure out a decision?" the tanned skin boy said to the tenant, and he nodded while walking outside to give them some privacy.

"Let's go for it Calum! We'll finally be able to live on our own." the red headed boy said. So Calum is his name, cute. I wonder if him and the other guy are dating.

"Yeah.. I think we should, it's really nice and the rent isn't even that high."

 "Let's go talk to the tenant about taking this apartment and we can stop by again tomorrow." the guy with the red hair said. They walked back out the apartment to talk to the tenant, to go to his office and sign papers I'm guessing. I remember getting my first apartment, well I guess those days are over. 

I walked around the apartment until I entered one of the bedrooms, it had a brand new wrapped up mattress on the ground. I decided to take a short nap and wait until Calum or Louis comes back. As soon as I tried laying on the mattress I ended up falling right through. I groaned you have got to be kidding me, this whole ghost thing is gonna take some time to get use to.

Okay I can do this, I got back up and concentrated on the mattress. I tried again and ended up being successful this time, I hope I can get used to this. 


Quick Author's Note: Wow I suck at keeping promises I'm making it up to you guys by updating like crazy today I'm just in a good mood. 


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