You Got It All (George Shelley)

Sirena ends up going to a concert she didn't want to go to. But she ended up loving Union J and especially George Shelley.

all she thought was that he has it all!!


6. Tomorrow Morning!!

              George and I were prepared for anything to happen for anybody to say anything to us about us at the mall together yesterday. but, you know what I don't care what people think because me and him are going to slay anything that anybody says to us today. let's just find out what everybody thinks of us even as a couple or just as friends. In my opinion I really don't care what they think but I don't know about George or what he will think.


George's P.O.V.

                 I was going to the coffee shop with sirena today. I was prepared but I wasn't prepared at the same time for what people are gonna say if they saw us at the mall together or anything. I mean since it is my first full week of school next week. I just want to wait for our relationship for about 1 month or so. I don't want people thinking I'm just dating Sirena for attention because I'm new. that is just not the case. I just cant wait to be able to take pictures with her and post them. I love her with all my heart. but, I do have on my instagram that I am taken. So, does sirena cause we did it at the same time. its on all of our social media except for snapchat obviously and Facebook lol. Now, I just want to see who's gonna say something about me and Sirena being together by ourselves and nobody else with us.


                 Well, I mean anyways I'm going to pick up sirena now and I can't wait to see her beautiful face. I love her with all my heart and I don't know what I do if I didn't start talking to her or even been in her music class. I would probably be a popular douchebag. I just don't want to become one of those douchebags. Let's get out of the car now and open the door for her. Lean up against the side of my car and wait for her all sexy like.

Then I saw Sirena walk out of the house. She had on one of the dresses she bought from Hot Topic yesterday with a pair of black converse and a black beanie with her usual dark makeup.










She looks so wonderful in anything she wears. I just can't get over the fact of how pretty she always looks.


"Babe can I tell you something?" I asked.

"Yeah." She looked at me all flirty like.

"Did you know that you are so damn beautiful that I just can't stop staring at you!!" I exclaimed.

"Thanks babe and you are just so damn handsome and I just want to never mind. I love you babe." She said.

"I love you 2!!" I exclaimed.







What will happen at the coffee shop??


Find out next chapter with a more descriptive piece of paragraphs and Sirena's point of view also again and George's lol


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