You Got It All (George Shelley)

Sirena ends up going to a concert she didn't want to go to. But she ended up loving Union J and especially George Shelley.

all she thought was that he has it all!!


8. Sex Part 2 before Coffe Shop Run







Sirena's P.O.V.

                       George and I were laying in my bed now since I was scared of the dream I just had. But, yet I couldn't believe how much I thought it was true. But, anyways Jorge and I were both with each other alone in my house with nobody else in the house. So, we decided let's do it again but better than last night. I just want it to be special again but even better than it was last night. I mean don't get me wrong but it was so fucking good last night that I couldn't get it out of my head. That's probably why I had that dream about us being surrounded in Jorge's car. Anyways lets go and get ready.


"Hey Jorge do u wanna do it now??" I questioned.

"Hell Yeah baby!!" Jorge exclaimed as he gave me a seductive face and bit his lip.

              We both went and stripped. Jorge stripped in my room and I stripped in my bathroom and changed into something sexy just for him. then I went into my moms room ad found condoms obviously I know they still have sex and still use protection just in case something does happen. Anyways me my mom always told me never use two condoms because the friction between them will make them break. So, I took two just in case we decide to do it again before my parents got home. Then, I came back into my room and I didn't see Jorge so I walked in all upset and I left the door open and then I heard it close and get locked. But I was to upset to look because I knew that he left. Then, I got pushed down and Jorge was on top of me. He was so ready for this to happen.


                    Then Jorge attacked my lips aggressively. I was really excited. I was smiling through all of the kisses. Then I noticed that he was all naked. I then let him take my bra off and my underwear and my cover up I had on too. I was so prepared for all of this. So, I flipped him over and I decided to be on top and attack him with everything I had in me. He was surprised by what I was holding in for the right moment me and him were going to have. As I made out with him I was giving him a hand job. Jorge was holding onto my ass to while I was giving him a hand job. then I stopped kissing him and I went down to his dick and began to suck on it. I knew he was enjoying it because he was moaning up a fucking bloody storm. I didn't want to stop but I wanted his dick inside of me already. I wanted him so badly right now!!


          Jorge then made me bend down and he put the condom on. We were doing doggy style tonight I guess. LOL

   "Ready baby?"

"Hell yeah. <3" I answered

            He then entered me slowly. I was ready but yet I have always been ready for this to happen. I needed to have Jorge inside of me and I needed it harder than ever. Then I commanded him too:


   "fuck me harder baby. Fuck me yes!!"

We were almost at our climax.


"Yes daddy fuck me. yes daddy."


"Scream my name if you want it. scream it." Jorge demanded.

"Jorge fuck me yes. Yes Daddy yes!!" I screamed on the top of my lungs.

"OMG I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum." Jorge said.

            Then we both reached our climax's. I wasn't tired so I went down and I sucked on Jorge's dick but before I did I removed the condom. I made him lay down I put my ass by his face as he ate me out. then I sucked on his dick. Jorge was really loving it. I mean I loved it.





*15 minutes later*


We were all done. We didn't want to get up but then about 10 minutes later we heard car doors. So, we decided to get up and get changed. So, I unlocked my door opened it and I made George sit down and I started to braid his hair just for fun. Then I heard the door open. I was done with 2 braids before anybody came upstairs.


      My mom then walked into the room.

"Hey sweety what r u doing?" She asked.

"I'm braiding Jorge's hair to see what it would look like. Why??" I answered in questionable tone.

"Because, I thought nevermind. Have fun!!" She said and walked downstairs.



We were so close to getting caught. But, we didn't cause we are to fast for anybody to catch us!! If you know what I mean!! LOL












What will happen if somebody finds out??



Will I get kicked out??


Will I have to live with Jorge?? ( I don't have a problem with him but his parents will!!)













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