You Got It All (George Shelley)

Sirena ends up going to a concert she didn't want to go to. But she ended up loving Union J and especially George Shelley.

all she thought was that he has it all!!


9. Mall What??

                    Jorge and I were sitting in my room on my bed. I was finishing his braids since I had just about half of his braids done. I didn't really like them so I'm only leaving them in for today since we are only going to the mall and I don't want anybody to notice me and Jorge so I decided to have Jorge do cornrows in my hair so that we would be perfectly matching. I'll just put a hat on and then I make Jorge wear his beanie. Then we can have flannels and black skinny jeans and black converse on (high-tops). We were ready to go to the mall today. I just can't wait to see if anybody notices. To be honest Jorge has never done braids before and his cornrows on my head came out really good. I just hope my mom doesn't say anything. After about 20 minutes of Jorge and I getting ready and going to the mall. We walked out of my room. My mom and dad both saw us and looked at me and said:

"Sirena why the fuck are you going to the fucking mall like that?? Go in your room and take them out right now."


"Wait mom and dad this is our idea together we want to go to the mall and see if anybody is going to notice. Once we come home we are going to take them out. I feel really weird with them in and plus George looks really awkward with having them in. Please let us do this once and then we will be good. we are doing it to put it on YouTube. Our friend Ashton is going to video tape it!!" I explained.


"Ok fine but as soon as you two get here and your done doing it take those braids out." My parents demanded.


"I gotcha. I'll see u later mom and dad. Love u!!" I yelled and we walked out the door.

                       We then got in the car nobody was around so they didn't see us yet. I hope that nobody notices me or Jorge. I would be so fucking happy if nobody notices because then we will get stupid reactions and get more viewers and more followers.  I hope something good happens and not by meaning somebody noticing us. Just by having them enjoy what we are doing. But never do this trick on cops because you can get in a lot of trouble like for insists arrested. I would no because I almost get arrested when I was doing a YouTube video with friends and we pretended that we were twins and gave our dog to a cop and then we switched and pretended that the cop lost our dog. They laughed it off though and said to not do it to them again.


"Jorge what if they notice what should our names be??" I questioned.

"Your name can be Georgia." Jorge said.

"Your name can be Shawn." I said.

"Ok lets go Georgia." He explained laughing.

"Let's Shawn!!" I exclaimed.


We walked into the mall with our messed up makeup faces on and our braids holding hands and just hanging like we normally do. But, I didn't want to talk to much like myself because, then people would notice us!! I just hope that I can be able to have a good amount of people say damn what the fuck kind of couple are they. I can't wait to put this video up on YouTube.











*2 hours walking around the mall getting reactions*


We decided to go home because, we were getting really tired of just walking around for 2 hours. So, we got in the car and took off our stupid makeup faces and our hats and then me and Jorge sat in the car and drove home. Jorge put his one arm around me and I was leaning towards him a little bit. Then, since I didn't have a seatbelt on when he turned really hard my head landed right by his dick. I mean I've done it before. So, I decided to unzip his pants and suck him off. I made sure no cops were around. I was just very cautious about it. Jorge then stopped at the stop light. I was done by then and I zipped his pants up again and sat up and leaned my head on Jorge's shoulder. But, the guys next to us looked at me and said:


"Sweetheart can it be my turn now??"


I noticed it was Charlie the jock from school. He didn't notice it was me. So, I was happy that Ashton was still recording but he was recording the people around us and when he saw all of the guys that heard Charlie say is it my turn he video taped it and said:

"By the way Charlie this is Sirena and that's Jorge and you were just pranked by them and me." Ashton explained.


I died laughing then Charlie said to me:

"I don't care can I still have a blowjob by this wanna be whore."

"Excuse me she is not a wanna be whore. she is a wonderful person and I don't give a shit what you say about me but don't talk about her!!" Jorge explained.










What will happen tomorrow??



What is Charlie going to do?

Will he tell the whole school??










I'm really scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
















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