You Got It All (George Shelley)

Sirena ends up going to a concert she didn't want to go to. But she ended up loving Union J and especially George Shelley.

all she thought was that he has it all!!


3. George is coming to my house!!

             We were still at the skate park. Me George and the gang when all of a sudden 3 guys came up to George and say hey whats up. George knew them I think. so I asked:

"George who are these guys??"

"Oh sorry Sirena. These are my buddies." George said.

"Oh ok." I said confused.

"This is JJ, Jaymi, and Josh. Guys this is Sirena my first new friend at the new school." George introduced me.

"Well hi nice to meet you." JJ said.

"Nice to see ya lol." Jaymi said.

"Hey you're really adorable but nice to meet you Sirena right?" Josh said.

I almost died because they were all so hot to me anyways. Like what the hell is going on with me lately. I need to figure this out already.



*45 minutes goes by*


"Well, George it's 7:30 do u wanna go now!!" I exclaimed towards George.

"Sure let's go." George said and got his board and put his arm around my shoulders and we walked to his car as his friends checked out my ass.

I wanted to die when I got into George's car and we started to drive he put his hand on my thigh. I think I'm in love with George than I've ever been in love with anybody else. I needed to talk to George already. But I need to practice this song with him so that we are prepared for Wednesday!! I was ready for this hang out to begin with me and George. I couldn't believe I agreed to this.



"George I have a question?" I said as we were almost at my house.

"Sure what is it?" George questioned me.

"what do you like in girls? my friend wants to know since she thinks that she likes you!" I asked trying to hide that I like him.

"I like girls that are themselves. don't care what people think of them. I love outrageous girls like you. And to be honest I love girls that are technically like you!!" George exclaimed.

"Oh ok I'll text her that later." I said as I smiled.

We then arrived to my house and George wouldn't let me get out of the car. He wanted to open the door for me. so, I waited since I was gonna be nice to him for now anyways.

I was walking up to my front door. As I got right to the front of it. I was about to open it when George turned me around and kissed me passionately. I was just daydreaming. I wish it was real. but he's not gonna like me as much as I love him. Even though I just met him I don't care I think I love him and I cant stop thinking about him. He's all I think about. Nothing else but him and skating of course. But I do my homework to get him off of my mind.


Now, we entered my house and I said hi to my mom and dad and I went up to my room. Then I came back down and I introduced George to my parents even though I'm not dating him. After I introduced them I ran to my room holding George's hand and we sat on my bed and we looked up the song lyrics and began to practice. but before we did anything. George turned to me and asked me:

"Sirena do u like me??''

"Why are u asking me that?" I asked back.

"Well I'm just wondering cause can I be honest with you." George said.

"Sure what is it?" I said.

"I know I just met you. but, I really like you. And I know that you probably don't like me the way I like you. But I love you more than anybody I have ever loved before. I can't stop thinking about you. I just cant stop describing you in my mind. Cute, Skater, Amazing,Awesome, Smart, Funny and even more." He explained before he kept going I looked at him and I kissed his pink soft pouty lips.

He kissed me back and I loved him even more than he explained how much he loved me. Then he went on top of me and started to kiss me even more and we started to take off our tops and we were making out a lot. I just couldn't stop kissing him. But, then I heard a knock on my door and it was my mom.

"Sirena can I talk to you really fast??"

"Give me one second I have to give George something to do while were talking." I said.

Then I put on my shirt and I went out my door. My mom looked at me and said:

"Sirena do u like George??"

"Maybe Why??" I said

"Because I know that you two were just kissing in your room." I said.

"Ok fine we were. I love him a lot mom. Now can I go back into my room so we can practice." I answered.

"Yeah just no taking clothes off and you can do what you want just don't have SEX Ok." My mom explained.

"I know mom ok I'm gonna go now bye." I said and went back into my room.




*I went back in my room and ran back onto the bed onto George's lap and I just smiled.*



"Oh Ok so can I change your name in my phone to My Wife :*" George said.

"Yes as long as I can change your name to My Husband <3" I said.

''Of course babe!!" He said.


Me and George than began to sing.

"Some people got soul

some people got passion

some people got wisdom

but you got it all." George sang.

"Some people got strength

some people got courage

some people got vision

but you got it all." I sang.

"Some people got drive

some people got talent 

Some people got style

but you got it all." George sang.

"Some people live life

some people stay balanced

You're everything I ever want in a girl." George sang.


"'cause you got it all

'cause you got it all

you got it all.

and I want all of it.

every little bit of all of it." We sang together.


 "Some people got curves

some people got beauty

that's deeper than words

but you got it all

some people get wild

some people stay classy
you're everything I ever want in a girl." I sang.

"'cause you got it all

'cause you got it all

you got it all." we sang.


So don't you change a thing

Cause I like everything about you
 From your hazy toes, from your lips to your nose
 All perfect in my eyes

 Some people got soul
 Some people got passion
 Some people got heart

 But you got it all

 'cause you got it all
 You got it all

 Some people got passion
 Some people got wisdom
 But you got it all

 Some people got strength
 Some people got courage
 Some people got vision
 But you got it all

 'cause you got it all." We sang together.


We than kissed.






What will happen later on??



I don't know LOL


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