You Got It All (George Shelley)

Sirena ends up going to a concert she didn't want to go to. But she ended up loving Union J and especially George Shelley.

all she thought was that he has it all!!


2. Back to School

        It's Friday and I can't wait because, we only have a month of school left. So, if we got a new kid right now I would love it because, I would become there best friend. But if she's a bitch she's never gonna see me again. But if its a guy I'm all in since I love guys as friends more than girls but I got my girls and they are my squad and they love me as much as I love them. Now, we are suppose to get a new kid today. let's just see who it is. I'm gonna die if he's a NE.............

             I stopped before I could even finish because the new kid walked in and he is drop dead gorgeous. I waved to him and I told him he can sit right next to me. I was happy because he came right by me and sat by me and we said hi and we talked for a little bit. But, I didn't figure out his name yet. We were talking and he didn't know my name and I didn't know his name at all. Then the teacher said

"Well students we have a new student today and his name is George Shelly!! Would you like to introduce yourself to the class George!"


"Ok sure." George said in a British accent. He got up and stood by his seat by me and began to talk.

"My name is George Shelly I just came here from Great Britain and I haven't been here before. But I would really hope to get to know many of u before the end of the year comes. I'm a good student I know how to skate and I'm actually a really good teacher for specific subjects. Well that's all." he explained.


He then sat down by me again and smirked at me and I was smiles and my friends have never seen me like this. So, now my girl friends want to dress me up a little bit for tomorrow because I like George and I really don't want them doing that. I just want to have them understand that I will wear a very light amount of makeup and I will wear a little  bit of less black. So, I'm gonna have to wear black skinny jeans tomorrow with converse which are blue and then a nice shirt. Damn I hate being a girl for a guy. I just wish that he would think I'm cute for the way I am. I mean the dance is coming up me and him can go or I can just wear a dress to that instead of a pair of jeans and a shirt. :(


Well, I'm gonna go to my next class now. I have Music next.


"Hey um I never got your name. I'm George!" George said.

"Hi my name is Sirena." I said.

"Nice to meet you." George said.

"Nice to meet you to. so what do u have this class?" I said.

"I have Music next how about you?" George said.

"I have Music now!!" I said.

"OMG let's walk to class. I mean if you don't mind." George said.

"It's fine." I said.


We got to music class and we sat next to each other again. then the teach made me sing a part of the song.


"some people got soul,

some people got passion,

some people got wisdom,

but you got it all." I sang. then George started to sing. we were singing together and then the teacher said to us.


"You two I need to speak to right now." the teacher said.

"Yes Ms." We said.

"Would you 2 like to sing together this song in the coffeehouse that we are having??" The teacher questioned.

"I mean I do. Do you George?" I answered and questioned.

"Yeah I would love to. This is an amazing song." George answered.

"Ok well then we started rehearsal for the coffeehouse next week on Wednesday right after school in this class. Thank you so much you two are amazing together!!" Ms. said to us.

We nodded hugged and went to our seats. Then we exchanged numbers into each others phones.


George- 201-555-6280

Me- 201-555-6840


I saved myself in his phone as Skater Girl :P. He saved himself in my phone as Skater Dude <3 .


"I'll see you later. Text me later." I said.

"Actually Sirena can I come over later?'' George questioned.

"Sure what time?" I asked/answered.

"I mean whatever is good for you. are you going skating after school cause I'm going to the skate park after school if you want to join me." George said,

"I am and I would love to join you. But I have to go home first." I said.

"Ok I can drive you home if u want and then we can go to the skate park and go to your place afterwards" George answered.

"That sounds good. Just come with me to my locker after school so I can put my stuff away and then we can go to your locker and then go home!!" I said.

*the bell rang*

"Ok sounds good." George said.

*Bell rings 35 minutes later*


"Let's goooo!!" I yelled.


I got to my locker threw everything in and got my board and my homework stuff and my bag and then I went to George's locker and then we got to his car and went to my house. We then arrived to the skate park after I changed into a pair of shorts my high top vans and a beanie. then I got my board and we went to the skate park. I was really good. But George looked really hot as he was skating and I just couldn't believe I found a guy that is fucking sexy and knows how to skate and does everything I do. I think I'm falling in love with the new kid George Shelly. I just think that he's really hot. I just cant stop thinking about him!!





What will happen when he comes to my house to hang out after the skate park. I'm so nervous??


Why am I nervous of all people??



Let's see what's going to happen now!!!




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