We have always been BFFs its always just the six of us. For EVERYTHING! But this summer has been different, it seems like everyone is distant with everyone. They focus on boys and clothing and having that perfect summer romance, no one called or texted me the entire summer.
I was thinking that, Hopefully now that school is back in session everyone would be back in their normal selves. I hope I'm right...


12. What have we done?

            Monday the next week was worse, instead of screwing with Capri, we seemed to make her stronger, colder even. Well, if that was possible. Her clothes brand new, I kinda forgot her aunt owned a department store.

           Marlo and Tainee seemed pretty distant though, like they were forced to do something that they didn't want to do.


           Four weeks later, still no sign of the three getting back at us for what we did, we cooled our selves and relaxed. Maybe they gave up and decided they didn't care about us back anymore.

           It was homecoming week so, that Sunday all four of us sat down and decided what we were gong to be for the week. This is what the weeks theme had in store for us:

Monday: Super Hero Movie Characters      

Tuesday: Disney       

Wednesday: Fandoms      

Thursday: Holidays      

Friday: School colors day ( red, white, black)       

          We all decided on our Monday costume first, I was going to be Harley Quinn, Aiden was going to be Batman, Bria- WonderWoman, and Lilia- Enchantress off of suicide squad. Tuesday, I was Belle, Aiden was Jack off of the nightmare before Christmas, Bria, Maleficent, and Lilia, The little mermaid. Wednesday, I was a doctor from Greys Anatomy, Aiden was R2D2, Bria was a person from Greece, and Lilia was Ginny Wesley. Thursday I was Halloween, Aiden was Birthdays, Bria was, Easter and Lilia was Independence day. Friday, we all made tutus. Even Aiden wore one.  

       After every school day of Homecoming week, we'd have a pep rally, Everything was normal until Wednesday; Fandom day pep rally

      Bria, Lilia, and I were in the bathroom fixing our make up a bit from the long day at school when the lights in the bathroom shut off, we were supposedly the only ones in the bathroom. I heard the door open then close and lock. Then the lights Flickered on again, and standing behind us were two power puff girls, Marlo and Tainee.    

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