We have always been BFFs its always just the six of us. For EVERYTHING! But this summer has been different, it seems like everyone is distant with everyone. They focus on boys and clothing and having that perfect summer romance, no one called or texted me the entire summer.
I was thinking that, Hopefully now that school is back in session everyone would be back in their normal selves. I hope I'm right...


3. The Day of Truth

        I love the first day of school for so may reasons. One would include that you get to see all your colleagues you haven't seen since the last day. Also, school is kind of a high to me. I've always found everything I learn interesting. I live off of knowledge, just consuming every bit of knowledge I can. I-with Lillia and Bria as well- am on the top of my class. All three of us have 4.4 GPAs (bonus work rocks!) and we're all planning on going to Oxford in England for college.

         I woke up the next day bright and early, it was probably about 5:00 am. I went on my usual run. Went home, took a shower, and blow dried my hair. Next, it was the fun part. I went into my walk in closet and starred hopelessly onto the shelves. It was about 6:30 already and still no one was up. In about half an hour I decided on a black flowy tank-top with a pocket on the left side, just regular blue jean shorts, and black heels (like I need to be any taller, but oh well). Now it was 7:00 school starts at 8:15 but I told Lillia and Bria that I would pick them up and we would go get coffee, so I assumed I had about half an hour because Bria lives out of town a bit.

     My favorite part of everyday of getting to wake up my little sister and help her pick out her clothes. She's only in kindergarten so her fashion sense isn't very good yet. But she has me as an older sister so she'll be fine in the future. I picked out a nice and flowy pink dress.

"Georgia", I whispered into her ear, "its time to wake up. You don't want to be late for your first day of Kindergarten".

"You do know I've been awake for a while now? I was watching you pick out my clothes. I love watching your hair bounce around when you move." she said perkily.

"Awww, you're so sweet. But speaking of hair, come on get up and get dressed so I can do yours."

       After I had finished Georgia's hair (a braided side bun with pink flower), I did my make up quick and took Georgia to her friend, Marlees, house. I then groggily proceeded to pick up Lillia who was gorgeous  and Bria who was smoking in her skirt.

       It was already about 8:00 and so we quickly hurried and grabbed a coffee from Casey's and dashed to school. Magically we got there in five minutes, so we looked for Capri, Marlo, and Tainne, who were nowhere to be seen, which was odd, all of them are goody too-shoes and would never be late. Eventually we gave up and just went to our lockers. We got the biggest lockers of all the high school this year, since were the seniors. Miraculously our lockers were right by each other. We can request locker mates but usually no one in the office reads those. Maybe this year wont be so boring after all.

      Lockers by each other only mean one thing...... SAME HOMEROOM TOO!!!!  None of us could even fathom. we haven't even gotten out schedules yet and already we know we see each other in the morning! The bell was about to ring so we hustled up to the office to get our schedules.

      We had every class together. Which I should've figured, were in all Super Advanced classes which only happen one period a day. This day has been so perfect, except no one has seen Capri, Marlo, or Tainne and class just started.

       We head to homeroom, our teacher is Ms. Brooks, she is probably the nicest person in the history or nice people. Which, coincidentally, is what she teaches. She's the advanced college history teacher. Her voice sounds like how marshmallows should, its so soft and sweet and makes you feel safe. Roll call went through terribly though. Apparently all of the kids last names are like intense. You could tell Ms. Brooks was trying so hard.

        Now our schedules were

        1st period advanced college Algebra with Mrs. Adimer room 699

        2nd period advanced college English with Mr. Marr room 697

        3rd period advanced college History with Ms. Brooks room 690

        4th period advanced college chemistry with Mr. Stewart room 698

        5th period lunch in Middle School lunch room

        6th period free period in the library

        7th period Band with Mrs. Yeishon even days Choir with Mr. Mallo on odd days   room 700 on odd 701 on even

        8th period tutoring in the GP room in the middle school (were the ones tutoring)


            On our way to our third period we finally spotted Capri and them. They looked so different. Tainneand Marlo weren't their usually giddy selves, they looked like a popular teen. It was crazy. They found us in the crowd and walked over to us, with a death glare in their eyes.

         "Hey sweeties" said Capri "where you gals going next?"

          "Advanced College Chemistry" said Bria, confused. Shes never called us "sweeties" or "gal" before.

      "Oh right, I forgot you guys are the nerds. Well we'll sit with you at lunch. K?" 

           "okay, I guess so" I said wearily 

          "sweet. See you then. Kisses." Said Tainne

             "That was weird, they're acting so different. These aren't the same girls I knew last year. Their looks, face, walk, talk, even their vocabulary is so strange." said Lillia

           "I know. Its so obscured." I replied "whatever we're going to be late for class. Lets go. "

                "In this class, you'll learn some life saving tips and how to brew your own chemicals together to make something powerful if you do it correctly and very dangerous if you fail....." 

             "What do you think Capri wanted to talk to us about at lunch?" I asked in a whisper tone. 

           "I don't know. Maybe she was apologizing for forgetting about us this summer." said Lillia.

           "I don't think that's the case," I began, but before I could finish... 

             "What?" replied Lillia a little too loud.     

             "Do you ladies have something to share with the entire class?", Mr. Stewart asked sternly.

            "Umm...."  "Well..." we stuttered.  

      "I was telling them that on the periodic table of elements chart you gave us, was wrong. Isn't manganese 25 instead of 26? And Iron is 26 right? You have them mixed around." Says Bria. She's always doing stuff like this, she saves us from getting in trouble all the time with her amazing ability to point out mistakes instantly.

            "Ahh yes, I see. Impressive Bria. Now as I was saying...."   

              "Thanks so much Bria" Lillia and I say simultaneously.    

             "Yeah, well I don't know what they want, but I don't think it could be good. They're definitely not apologizing though." replied Bria taking about our previous conversation before we almost got in trouble.

                The lunch bell rang

           "Well I guess we will find out now." I said walking towards our lockers. 

         W all agreed in 9th grade that we would never eat school lunch again after I got food poisoning and was gone from school for a week, so we just walked down with our coffees and decided just to skip lunch and meet up with Capri, Marlo, and Tainne.

       "Finally you're here" said Marlo all snotty like.  They were all eating fries from the school while talking to us                   "What do you want guys," said Lillia "we have lives too you know."    

          "Haha you're funny. How can geeks like you have lives that are outside of books?" retorted Marlo.  

          "Whatever, what do you want?" asked Bria.

          "We just wanted to say that we have changed over the summer and were not going to hang out with you uys unless you dress better and act cooler. We're not going to be seen caught dead with a bunch of book worms like yourselves. Sorry but over the summer we realized being cool and pretty is way more fun than being lame and nerdy. e're still willing to allow you the honor to hang our with us but youre going to need to dress better, do your hair better, act cooler, and change your classes into normal ones like ours." Said Capri 

               "Why would we want to hang out with you guys? You've changed so much. You used to enjoy reading Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia. What happened? said Bria.

   "Nothing its yes or no. If you say no, I will make your lives a living hell I swear. You wont know what you got yourself into. Yes or No." snapped Capri.     "Well I guess you'll have to make our lives a living hell. The answer is no. For all of us. I said bitterly.        

    "Well Ill see you on the battle field then. Keep one eye open at all times."said Tainne

                "Just remember, we were your friends, we know your weaknesses. And, remember you had a chance and you blew it. We promise we'll make this year a nightmare for you and everyone close to you. Kisses"

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