We have always been BFFs its always just the six of us. For EVERYTHING! But this summer has been different, it seems like everyone is distant with everyone. They focus on boys and clothing and having that perfect summer romance, no one called or texted me the entire summer.
I was thinking that, Hopefully now that school is back in session everyone would be back in their normal selves. I hope I'm right...


1. Summer Of Bordem



                 Have you ever noticed how doing everything with your best friends makes the summer seem brighter, cooler, and way more interesting? Or how when your working, it doesn't seem as bad as it could be because you know as soon as your shift is over your bestie is going to be waiting by your car with two ice cream cones, ready to decide what todays adventure is going to be? I always enjoyed summers for that reason. I would always count down the days till summer, and dread when the back to school commercials would start appearing on the television. This summer though, completely let me down. There was nothing. Not a word from most of my friends. Not a text or a phone call. Not. A. Single. Word.

               I'm not the type of person would let a thing like this get me down. I would go make my own fun, I do have some of my main besties who talked to me always. Lillia and Bria were constantly with me. From waterballoon fights at Blossem Park to a girls trip to Worlds of fun, no matter what they were by my side.

            Now, Capri, Marlo, Tainne were NEVER around! at first I thought they were dead because they wouldn't respond to anything. It was the longest, most boring, plainest summer in the history of summers yet! I cant even explain how much I wanted to be sitting in World History reading a text book, listening to Mrs. Jones drag on and on and on about how World War II was really major in our history. UGH!!!

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