We have always been BFFs its always just the six of us. For EVERYTHING! But this summer has been different, it seems like everyone is distant with everyone. They focus on boys and clothing and having that perfect summer romance, no one called or texted me the entire summer.
I was thinking that, Hopefully now that school is back in session everyone would be back in their normal selves. I hope I'm right...


7. Revenge is a Bitch

             The next day was go time. My heart was beating so fast, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. But this wasn't fear, no, it was something way worse. Revenge. Oh, the revenge would be so sweet. Lilia had the bleach ready to go in her car and I had a little surprise ready that no one knew about.

            School would not end, its like the world knew what we were doing and how excited we were. Like the world wanted us to spontaneously combust with anticipation.

            Finally, the bell rang and it was time to seek revenge. Bria found out they got done with rhapsody at 5:30 but always went to coffee afterwards so wouldn't get home till around 6:15. We had almost three hours to get in, do what we were planning, and get out with out being caught. Her parents don't get home till, 7:00 every night due to work and she had two little brothers but they went to daycare so we didn't have to worry about anyone else coming in, in the middle of us bleaching her clothing. 

           No one spoke on the way to Capri's house. I think everyone felt like if they said anything, Capri would some how find out about our plans and find a way to stop them. When we got there, we parked two blocks away so no neighbors would get suspicious and call the cops. While we were walking to her house, Aiden was the one to finally break the silence.

          "What's our plan again?" He asked. You could tell he wasn't sure about this.  

           "Well," Bria began, "Lilia will unlock the door for us and keep watch through the window by the door. The rest of us will go upstairs and find her room and her closet. You'll stay by her door listening for Lilia in case someone comes home, we will still have time to either get out or hide somewhere. Jordan and I will go in and get some of her clothing and pour the bleach on them. Then we will all leave quickly, trying not to be seen by any of the neighbors. Understand?"

           "Yeah, I get it." He said, still kind of nervous about this whole thing. Lilia saw this and tried to comfort him.              

         "Hey, we'll be fine. We won't get caught and we'll get the revenge we've been longing for." She said, positively.  

          We were there. 

          'Its go time." I said.    

          Lilia got into the house, and took her post at the window in no time. The rest of us walked carefully up the stairs and into Capri's room, leaving Aiden at his post outside the room. Bria and I walked into the room and into her walk in closet grabbing down random shirts and skirts and everything else, putting them into a big pile on the ground and pouring the bleach on them. We then had to decide if we wanted to leave them In a pile or put them back on the shelves. We decided to leave them.  

          Now for my special touch I hadn't told anyone about. I took out this lipstick looking stuff and walked into her bathroom. There I proceeded to write all over her mirrors. This wasn't lipstick though, it was permanent. On her main mirror I wrote her a little note.   "Revenge is a bitch isn't it? Kisses."  It wasn't great, but it was the best I could come up with in the few hours I had last night.     

        We were on our way out when Lilia whisper-screamed, "They're here!"     I don't know how this could be, it was only five, they don't even get done with practice till 5:30! 

        We don't have very much time to do anything. If we leave through the front door, they'll see us. If we go through the back, they'll be in here before we can make it. I called Lilia up here before we were seen and we all hid in her parents closet, which was down the hall.   

           "Okay guys, think. " I said. "we used to come here all the time, what is an exit on the top level?" 

          "Oh" Bria started, "We used to climb into her moms window through that rose ladder thing all the time. We could climb out of it before they come up stairs. I don't think there's a window in which they could see us as we climb down."  

          "Excellent, I'll go first, and make sure they're not up here all ready I'll come get you when I get the window unlocked and opened. Okay?" I said. 

        "Let me go with you."  Aiden said quickly "I'll help you."

       "Fine, but hurry.''            We quickly went to the window. I couldn't hear the girls yet, maybe they were still outside. If they were, we were screwed. They would see us climbing out of their house and know we were here. I told Aiden to go to the window by Capri's parents bed and see if the girls were still outside.  

       "I don't see anyone outside, they're probably on their phones downstairs." He whispered. 

      "Well, if they aren't talking then they can hear better. We need to be as quiet as possible. There I got the window open, go get the girls." I said as quietly as possible with him still able to hear me (and lets just say that man has super sonic hearing!).     Once everyone was by the window we started climbing out. Aiden was first so he could help us at the bottom then Lilia, then Bria. On they way out Bria mustve been a little too noisy. 

         "What was that?" I heard Capri ask from downstairs.

     "It sounded like it came from upstairs." Said Marlo. 

       "Lets go check it out." Said Tainne.   

     They were heading upstairs, I had to get out. I quickly went down the ladder, not caring to shut the window or be quiet.

           "Run!" I said as I took off towards the car. The others followed me, none of us stopping until we go to the car.       

           "We made it!" said Bria breathlessly    

           "Barely." I said trying to catch my breath in between words. "But we did it."   

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