We have always been BFFs its always just the six of us. For EVERYTHING! But this summer has been different, it seems like everyone is distant with everyone. They focus on boys and clothing and having that perfect summer romance, no one called or texted me the entire summer.
I was thinking that, Hopefully now that school is back in session everyone would be back in their normal selves. I hope I'm right...


8. Authors Note

         Hey guys and gals! I just wanted to take the time to say that I won't be able to write for a while. I'm so sorry, but its been insane! I messed up my arm, and I can't type with it. It's in a cast and it's difficult to even hit the correct keys

         Tuesday in going on vacation until Sunday. Then I'm off to camp for a week the next day. Ill try to write on google docs then copy and paste it to here as soon as I get back home.

         Well, this has taken me 20 minutes to write with my dead hand so I'll stop jabbering for the sake of both of us.

                                                                         Love You All. Kisses.



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