Gone With the Wind

Thirteen year-old Emma must move to a tiny beach town to live with her older sister, after the death of her best friend whom she was staying with before.


2. Travel

I stuffed the yearbook into my bag. I was moving to Sea Port, to live with my older sister Jane. I've been there once before. It's pretty much desolate. There's one store, and it's never busy. There is one beach, and it is never busy. And there is one lonely lifeguard stand. I was bringing very little. Jane lived in a tiny house to go along with the tiny town. I brought a few t-shirts, a bathing suit, two pairs of shorts, underwear, and the neon pink sports bra Katie had given to me for my birthday last year. There was one thing I was forgetting, and I grabbed it quickly off of the bed; my one way train ticket to Sea Port.

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