Is Raphael there?

Six astronauts have been sent to temporarily live on Mars for a research project. They each take a quick space walk individually, and they all return safely. Or do they? When a frequent voice asking to be let in can be heard, the astronauts have to make a decision. Is Raphael sitting with them? Or is there an imposter in his place?


4. Silence

Twelve hours (and six cups of Jack Daniel's) later, I awoke in the fountain. One of my shoes was missing and somehow my iPod had been smashed to pieces. I cursed Raphael under my breath as I got out of the fountain and the man with the curly hair asked me where everyone else was. It was only then I realised that he wasn't with us the night before so he must have been sleeping. I tell him that I have no idea but at that moment, the man with the smooth black hair says "they've gone out for a spacewalk". I feel somewhat relieved; I was about to worry that they were kidnapped or something. There was a knock on the door so the man with the curly hair answered it. Raphael appeared alone and said "Jesus, that's really boring. Go on, see for yourself!" I refused because I could get scared again and I might get laughed at. There was another knock at the door and Harvey entered, followed by the lady with the blonde hair.

"Oi!" They shout at Raphael. "Where the hell have you been?"

"I just came back! Chill, guys!" He replied calmly.

"All that really matters," said the man with the sunglasses, "is that you're all back safely!" He was about to make himself a drink when:


We all froze. Who or what could be knocking on the door?


The knocking is getting frequent now, and louder. My heart rate is increasing, as is the others'. Suddenly, the knocking has stopped. My lower lip quivers. Silence.


This time it comes from the ceiling. Raphael screams but is hissed at to shush by the blonde lady. From outside the hatch a shout is heard. We take a step back in horror as the shouting continues.

"LET ME IN!" A muffled voice is heard, followed by yet more silence. 

This silence is even scarier than the last. It's a haunting reminder that we are truly alone, with nothing but horrifying screams coming from outside. A while passes and I finally pluck up the courage to ask, "Who is it?"

Instantly, the voice responds, "IT'S RAPHAEL! HELP ME! LET ME IN!"

We turn to look at Raphael, sitting on the sofa with his eyes wide open in shock.

"That is not me! I don't know what that...thing is out there, but it's not me!" His words splutter out quickly as he wipes the sweat from his forehead. Terrified, I look through the peep hole in the door. An astronaut is there on the other side. I can see my reflection the visor of the helmet but there's no hint of the astronaut being Raphael.

"If...If you are R...Raphael," I answered cautiously, "Which song did you play on my iPod last night?"

The astronaut doesn't respond. Instead, it slowly walks away from the door and out of sight. 

"What's going on?" Harvey asks nervously. "Marcus? Where is he?"

I say nothing for I have no clue. The astronaut has just disappeared completely. 

"I think he's-"


We sprint to the other end of the base where we find a door completely smashed. Luckily, the door to the porch wasn't smashed so we won't be getting sucked into space anytime soon.

"Where's he gone?" The curly-haired man asks. We can't reply. We have no idea but we do know that the astronaut that claims to be Raphael is somewhere in the base with us.

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