Is Raphael there?

Six astronauts have been sent to temporarily live on Mars for a research project. They each take a quick space walk individually, and they all return safely. Or do they? When a frequent voice asking to be let in can be heard, the astronauts have to make a decision. Is Raphael sitting with them? Or is there an imposter in his place?


2. Is there life on Mars?

Back in 2016 or so, it took roughly 300 days to get to mars. Well it's been over a decade and times have changed, so now it's only several hours. Just my luck I fell asleep so I missed the scenic night sky from above. In fact, the only reason I'm awake is because the shuttle landed so loudly. We all put our helmets on and open the hatch; we're about to take our first steps on another planet! I'm suddenly struck with euphoria, I feel invincible, immortal, ready to take on the dangers of the galaxy. My foot shakes as it hits the orange rocky surface. The others don't seem to care that this is the first time they've been on another planet; they're clearly not embracing the moment. Our base looks gigantic so I have a feeling I'll get lost here. My coworkers and I open the door to the base and we step inside.

It's quite a luxurious sight; there are small potted plants everywhere and there's air conditioning. A stone fountain is placed in the middle of the main room, which is huge. Also in this one room is a set of sofas and recliners, a dining table and a bar.  We work our way around the base, following the signs placed around the area, until we see our bedrooms. Pretty good in my opinion; we get a room each. We haven't properly introduced ourselves to one another, which I can live with. I can't stand social interaction. 

I only have one bag with me. It contains a torch, a knife, spare clothes, shower gel, my iPod touch 4th generation (it cost a fortune), a flask, a deck of cards, a classic book called "The drowning of Arthur Braxton", iPod speakers and a blue pen. Not too much, not too little. The door knocks and, to be polite, I answer it. When I open the door, the tall man with the greasy hair asks me if I want to take a walk around outside. "Not together," he adds. "You know, we're all taking it in turns and I thought you might like to come. I'm Harvey by the way" he puts out his hand and I gingerly shake it. "I'm Marcus," I reply. "And I'd be delighted to go for a walk".

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