This is my first attempt at an anime related thing so wish me luck :) More will be written here once I know what I'm doing :D


1. ウノ

"And lastly, today marks the end of an era" the newswoman started as Makoto looked up from her daydream puzzled. "What boring programme has ended now?" she thought to herself, seeing as that was the usual announcement. "The last of the Kumorumotto species passed away in its owners arms just under an hour ago. The Kumorumotto species has lived on Kumorumotto Island since the dawn of time and when their numbers started to decrease dramatically five years ago, the last remaining few were taken into captivity so they could be captive bred in order to restore their numbers. However this turned out unsuccessful as only eight were born and now they are all gone, their beauty to never be seen again. Anyway that sad news marks the end of our programme until tomorrow morning. Enjoy the rest of your evening!" The newswoman said cheerfully as she pushed her purple fringe out of her eyes. 

"That can't be true, I'm sure I saw one in the woods the other day" Makoto said thinking about how people could be so cruel to let the Kumorumotto get wiped out completely. Makoto brushed her baby blue hair as she rushed out the door and towards the library five minutes from her house. She hurriedly logged onto a computer and searched the internet for the species until she found the website dedicated to them. On the homepage she found exactly what she was searching for - the location of where the Kumorumotto live in the wild with a map drawn next to it. They lived in Moru Woods; A woodlands not too far from her house, only a ten minute walk. She logged off and started her walk to the woods.

For some reason that she just could never figure out the Kumorumotto were always on her mind. It was like in a past life they were a big influence in her life but this life she had never been near one. Makoto arrived at the woods and started searching hoping she would find at least one Kumorumotto. It didn't take much walking to have a sudden urge to walk through a clump of bushes with careful footing. Very carefully she tip toed through the berry bush and looked around her.

She knew it was all lies. 

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