Do You Remember Me?

She thought she had escaped me. She couldn't have been more wrong.


5. Death Always Finds You

As Amelia danced with Josh she laughed and said, "Thank you for this Josh. This is really amazing."

Josh simply smiled and began guiding Amelia to the edge of the crowd as he spoke. "Don't thank me yet. We've got one more event to start."

Amelia raised an eyebrow and her unspoken question was answered when Josh let go of her before turning to the crowd of people and saying, "Hey everybody! Let's calm down a bit so we can get the next part of this little party going."

It took a few minutes for everyone to settle down but once Josh had everyone's undivided attention he said, "Okay now that everyone is ready I'll explain what we're going to do next. We have ourselves a murder mystery game to test our new detective to see if she's got what it takes."

Cheers of approval erupted from one corner of the crowd while other just clapped and smiled. Amelia shook her head as she smiled to herself but she didn't say anything so that Josh would continue. "When I say go kill the lights and scatter! Some of us will act as the corpses of our killer. If your caught by the killer then you're dead but if our detective catches the killer before they've killed everyone then she wins. Is everybody ready?"

Everyone showed their signs of approval before Josh turned to Amelia and said, "Are you ready?"

The second Amelia nodded Josh shouted, "GO!"

The lights were killed, a flashlight was tossed to the feet of Amelia, and everyone ran into the woods to hide. Some just ran as fast as they could to get as deep in the forest as possible while others hid near the clearing thinking no one would look there and one by one killer began to claim his victims.

Amelia waited ten seconds before picking up the flashlight and shining it towards the woods. She couldn't see anyone at first so she smiled. This would certainly be a fun challenge. Amelia darted into the woods, getting quite deep in the forest before she started to use her flashlight. The moon was covered by dark clouds making it nearly pitch black as she started her hunt.

Amelia searched for about ten minutes before she started to feel a slight feeling of nervousness. She should have found at least a few people by now. As Amelia slowly walked back towards the clearing she shined her flashlight in all directions. All she was the trees slightly swaying with the wind. The most unnerving thing wasn't that she couldn't find anyone but also the complete and dead silence. Not even the leaves made a noise as they rustled in the wind.

It had been at least an hour since everyone had ran off into the woods and Amelia was still walking through the forest, searching for the clearing but no matter how far she walked she couldn't escape the seemingly endless forest. When Amelia reached to pull out her phone she noticed that her phone was missing. She continued searching through her pockets but found nothing. The only thing she had was the flash light.

This did not look good. Amelia felt her heart begin to beat rapidly as her fear started to grow, threatening to drive her mad and as the fear grew old memories that she had once forgotten started to resurface and the blurry memories she had became sharper. She recalled that her graduation had done something like this but Amelia had been one of the people running away. She had hidden alone trying to keep herself from being seen when this exact thing happened.

Amelia started to hear a slight ringing in her ears again except this time it was accompanied by the sound of static. She spun around looking for the source of the noise while calling out, "Josh? Jessica? Hey, is someone out there?"

Amelia's blood ran cold and her heart stopped for a moment once she said that. The static sound that she had laughed. Amelia couldn't explain it but the static that she heard started to sound like slight laughter for a moment. Something about that static laughter sounded so frighteningly familiar. It was like death had reached down and whispered in her ear. Amelia started to move again while being extra cautious about looking behind her.

"Ouch! Damn it."

Amelia rubbed her head before standing up again after going face first into a tree when she wasn't paying attention to what was in front of her. As Amelia faced the tree she had ran into she saw that there was a piece of paper attached to the tree with a nail and on the paper was an arrow pointing to the left. Amelia looked to her left and saw a tree with another piece of paper nailed to it with an arrow pointing straight ahead.

Amelia breathed a sigh of relief thinking that someone had left her a trail to follow in order for her to find her way back. She followed the pieces of paper on the trees and they did indeed guide her out of the forest and into the clearing she had come from but it also led her into a horror show. As the clouds above began to part Amelia placed one of her hands on the trunk of a tree and felt a wet sensation. When she looked down at her hand her eyes widened as she saw a distinct dark red covering her palm.

Amelia's eyes slowly traveled up the tree until she covered her mouth and her eyes started to run with tears. Amelia slowly backed up seeing Jessica impaled on the tree with branches sticking through her stomach, hands, and mouth. Not to mention the horrendous state of the rest of her body. Her shirt had been completely removed in order for a perfect view of her torso which had been cut in several places for a perfect view into her body. Her organs had been removed then stuffed in plastic bags before being stuffed back into her corpse.

As Amelia continued to back away she saw that it wasn't just Jessica who had been left in that state. Everyone had been killed in the exact same way. Amelia turned around seeing that all of the trees surrounding the clearing had been decorated with corpses. Amelia fell to her knees crying in shock and grief.

It was then that a scream broke through the silence. Despite all the shock and grief Amelia stood and sprinted towards the sourced of the scream. With tears streaming down her face she was desperate to save anyone left. It wasn't long before Amelia stumbled upon another tree with yet another corpse except this one was in far worse shape than the rest. The arms looked like they had been torn off then nailed to the tree. The bottom jaw had been broken then ripped off before being reattached. The legs were broken and the bones protruded through the skin. The rib cage had been shattered then torn out before the organs were removed and tossed on the ground except for the intestines. Those had been used to form a noose around the neck while the tongue had been pulled through a cut lower down of the neck to look like a gruesome tie.

Amelia stared at the horrifying scene with hot tears streaming down her face as she recognized the mangled face. It was Josh with an empty and lifeless gaze. Amelia clutched her hands close to her heart and started to cry into the night. Her cries of loss and sorrow filled the air. In between sobs Amelia started to scream, "Why? Why did this happen?"

Suddenly, the static noise returned except this time it was louder. As Amelia turned around her memories finally became clear. At first Amelia thought she was looking at a tree behind her but as her gaze rose she finally remembered. She remembered him. No. She remembered it. Tall and thin with tentacles like branches, pure white skin, a fancy suit, and no face. It was the monster that had tried to kill her once before.

As the monster's tentacles reached down and began to wrap themselves around her, Amelia heard the static in her ears getting louder and louder until it soon became unbearable. The creature brought Amelia to eye level with itself and seemed to examine her for a moment. As Amelia's vision turned to black she remembered the name of this demon. The Slenderman.

After that day the entire police force with help from a few other police stations from other cities swept through the forest in search for everyone who had participated in Amelia's party. In the end they found nothing except for a strange drawing of a faceless man that had been nailed to a tree. Despite not finding anything a select few who remained in the town began searching for the meaning of the drawing and so the story of the Slenderman spread exactly as he wished.


I know this was a very short story compared to the others that I have written but I still hope that it was somewhat entertaining. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed and look forward to more stories from me.

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