Dangerous Girl


1. Hey there!

Hi, I'm Alexa. (Alex for short :)) I'm a new writer on Movella and this is my first book, so I hope all of you who will read this won't be too dissapointed with my skills of writing and describing and all that jazz.

Oh! I probably should tell you that I'm not orginally from UK. Well I am, but I don't live there anymore so my English pretty much sucks. I moved out of England when I was ten and I really don't remember much, so... yeah.

So, I should tell you a little bit about the book. This book tells you a story about a girl, Veronica Hamlington who is a performer. Her stage name is Nica and she is know around the hole world. She's played by Rita Ora, at first I wanted someone with dark hair, but now I think about it and I know Rita will be perfect for the job.

Also, this book revolves around Harry Styles and Veronica. Harry won't be in One Direction in this story so, sorry about that! But I know you will love him as the goofy and little cheeky character he is in my book.

Without longer adoe, I present you...

Dangerous Girl.

~ Alex

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