Old, but insanely cute

Where would Spock and Jim go if they had a lot of free time on their hands? Generally, lets say, for their retirement? Side note- Star Trek: Generations never happened. The movies after Generations never happened.


1. Chapter 1

Spock's comm was ringing. Jim was revisiting a old 'friend', Koloth, at a place where a spinning wheel like entity now was located. He wanted to be there when it collapsed. So many lives it had taken. So many wars it had started. So many bloody fights it had began. Spock had finished up his last remaining Ambassador duties. Picard was replacing him as Ambassador of Vulcan. To Spock, Picard was like a Vulcan hiding under human skin. It was fitting, the Elder Vulcan thought, the most calm and respectable captain in the fleet becoming the ambassador of a race similar to him. The year was 2394. One hundred one years since the accident on Enterprise B and Captain Harriman's death.

"Spock here." Spock said, answering the comm at the chair in front of the desk with a screen on it.

On the screen appeared a very old, but still alive Admiral McCoy. His bright blue eyes looked so young while he looked so old. He had lost a majority of his hair in the past few years so it became apparent that modern medicine would be needed to grow it back. Baldness was cured in this time. McCoy, however, refused to use it. He frankly enjoyed walking around with his circles and losing hair. He thought everyone had gone mad to turn the clock. Currently the back of his head lacked hair. The baldness was working up to the top of his head. The product that resulted was a weird looking McCoy.

"Greetings, Leonard." Spock greeted the older man with the ta'al.

"Hello." McCoy said.

"Are you going to shave that head?" Spock questioned.

"Eck, no!" McCoy said.

"You look. . . very . . . unusual with that hair due." Spock acknowledged.

"At least you have your hair." McCoy said.

"Vucans never lose their hair," Spock said. "Vulcan heritage does not allow hair falling out. As saddening as it is. . ."

"You look ninety years old and here you are one hundred sixty-eight years old." McCoy said.

"Indeed." Spock said.

"So,where are you goin' this year for vacation--" He faked a cough, "Retirement?"

"We are not sure," Spock said. "But the landscape of Romulus would make a logical scenery to spend a afternoon."

"That is a lot of rocky mountains." McCoy said.

"Affirmative." Spock said.

"From the grape vine I heard Captain Riker of the Enterprise D has discovered a planet that would be a most logical place for you two to be enjoying your retirement together." McCoy said.

"Hm?" Spock asked.

"It hasn't achieved warp drive." McCoy said.

Spock frowned.

"We are not spending the beginning of our retirement on a pre-warpdrive planet." Spock said.

"The inhabitants call themselves, Americans, Spock!" McCoy said. "They pay no attention to aliens. Riker and his away team discovered they were oblivous to aliens that were standing right in front of them. They are acceptin'. Never goin' to find a planet like that in Star Fleet. No xenophobia. No chaos to aliens. A relatively conflicted planet with its own wars but that's beside the point." Spock furrowed his eyebrows. "And the Earth history splits in the 1990's."

Spock raised his left gray eyebrow.

"What is the stardate on the planet?" Spock asked.

"2016," McCoy said. "Modern attire. Like this." A livestream came up on the city of a look alike New York except for there being cars that drove on the pavement. There were people in jackets, skinny jeans, short lengthed shirts, skirts, shoes,boots, and high heels to name a few. "There is a expidition thin' bein' offered to anyone who wishes to map the entire planet and it's culture. It is not a summer lengthed mission that I can say. It feels more like a one year to a entire lifetime mission."

Spock made the screen get small.

"You had me at expedition," Spock said. "I will speak with Jim regarding this arrangement."

The older man smiled on the screen.

"You are goin' to love it,Spock," McCoy said. "And so will Jim. It has a lot of thin's you would really like." McCoy noticed the backgrounds of the Vulcan. "You have finished your last mission?"

"Affirmative," Spock said. "Peace with the Romulan empire will take effect in three hours, three minutes, and twenty-two seconds." There was a pleased tone in the Vulcan's voice. "It has been a long time coming."

"That it has," McCoy said. "At least the Klingons joined first. Romulans are stubborn as their relatives."

"I take it you may be arriving." Spock said.

"May," McCoy said. "I may attend." Spock observed the background carefully noticing the scenery had humans holding posters were chanting and shouting amongst the voices. "I want to watch the political climate and attend those rallies. Someone is bound to get hurt."

"And you are all ready there." Spock said.

McCoy's eyebrows raised and a smile spread on his wrinkled face raising his head up slightly then lowered. The country doctor had probably leaned forward on the balls of his toes. He was well known to have that certain spring. He had known the doctor to do this when he was startled, angry, or happy. It was a quirk that was quite a delight to see. It came in handy when a shapeshifter took McCoy's place during their farewell tour and he didn't do the hop. Dead give away.

"Yep!" McCoy said.

"Your choice of vacation is illogical." Spock said.

"Protestors are my 'favorite' cause of mayhem," McCoy said. "Having problems with the supporters, I mean, it's kind of hilarious to see a bunch of people bicker over one man with tribble hair."

"Leonard," Spock said. "Will you return in one piece for the sake of your grandchildren?"

McCoy nodded.

"I have taken all the precautions about bein' safe," McCoy said as there was shouting from over his shoulder. "And this is my vacation! I love my vacation." Spock could see Doctor Bashir in the background with Garak (Who was seemingly in a disguise) flicking people away from the man. "And no one is following me."

"It seems Garak and Doctor Bashir are following you." Spock said.

McCoy frowned.

"No," McCoy said. "I specifically requested no escorts."

McCoy turned around but when he did the two men had frankly dissipated. McCoy turned his attention back toward the small device appearing to be suspicious. Spock could see the two men reappear in the background. Someone, just someone, had requested their urgent presence in ensuring that McCoy made it back in one piece. Surely, someone had torn away Garak from rebuilding the Cardassian empire for a very good reason other than to enjoy himself while watching out for Admiral McCoy.

"What is the planet you are on?" Spock asked.

"Earthline." McCoy said.

"Earthline . . ." Spock repeated.

"By the time you get here the orbit around Earthline will be clear." McCoy said.

"Why is it named Earthline?" Spock asked.

"Because it has the outline of Earth." McCoy said.

"Logical." Spock said.

"And rocket junk will be no where near the planet. Star Fleet has sent the Klingon cleaners, cloaked, as a favor." McCoy said.

"Will we see you on the planet?" Spock asked.

"Probably not, but likely in the news," McCoy replied. "I have to go now. I have new patients to attend to."

"Live long and prosper." Spock said.

"This Earth sign means peace despite its very derogitory meaning." McCoy said, making a old hand flip.

A small smile returned to the Vulcan's face.

"I am pleased you have used it properly." Spock said.

"McCoy out." McCoy said.

The screen turned black.

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