LOVE IS FOR FOOLS - Fifty Shades of Grey: Elena's Story **Explicit Content**

So just how did Elena Lincoln become Mrs. Robinson the Evil Bitch Troll? What made the doting wife turn to BDSM and how was her life turned upside down when troubled teen Christian Grey turned up at her door? Written due to a number of reader requests, this is Elena's story from her point of view.



"Come on, Christian..."



I squeeze him tightly, making him screw his eyes closed and inhale sharply.

"FUCK!" He hisses harshly.

We are in my private pool at the Mellieha villa in sun drenched Malta. We arrived about an hour ago and having surveyed the property with Tony, he is organising a local handyman to come out and carry out the necessary superficial repairs. We cleared away some of the foliage debris left by the storm, then Christian and I had taken to the pool to cool off. There is one final barrier I am determined for Christian to overcome if he truly wants to prove to me he is ready to commit fully to a BDSM relationship - being totally naked and exposed to me. He will never be ready to be my Submissive, whilst he keeps the barrier of a tank top between us like some kind of security blanket.

"Open your eyes, Peachy." I command.

Christian takes a couple of sharp pants and slowly opens his eyes. They are luminous in panic as he continues to pant rapidly.

"Calm down or I won't let you come."

His chest stutters on the next inhaled breath as his eyes widen. They are even more incredible in the sunlight as they reflect the shimmering blue of the pool and sky.

"Got your attention now haven't I? I can deny you your orgasm as much as I can make you come. It all depends if you are ready to fully submit to me."

"I am." He breathes.

"Good. Then focus on nothing else but this moment. You want us to fuck, Christian, then stop hiding behind the demons of your past. Get rid of your tank. Permanently."

He gulps down a couple of large swallows, his iris moving rapidly from side to side so they look like running water.

Shit...Is he really ready for this? What if I'm pushing him too far too fast, and he can't even run home for solace..?

I tug on him gently. "I've got you, Christian. There is nothing to fear, I promise. Whatever you are hiding won't make a difference to me. Only you have the power to leave your past behind and move forward. With ME."

A muscle twitches in his tightly-strung jaw as he wars with himself. He screws his eyes shut again and takes a deep breath, whilst I hold mine waiting anxiously for his next move. Slowly, he drops his hands to his sides and grips the edge of his tank. Even through the water I can see his knuckles turning white from the force of his hold. I slowly move my hand up his shaft to the tip and pull back, gently exposing the head. Slowly I run my thumb across the sensitive crown in tiny circles. He gasps and releases his breath and I also release mine.

Still keeping his eyes tightly closed, he slowly begins to lift his tank upwards. His breathing has accelerated into shallow pants and his distress is almost too painful to watch.

"You're doing great. I'm so proud of you my darling." I breathe encouragingly, hoping that he can't hear the shakiness of my voice over his own torment.

He gives a pained groan in response and I seriously debate calling an end to proceedings.

Perhaps we should have just taken this one step at a time - having him slowly expose his chest over a longer period than just a few moments. What if I'm doing untold mental damage and breaking him beyond repair..?

Maybe I should just make him come and be done with it. Perhaps once he's sated he'll feel more relaxed about doing this. I stop the gentle caress of my thumb against his crown and begin to pump him with one hand and roll his balls with the other. Christian gasps again and his eyes spring open and find mine. Time comes to a standstill in that moment and even the incessant noise of the damn crickets, seems to fall silent.

"I'VE. GOT. YOU." I insist, imploringly.

Then something changes in the air around us. It becomes warmer...charged and I'm suddenly more aware of the sun searing us from above and the crickets re-starting their maddening chirrups.

Christian stares intensely at me and there's suddenly a grim determination in those steely-blue depths.

"Faster," he breathes. "Make me come. Please, Elena."

I open my mouth to respond, to give him more words of encouragement, but I'm so moved by his quiet plea, that my words get stuck in my throat and I simply nod instead.

He closes his eyes, takes in a lungful of the warm Malta air and suddenly his arms are moving rapidly upwards, his hands encased in the material of his tank. His earlier laboured movements are seemingly forgotten; he is now in a race against his orgasm to remove his tank.

"Yes, Christian!" I pant in excitement as his hands push up past the water level. "Let go of everything. Let me hear you release those demons from your past. Don't be afraid anymore!"

I feel him thicken in my hands and his balls draw up. His hands finally wrestle the remainder of the sodden tank off his body and with a guttural roar, he launches it high into the air.

"FUCK YOU!" He tips his head back and screams wildly from the bottom of his lungs into the perfect, cornflower blue sky, just as his cock starts to jettison thick spurts of cum into the cool pool water. "Yesssssss..." He hisses, his neck arched against the limestone edge of the pool.

I continue to pump him under the water, watching the tension leave his body as quickly as his cum.

Wow. He's just had the orgasm of his life...

He brings his head slowly forward until our damp foreheads rest against each other and his breathing slows.

"I'm so proud of you my darling," I whisper as the final essence of his climax drifts away.

He opens his eyes and they sparkle like grey crystals; iridescent and calm after the earlier storm.

"That...was...AMAZING." He pants roughly.

"YOU'RE amazing." I respond, lifting my hands and cupping his exquisite face. The sun worships him; bouncing of his glorious mane of copper waves and reflecting the shimmering water in his large, luminous eyes so that he looks like he is lit up from within.

"Thank you, Elena. For everything."

I open my mouth to answer, but his chiselled mouth descends onto mine and I'm soon lost in the reverence of his kiss.

Mmm...My sweet, adorable Prince. I think you're more than ready to take the final step...

He pulls away gently and rests his forehead against mine again.

"Christ, I'm fucking wiped," he breathes. "Do you mind making something to eat then I think I might crash for a bit."

Ignoring the sharp pang of disappointment of not taking him straight to bed myself, I nod. It's been a long day with travelling, jet-lag and the demons he's just fought. Plus, I have to remind myself, he's still recovering from a long illness.

"Of course my darling," I stroke his biceps that are developing nicely thanks to Bastille. "Tony's been kind enough to bring a basketful of essentials. Just wait till you taste the bread and fresh produce they have in Malta. You'll soon feel re-energised and back to your old self again."

I hope...

**Hope you enjoyed that my lovelies! Thank you for your continued love and support. Don't forget to vote! Best wishes Beth xxx**

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