LOVE IS FOR FOOLS - Fifty Shades of Grey: Elena's Story **Explicit Content**

So just how did Elena Lincoln become Mrs. Robinson the Evil Bitch Troll? What made the doting wife turn to BDSM and how was her life turned upside down when troubled teen Christian Grey turned up at her door? Written due to a number of reader requests, this is Elena's story from her point of view.



I put the phone down and Linc looks over at me from where he is going over blueprints on his desk.

"What did Tony want? Is everything okay in Malta?"

I shake my head. "There was a bad storm over the weekend. Mellieha got hit pretty badly. Tony said the Villa's okay, but there's been some superficial damage we need to check out." I rub the back of my neck. "When are you next free? We could go over for a week and catch some sun at the same time?"

Linc screws his eyes shut and I don't know whether it's from stress or spending time in the Villa for the first time in separate beds.

"Honey, it's a lovely idea and Christ knows I could do with a break, but you know how snowed under the business is at the moment. I head for Texas in two days, Matt's on paternity leave and Jeff's still in Manhattan overseeing the Bartolo build. If Tony thinks it's just superficial, it can wait a few weeks until I can clear my calendar for a bit."

I sigh sadly. I know he's right, but I can't help feeling a little pang of disappointment. Since our separation, we haven't gone to the Villa or anywhere really. It's probably the only part of our relationship I actually miss.

"It's okay Roger, I'll call Tony back and ask him to just keep an eye on the place. I knew going now was a long-shot. Do you need me for anything after I speak to Tony? I was going to do some gardening whilst it's sunny."

Linc sighs and turns towards his laptop. "No, Ell go ahead. I need to make a conference call with the Dallas contractors in a few minutes anyway to go over these plans."


"That's it Christian...keep it right there..."

"Yesss...Oh fuck, Elena..."



I have pruned my rose bushes and now sit enjoying the late afternoon sunshine, sipping a cold lemonade and inhaling the sweet scent of my Woods' Roses from the many stems I have placed in a large crystal vase beside me. My eyes are closed beneath my sunglasses as my little tryst with Christian plays out under my eyelids. It was the first time I had briefly ceded control to him and watching him come TWICE in quick succession was utterly exhilarating. Normally, if a Sub lost control to the point they came on me, they would have been severely beaten and not been able to sit down for a week. But Christian's youthfully exuberant attempt to try make me come for the first time - which lead to him accidentally exploding onto my thighs - didn't anger me in the slightest. It had quite the opposite affect. In fact it made me WET. But that was over three weeks ago as he's been really poorly with glandular fever and it feels like a lifetime since I saw him last. I've been getting really antsy these last few days and can't stop fantasising about jerking him off as I suck on his magnificent cock...Which then just keeps leading me to thinking about fucking him. My desire to jump him and fuck his brains out gets stronger with every liaison and I know Christian is desperate to pop his cherry sooner rather than later.

But is he really ready..?


"Oh dearest, that's so kind of you. Christian will really appreciate it."

I beam benevolently as I sit in one of Grace's comfortable armchairs. Three more infernally long days have gone by. Christian had text to say he was feeling a little stronger, but he was still not allowed to leave the house.

Well...if the mountain won't come to Mohammed...

At my last fitness session with Claude, I had asked him if there were any books or magazines I could get on kickboxing to take round for Christian. Claude had recommended a few different titles, so armed with those and a huge bag of candy, I had headed round to Grace's to surprise him. I've never been one for masturbating, but since the episode with Roger's toothbrush, I've invested in one of my own and it's certainly been helping dull the ache since Christian's absence.

Who knew my IMPROVISED VIBRATING DEVICE would turn out to be so useful?

"...He's finally showing SOME signs of improvement, Elena. His appetite is a little better and he's been pottering around the garden for short periods. I think he desperately misses his kick-boxing sessions with Mr. Bastille at your gym, but Claude said he wouldn't entertain training him for a while yet. It's still very early in his recovery."

I nod. "I know how much he enjoys those sessions with Claude. He really has come on in leaps and bounds..."

I stop mid-sentence. Christian hovers in the doorway, head-down, concentrating on adjusting something on his MP3 Player. A book is tucked under his arm and looks like one from the Harry Potter series. Grace follows my eyes and spots him standing there - still utterly oblivious to us.

She turns back towards me. "Well, this is a result! This is the first time he's been dressed and out of bed at this hour in weeks! CHRISTIAN! Darling - we have company!" She calls loudly to him. Something seems to register and he sweeps his eyes up to meet Grace's and he smiles his beautiful, enigmatic smile. Only then does he spot me sitting on the opposite couch, smiling lasciviously at him. His beautiful eyes widen as he gapes at me. My smile slips slightly. He looks pale and tired and has definitely lost weight judging by the way his shorts are hanging from his hips and the hollows in his cheeks. He rips his earphones out hurriedly as he enters the room.

"How are you feeling, Christian?" I ask, cocking my head to the side as I do when I question him in the Boudoir.

A rose blush slowly creeps up his neck and finally gives some colour to his pale features.

"A little better thank you, Mrs. Lincoln," he murmurs, quickly sitting down next to Grace and kissing her proffered cheek. A pang of stupid jealousy sweeps through me at the gentle display of intimacy.

Time to remind him just WHO he should be intimate with...

"Oh Christian, I think we can dispense with formalities now. You can call me, Elena." I instruct huskily, knowing what that tone of voice does to him. Again Christian gapes at me momentarily, then nods quickly and says nothing.

"As I was saying, he is finally getting a bit better, but the weather is so humid here at the moment, it's just exhausting him further. What he needs is some fresh air, dry heat and plenty of sunshine..."


An idea hits me so hard I half expect a lightbulb to be glowing at the top of my head. I jolt forwards from where I have been lounging comfortably, taking Grace and Christian totally by surprise.

"Grace! I may have the answer!"

I spend the next ten minutes telling them about the Mellieha Villa, how it needs a quick once-over and how Linc didn't have the time at the moment. I didn't relish the thought of going alone but perhaps if Christian 'tagged along' he could help me whilst getting all the fresh air and dry heat he needed. Grace looked uncertain, so I then went into saying how Malta was steeped in history such as Megalithic temples still standing from 3600 BC, and that Christian would learn so much whilst out there. During my rambled speech, Christian sat rigid and silent, his face infusing with a pink blush, gray eyes blinking rapidly in panic as he glanced from Grace to me and back again. I kept my voice as gentle and reassuring as I could the whole time. If my scrambled plan worked, we could have a whole week alone together - one that on the outside was innocent enough - but behind the blue, wooden Mediterranean shutters, was anything but.

"It's a terribly generous offer, dearest...But are you sure he wouldn't be in the way?"

Christian pouts at Grace and I have to fight the urge to launch myself at him. He looks even more adorable.

"Of course not. Sounds like I'm going to need an extra pair of hands to clear the damage from the storm, before getting a handyman out. Christian would be a Godsend. You don't need to worry Grace, I won't work him too hard. I'll personally make sure he gets plenty of R&R and I'll take EXCEPTIONAL care of him." I finish huskily.

Christian squirms, but quickly covers it by crossing his legs and I know he's growing hard in his shorts.


Grace smiles, oblivious to her sons growing arousal. "I'd need to speak to Cary but if he's in agreement, then I don't see why he can't go." She turns her full attention to Christian.

"Oh, darling," she beams suddenly, stroking his cheek with her thumb. "You're finally getting some colour in your cheeks again! I've been so worried about how pale you've been. I think Elena's kind offer has arrived just at the right time. But the question remains - do YOU want to go?"


Five days later with Grace and Carrick's blessing, Christian and I were finally sat in First Class of our Trans-Atlantic flight heading towards London, for our connecting flight to Malta. That irritating little pest, Mia had done nothing but cling to Christian like a limpet with suction power at the airport and had refused to let go of him! She'd been enjoying helping to nurse her favourite brother back to health and pleaded with him to stay and when that didn't work, pleaded with Grace that she came with us too, much to my horror. Thankfully, Carrick eventually prised her off Christian with a promise to take her to the Mall.


Christian has been dosing peacefully under his flight mask, for the past twenty minutes looking erotically beautiful. His hand rests in mine in his lap under the blanket, the excitement of the past few hours wearing him out. He still isn't fully fit, but I hope this break in the sun does him the world of good and he returns back to his normal self. The sooner he's able to be my Submissive again the better.

I run my thumb over his knuckles. Back...Forth...Back...Forth...

It's been far too long since we shared any kind of intimacy and I'm itching with desire to get my hands on him properly. I check my watch. Four more hours to London then at least another three hours until we land in Malta...I bristle. I simply cannot wait that long. I twist my hand gently so it rests against the soft bulge in his sweatpants and surreptitiously begin to stroke him with the back of my hand, whilst still holding his. He moans softly in his sleep, momentarily unflexing his fingers and I'm able to free my hand without wakening him. We are in a double seat by the aisle; Christian is in the window seat and the lights in First Class have been dimmed due to the late hour. Most people are asleep or reading, so we are as private as we can be in a huge metal tube full of people at 35,000 feet. Slowly and carefully to cause the minimum of disturbance, I pull away the waistband of his sweatpants and his boxers from his skin with one hand and carefully slide my hand down his happy trail toward my goal, with the other. Christian murmurs something softly in his sleep but doesn't move and I slip lower until I can grasp him. The feel of his warm cock against my hand, sends a shiver straight through me and I'm immediately flushed as arousal seeps onto my panties, making me squirm. I alter my position slightly and tuck one leg under me to give me more leverage over Christian's groin, without causing attention. I begin to caress his smooth length; my thumb skimming along the underside and up the length of his seam, until it is joined at the head with my fingers. Scrunching my hand into an 'O' I slide my hand slowly back, squeeze and then slide back to the top. Oh - it feels so good to have him in my hands again and within moments I feel him respond and harden under my caress. His erection begins to strain upwards, enabling me to lift him out of his pants and boxers, freeing my other hand. I grab the sick bag from in front of my chair and shake it open. I will need that soon. I continue with my rhythmic pulls and suddenly Christian gasps and jerks awake. He pushes his eye mask off and dazed gray eyes find mine.

"Wh...What are you doing?" He breathes, panicked.

"Hush," I whisper. "I just wanted to touch you. It's been far too long."

Christian's eyes widen in alarm as realisation dawns on him. "We're on a plane!" He hisses in horror.

I squeeze him tightly, making him wince. "I'm fully aware of our location, Peachy," I hiss back. "No one can see and no one will know, if you stick to the rules."

"Rules? I don't remember you saying anything about my Submissive Training whilst joining the Mile High Club!" He whispers frantically.

"The rules apply wherever I see fit to Dominate you." I glare at him. "Now sit back, replace the mask and keep still and quiet."

Christian gapes at me. "What...What about when I come? You know how I explode." He breathes, a pink glow creeping over his skin as my hand resumes its stroking. "I don't think American Airlines are going to be impressed when we hand them a sticky blanket!"

"You let me worry about that. Sit back and mask on, Peachy. I won't tell you again." I hiss.

He sits back and hurriedly slips his mask back over his eyes.

"Whatever happens, keep your hands on the rests and keep still." I warn.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Good boy. Clear your mind of everything, Peachy and just focus on the task in hand."

"Literally," he sniggers and gives me an adorable lopsided smile.

I lean forwards and take his lush lips in a hard kiss. "FOCUS. You draw attention to us and it's game over." I breathe against his lips. I lean back and quickly look around. Satisfied that no one is looking I begin to stroke him from root to tip. I can only go by my sense of touch and watch his reactions to gauge his approaching orgasm. He's getting warmer, harder and ever bigger and his face begins to glow. I continue to pump him in rhythmic strokes as his breathing gets shallower. He swallows his moans and licks his lips, gripping the arm rests until his knuckles turn white.

"Are you ready to come, Peachy?" I purr into his ear.

"Yes...Ma'am...Please..." His voice a strained murmur.

Taking a final look around I move the blanket slightly off his lap with my free hand, grab the sick bag and hold it over him as I pump him hard and fast.

"Come for me. NOW, Christian." I command.



"Thank you for travelling with American Airlines, Sir. I do hope you had a pleasant flight." The overly-made-up hostess asks Christian, as she stands in the doorway of the airplane, on our arrival at Heathrow Airport.

"A most pleasant flight, thank you." Christian replies politely. "I certainly look forward to COMING on your airline again." He turns and grins at me.

Ooh, naughty!! Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed that update 😋

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