LOVE IS FOR FOOLS - Fifty Shades of Grey: Elena's Story **Explicit Content**

So just how did Elena Lincoln become Mrs. Robinson the Evil Bitch Troll? What made the doting wife turn to BDSM and how was her life turned upside down when troubled teen Christian Grey turned up at her door? Written due to a number of reader requests, this is Elena's story from her point of view.




"Oh darling, it can't be that bad."

"It IS! The content is so BORING!"

"Christian, you chose to major in economics and politics. It's bound to be a little...dry."

"Dry doesn't even come close," he sighs down the phone and I imagine him running his hand through his glorious floppy hair in irritation. "The economics is okay...but the politics...It's all just talk and hot air."

I laugh. "Yes, that just about sums up politics, my darling. You have learnt something then!"

He chuckles. "I miss you SO much, Elena. Christmas seems a lifetime ago. I don't know how I'm going to get through the months till we meet again."

"Oh, Christian." I scold. "I told you to socialise. You didn't go to college to become a monk!"

"Socialising equates to fucking, around here. You don't know what it's like. The moment I step out of my dorm door it's like goddamn open season! Next time I'm home I'm buying an attack alarm and some pepper spray!"

My poor sweet Prince. He'd worked so hard to get into Harvard, but being so far from home without the tangible support of his family, Flynn and myself...He was obviously struggling.

"Have you spoken to Flynn or your family recently?"

He sighs again. "Yeah...I speak to mom and Mia a lot. Mom just worries about me so I don't tell her anything...and Mia's too young to deal with my shit. Elliot's finally in a regular relationship, yet all he's interested in is if I've blown my goddamn cherry yet! Flynn at least talks me through coping strategies...But not how to miss being with you." He finishes in a sad tone that makes my heart ache.

"Oh, Christian..." I begin.

"Hang on, Elena...There's something being pushed under my door..."

I hear scuffling in the background and what sounds like an envelope being ripped open. "Oh for fucks sake!" I hear him suddenly snarl.

"Christian!" I call in alarm. "What is it?"

He puts his cell back to his mouth. "Yet another invite to a Valentine's Night party to end all parties, this weekend. I have a trash-can full of this shit. I swear after my next lecture, I'm hitting the art room and making up a poster that says FUCK OFF in big letters and nailing it to my goddamn door!" He rants vehemently.

"Christian." I must try and placate him before he goes and does some serious damage. "Why don't you come home for the weekend? Get away from it all?"

"What, and have Elliot rip into me about coming home like a sad virgin on the one weekend everyone's got a free pass to bang the crap out of each other? No way. I'd never live it down." He moans softly and my body quivers in response to the sound. "Besides," he continues. "I've got a shitload of study to do, plus an assignment due in by Tuesday. I'm just going to go into lockdown and block every fucker out this weekend. Hopefully they'll all be too busy blowing their loads to miss me."

"Oh, Christian." He sounds so dejected I can hardly bare it. I hate to think of my beautiful Prince - who has come on in leaps and bounds over the past eighteen months - is so far away and so unhappy. "I wish there was something I could do, but I'm stuck in Albany for the next week with..." Shit, can't mention Linc's name as it just riles him up further, but he knows I'm there with him working on a new build. "" I finish lamely.

"I know, I know." I can hear the tightness in his voice.

"I DO miss you terribly too, Christian. You know that don't you?"

"Yeah...Maybe once you're back and this assignments done, I can pop back for the weekend. Call it a study break."

"Of course, darling!" I brighten thinking of the possibilities. "You should definitely look ahead to do that. Give you something to look forward to and focus on."

"I could do with looking forward to something at the moment, that's for sure." He sighs again. "Look, Elena I have to go I have a Lecture in ten with Professor Briscoe who is about one hundred and ten and looks like Einstein, but is as sharp as a tack. I'll text you okay? Maybe we can chat again in a couple of days?"

"Yes, yes, Christian. Please don't lose faith my darling okay? Remember there are plenty of us in this world who love and believe in you."

"Mmm." Typical Christian negative response.

"There ARE, Christian. We're all here for you. Okay?"

"Okay." He acquiesces. "Speak to you soon...Ma'am..."

And with that delicious word hanging between us, he ends the call.


"There you are!" Linc greets me as I walk into the luxurious suite at The Renaissance Hotel. "I was about to send out a search party!"

"Sorry yes, I lost track of time. There's some lovely art galleries here." Plus I spent most of my 'walk' talking to Christian on my spare cell.

"Did you see something you liked?" He asks as he watches me shrug out of my coat.

"Just this scarf." I say waving it at him as I hang it up with my coat. "The wind was chilly downtown."

Linc nods, seemingly satisfied with my excuse. "Would you like some wine? I picked up a couple of bottles on my way back from the meeting."

"Please." I walk over to the couch and sit down unzipping my boots. "How did it go with Walker Developments?"

"Yeah, good." He smiles passing me a goblet of Sancerre. "The board seemed happy with the proposals, but the CEO needs further convincing. I invited us to host Sam and his wife Tanya, at the Heathman in a couple of weeks."

Great. Just what I need. Making polite small talk with some boring schmuck whilst Linc charms the pants off his wife right under my nose.

"El? That okay with you? I didn't tie him down to a date or anything, but I'd like to nail this before the end of the month."

And nail his wife too no doubt.

I rub my fingers across my brow. My chat with Christian has seemingly left me as despondent as he is. He wasn't the only one who was sexually frustrated.

"Yes, fine." I sigh.

Linc frowns at me. "Are you sure you're okay? You've looked tired since you walked in." He surprises me by leaning over and touching my forehead. "Maybe you should go and lie down for a bit before dinner. We can order in if you're not up to eating out."

His random act of kindness has me feeling like a bitch about badminding him with Mrs. Walker. I screw my eyes momentarily. "Yes...Maybe a lie-down would do me good. I've probably pushed myself too far in the cold wind. Thanks Linc." I stand and gather my purse.

"Go and relax. I'll check on you in an hour and we'll take it from there."

"That would be great." From inside my purse, my cell rings and I hold my breath, then realise I'd shut down the spare cell.

"Tell whoever it is you'll call them later." Linc says in a stern tone.

I whip out my phone and it's my old friend Valena from beauty school who's ringing. "Aww Linc, its Val. I can't blow her off she's going through a tough divorce and needs a shoulder."

He sighs. "Well make sure she doesn't waffle on for too long. You know what a narcissistic cannibal she can be. She only ever looks after herself. I don't want her draining you even further."

I head towards my bedroom door. "Oh, Linc. You've never liked her!"

"I had good reason!" He calls as I shut the bedroom door.

I take a deep breath. "Hi Val, how are..."

"THERE YOU ARE, LAINY! I thought it was going to ring off! Are you ignoring me?" She asks in a faux accusatory tone. Or at least I hope it is.

"It's been a long day and I've only just got back to the suite with Linc."

"A suite huh? And where is this prison cell located?

"Oh Valena! It's in the Renaissance Hotel in Albany."

"Well at least Linc's money is good for something."

Christ...They're as bad as each other...

"Anyway...How are things with Mark? Still playing hardball?" I ask, kicking off my boots and balancing my cell under my chin as I tackle my clothes.

"Ugh...Well since you kindly sent me your counsel, he's at least being remotely human. Which is why I was ringing," her voice gets higher with excitement. "Block next week off. I've booked us into a Spa near my new place in Boston as a thank you!"

I sit on the bed with a thump. "Oh...Val...I..."

"I knew if I just asked, Linc would find a way to veto it. I know he doesn't like me..."


"...So this way he can't stop you. Come on, Lainy! You've been holed up with him all week. You deserve a break. As nice as I'm sure The Renaissance is..."

I let Val carry on with her reasoning but her words aren't sinking in. I'd need to arrange a flight into Boston...

....And what was a short drive from Boston airport..?



It's been a long time since I visited a Campus...

In the days I dreamt of being a Beauty Technician, I'd done the rounds of potential Colleges with my parents. Harvard had been one we'd visited and thankfully Google had revealed the layout hadn't changed too much...and also exactly where I could find Christian. I'd told Val I'd meet her at the Spa on Monday, told Linc I was meeting Val on Friday and told Christian...NOTHING.

My sweet Prince has no idea I'm stealthy traveling up Harvard's historical corridors, bumping into various students too stupefied with alcohol or weed to pay a lone figure in a black coat much attention.

They probably think I'm off to some Goth gathering...

Racing breathlessly up the final corridor, I find Christian's private dorm room and knock on the door.

NOTHING. No noise or movement comes from behind the door, but I can see a faint shaft of light from under it. Maybe he's in the shower? I look left and right and then bounce the side of my fist several times on the door, making my hand ache. When still nothing happens and fearful of being easily spotted down this quiet corridor, I hunt for my spare cell in my purse. That's when I hear hard, angry footsteps approach the door and I hold my breath, praying I didn't mix up the room numbers...

The door is flung open as I look down at my shoes.

"WHAT?" An all-too familiar voice barks at me.

Before he has time to react, I rush past him in a cloud of black material and stop in the middle of his lounge.

"WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!" He splutters in annoyance at the back of my head and I imagine that gorgeous face flushing with anger just like it does with passion and I squirm at the memories. I turn around slowly and finally lift my head so I am smirking at my gorgeous Valentine's treat. "Lock the door, Christian." I order firmly.

Christian blinks rapidly in shock and disbelief, then turns and literally throws the door back on its hinges and locks it. I begin to take my coat off so by the time he's turned, it's practically slipping to my feet like a black pool, leaving me standing there in a black wrap dress and patent stilettos.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" He breathes delightedly, his gorgeous face as breathtaking as ever.

"It's Valentine's night." I say as casually as I can despite my pounding heart. "Where else would I be?"

Christian surges into me, lifting me off the ground and planting his mouth hard onto mine. My shocked squeal is smothered as he moves us rapidly across the carpet whilst I hang onto his luscious hair and try and keep up with his demanding mouth. He has totally topped from the bottom and it's time I re-claimed my throne.

"Slow down handsome," I pant against his mouth. "We've got all night."

*THANK YOU all you lovely people for your love and support of the previous chapter. It was the hardest one to write in My Years With Elena and re-writing it from Elena's point of view proved equally as difficult. I was truly grateful for all your votes and wonderful comments. Please know that you all continue to inspire my writing.

More to follow soon!

Love and best wishes to you all

Beth xx *

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