LOVE IS FOR FOOLS - Fifty Shades of Grey: Elena's Story **Explicit Content**

So just how did Elena Lincoln become Mrs. Robinson the Evil Bitch Troll? What made the doting wife turn to BDSM and how was her life turned upside down when troubled teen Christian Grey turned up at her door? Written due to a number of reader requests, this is Elena's story from her point of view.



"Do you know how amazing your scent is?" He whispers against the apex of my thigh as he inhales deeply.

I feel my insides squeeze like someone has them in an iron fist.

"No," I breathe. Throughout the duration of my relationship with Linc he never put his face anywhere near to where Adam is right now.

He trails his fingertips around the edge of my panties and I squirm from his touch.

"Have none of your previous lovers mentioned it?" He asks in surprise, raising his head and gazing at me with those impossible blue eyes.

"No...I've only ever been with Linc and he's never..."

"You've only ever had sex with your husband?" He reels in horror.

I gape at him. "What's wrong with that?"

He shakes his head in disbelief. "No wonder you're desperate to be worshipped." He mutters.

He leans back down, takes my panties, twists his hands and rips them off me.

"FUCK!" I scream, and then immediately clamp my hands over my mouth, worrying every Art Gallery employee will be racing down here to see who is being murdered.

He chuckles. "Don't worry my beautiful Venus. The walls are soundproof and we're surrounded by several feet of thick concrete. No one can hear you. Scream all you want. But first..." He lifts the scrap of pink satin and lace. "I want you to familiarise yourself with your beautiful scent. Close your eyes," he orders.

Nervously, I do as he asks and tremble in anticipation. I feel the material brush my cheek and then it is placed over my face.

"Pink is SO not your colour, Elena. When you are with me my Venus, your underwear will always be black. Understand?"

"But I like pink!" I exclaim in a muffled voice. "Do I now have to change my usual order at Neiman Marcus just to please you?"

He presses his fingers into my thighs in warning. "You will want to please me, so you will do it automatically. Save the pink for the small-cocked wonder you're married to - who doesn't know the meaning of cunnilingus."


"Inhale!" He instructs sharply.

I jump. "Okay! Okay!" I take a deep breath.


I don't know quite what I was expecting, but it smells like nothing I have ever experienced before.

"Describe your scent to me." He rasps.

"Umm..." I take another deep breath. "It's hard to put words to it. Sort of...tangy...a bit fruity perhaps...With a touch of Chanel Number Five..?"

I feel him smile against my inner thigh. "Yes...that's exactly it. Keep that in mind when I go down on you."

"Does that mean you're going to fuck me?" I ask in genuine confusion.

He chuckles softly. "Not today, my beautiful Venus. We have to establish your boundaries first." I feel his warm breath against the apex of my thighs again. "Cunnilingus or going down on a lady, Elena, is when a man does THIS..."

And without any further explanation, his tongue is on me.



On a dark secret place I never knew a man's tongue could be.

"Holy shit ADAM!" I gasp.

"Has that miserable bastard ever made you come, Elena?" He whispers as he blows gently up and down on me.


I think...

I feel him smile against my skin again before his tongue re-connects with me. Harder than before, as he draws circles around me.


I feel his hands move up and he removes my torn panties off my face.

"Sit up," he commands in a rough voice.

Blinking rapidly and slightly dazed, I do my best to prop myself up.

I look down at him and he catches my eyes and grins wickedly, his lush lips wet from his oral exploration. He takes his elegant index and middle fingers and places them against my lips.

"Open your mouth," he orders softly.

I do so and he places his fingers gently inside my mouth.

"Suck." He whispers.

JESUS CHRIST! Is tasting myself part of his world too?

He glowers at me. "Do not hesitate, Elena," he hisses sharply. "Suck. NOW!"


I hurriedly clamp my mouth over his fingers as he strokes my tongue. This was not something I'd envisaged, but technically nothing I have experienced so far today is anything I had ever envisaged. It feels a little strange and actually the taste is the last thing I'm focusing on. Just as I'm wondering what pleasure Adam is getting from it, he abruptly withdraws his fingers.

"Enough. Let's just see HOW WELL that asshole you're married to, made you come."

And with that, he plunges his fingers deep inside me.

"FUCK!" I scream again at the sudden and unexpected invasion and I arch upwards, my head thrown back as I gasp.

"Thought as much." I hear him mutter as he begins to move his fingers around my insides. Suddenly his fingers seem to find their intended goal and a hot flush sweeps and explodes through me, radiating outwards from his fingers.

"Support yourself. This won't take long." He growls and he unleashes his tongue again against my heated flesh.


He seems to be everywhere. Every little space in my world is filled by him. His hot, musky scent is stronger now he had broken into a sweat and it raids my nostrils. One strong arm holds me in place and keeps me open to him as the other hand continues its sweet torture.

"Your pussy tastes like nectar from the Gods, my Venus." He grows against my heated flesh.

His tongue torments me, relentless and unforgiving as his broad shoulders keep my legs apart. I can feel my sweat racing down my spine as the intensity reaches fever pitch...


With a scream loud enough to wake the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse, I explode around him. Deep, almost painful clenches within me, contract and release rapidly as my whole body throbs and shakes. My arms give way and I collapse onto the bench as my insides churn and my juices flood out of me. Blood thunders around my head and I have no idea how much time elapses as I lay spent and panting.

Holy crap! That was mind blowing...

I feel Adam withdraw his fingers and move up me. My eyes slide open and he is levered over me and then a second later his soft, wet lips are on mine and his tongue slips into my mouth. He tastes different than before - all salty and tangy - and I know it's because he now tastes of me. He slowly pulls up and gazes at me. His lush lips are pulled into a sexy smirk.

"Now THAT, my beautiful Venus, is how you make a lady come."

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