LOVE IS FOR FOOLS - Fifty Shades of Grey: Elena's Story **Explicit Content**

So just how did Elena Lincoln become Mrs. Robinson the Evil Bitch Troll? What made the doting wife turn to BDSM and how was her life turned upside down when troubled teen Christian Grey turned up at her door? Written due to a number of reader requests, this is Elena's story from her point of view.



Turning the extension into a secret BDSM space whilst masquerading as a gym, was one of my better ideas. There was no way I could justify to Grace why Christian would still need to come over once it was completed and sneaking him into the boudoir regularly was just asking for trouble. At least having Claude put me through work-outs alongside Christian's kick-boxing training, also added more believability to the situation. I'll readily admit - I've breathed a little easier at night since Christian turned sixteen. At least in the eyes of the law he is now over the age of consent and despite having the brains and disposition of someone much older, I'd be lying if this 'arrangement' didn't make me slightly uneasy. We both risk utter devastation if we were ever discovered. And yet...

...And yet...I can't leave him alone.

He is simply the most captivating person I have ever met. How he has lived through so much already at such a young age and still be this amazing, beautiful, talented young man...

...He just has to believe in himself to reach his full potential.

And I intend to do everything in my power to help him get there...

"What time does Linc fly in tomorrow?"

Linc's name on Christian's beautiful lips brings me out of my reverie. We are warming down at the ballet barre in the gym after a punishing session with Claude, and his unexpected query makes me wobble mid-squat. Linc has absolutely nothing to do with Christian, and I take great measures to keep both worlds apart.

"Eleven in the morning. Why?"

Christian grimaces then shrugs. Anger rises within me. The last thing I need from him is his mind on Linc.

"I've told you. Our marriage is now purely for appearances."

He looks at me sullenly. "Do you and Linc still fuck?"

What the..? Does he seriously think I'm some kind of slut???

My anger spirals.

"HOW DARE YOU!" I snarl. Christian's eyes widen and he immediately apologises for his remark and lowers his gaze. He has learnt so much...and yet still has so much to learn...

"Linc and I haven't shared a bed in years," I hiss. "I was faithful to him until I met Adam; who first introduced me to the lifestyle and even then I carried around a lot of guilt - despite Linc not showing much remorse or change in attitude towards his affairs."

"Do you still see Adam?" He mutters his eyes still downcast.

WHAT??? Now he thinks I'm still fucking Adam??? Doesn't he realise I'm only interested in him?

"I had to stop seeing Adam last August."


Oh Christian, Christian, Christian...

"Do you REALLY not know the answer to that?" My tone is much softer and he responds by lifting his eyes and gazing at me apprehensively. I grasp his chin and stare into the huge steel depths. "I. MET. YOU." I honestly don't know how much clearer I can be or how else to hammer the point home to him.

Christian gasps in disbelief. "Did...Did you really stop seeing him because of me?" He asks in wonder. "Wasn't he mad?"

"Adam told me from the onset we weren't exclusive. But when I was with him...It was like there was just the two of us in the world. At least I knew where I stood with him. With Linc...Well, he once vowed he'd be faithful only to me. Now look at us."

"But you still wear his rings...Still enjoy all the material trappings..." He muses.

Before I can check myself, my hand cracks sharply across his face, making him stagger backwards in shock and surprise.


"I don't appreciate being judged, Christian!" I snarl vehemently. "Not by you and not by anyone else!" Oh he has SO overstepped the mark this time. "Now either grab your stuff and leave, or go and lie down on the exercise bench." I point irately towards it, my hand trembling in barely contained anger.

Will he stay and take his punishment...or will he run?


My head rests on my knees as I sit on the floor, my back resting against the wooden gym door.

I caned him. I cuffed him to the bench and fucking caned him.

What the hell possessed me? I was annoyed and upset and I took it out harshly on him. But, like the amazing Sub he is turning out to be, he took it. He took everything I had and didn't safeword - as a way of apologising to me. I was so proud of him and so turned on...

...That I dry-humped him until I came like a fucking freight train.

And he held on. Despite his raging hard-on, he held on. He used his developing self-control not to come. I've known grown men who were experienced Subs, not able to do that in similar circumstances.

But then he wanted us to have sex...

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted. Despite my orgasm, I was nowhere near sated and taking that final step with Christian would have been the literal CHERRY on the cake. But he's not ready yet.

                                                                                             Isn't he?

I hug my knees tighter. This is all my fault. I should never have let it get this far this soon. He is still learning the basics and for some insane reason, I jumped ten steps ahead today and went straight for the cane instead of a riding crop -which is more the level of where his training is at right now.

No wonder he ran.

I haven't moved from the door since I closed it behind him - part of me praying he'll have a change of heart and come back. I lift my head up and look at the wall clock. It's been over an hour. I doubt he'll be back tonight.

                                                                                               If ever again...


"...And hold the squat position...Good job, Elena. You sure Christian's still coming this morning? Not like him to be late."

I glance past Claude to the wall clock. This has felt like the longest week of my life. I've had no word or contact from Christian since he ran off last Friday and he was due to start his session with Claude almost ten minutes ago.

"He...I..." I begin falteringly.

Shit! What am I supposed to say? I never expected him not to show up today...

There is a sudden clamour at the gym door and Christian bursts through it. He looks like he's been running; face red and glowing, the ends of his copper hair dark with sweat and he's panting. He looks absolutely glorious and his gray eyes find mine where I wobble unsteadily out of my squat.

"What time do you call this, Grey?" Claude questions sharply.

"My alarm didn't go off," he mumbles, unzipping his hoody and throwing it onto a chair with his bag. "Thought I'd save on the warm-up and run here." He strides up to Claude. "I'm good to go."

"Start with some combo's on the dummy. I'll just take Mrs. Lincoln through what circuits I want her to do."

Christian nods and heads straight to the dummy without a backward glance towards me, whilst I follow Claude dejectedly to the weights.


Over an hour later I close the doors behind Claude and lock them. I turn towards Christian where he sits cooling down at the bench. His tank top is stuck to him with  sweat and he tips his water bottle over; squirting shots into his hair and over his neck to cool him down,

"Why don't you go have a shower?" I ask gently, pointing to the facilities at the back of the gym. He takes a mouthful of water and swallows it languidly; tilting his head back so I can see the full view of the strong column of his neck and throat, as his Adam's Apple moves on a slow swallow. It makes me want to suck at it.

His mesmerising gray eyes meet mine. Oh, how I've missed him. My hand reaches out to touch him.

"Elena," he breathes moving back slightly. "We need to talk."

I drop my hand. "Oh darling, I know. I'm so sorry for what I said and how I behaved." I inch forward towards him. "If you think you're ready to have sex...then we can try..."

He shakes his head. "No, Elena. You were right. I'm nowhere near ready. I was so unhappy after I left last Friday, I booked an extra long session with Flynn this week." He puts his head in his hands and I can't stand the distance between us any longer. I place my hands in his glorious silky hair and stroke his scalp.


"Mmm..?" Oh I could do this all day...

"I...I told Flynn about us. It took me hours...but he knows everything about our...relationship."


I stagger backwards in abject horror, my mind in a complete flat spin.

"You TOLD him?" I breathe as panic takes hold. "About us? About what we...DO?"

"I didn't mention any names and I won't. I left a lot of the details out. But in order for him to help me, I have to be honest with him. Everything is in the strictest confidence, Elena and I trust him implicitly. But know that I would never, EVER betray you."

Despite my mortification I do understand his reasoning and if it helps him...

I release my breath and nod. "Thank you," I whisper hoarsely. "It was just a shock. But I'm glad you have a neutral party you can talk to freely about everything. I'm genuinely delighted you feel he is helping you."

He runs a hand over his face. "Can we go to the boudoir and lie down? I've had such an exhausting week. I'd like be able to just relax with you."

His simple request totally disarms me. He does look exhausted. But I have a better idea...

Christian stands in the middle of my bedroom and looks around in quiet awe, listening to me explain how I remodelled the rooms when I separated myself from Linc. After everything that happened over the past week, taking him into the boudoir didn't feel right. And perhaps now it will finally hit home to him that Linc and I are truly over.

I make us both coffees from my little coffee machine and join him on the bed.

"You don't have to tell me anything about your past, Christian. I know you had an awful start to life, but nothing about the circumstances. I never felt it was my place to pry and ask Grace."

He nods. "I needed Flynn to understand...And now I need you to." He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

"I was born the illegitimate son of a crack whore..."


Thank you so much for reading my Lovelies 💋💋 Hope you all enjoyed Darker as much as I did! XxxX

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