LOVE IS FOR FOOLS - Fifty Shades of Grey: Elena's Story **Explicit Content**

So just how did Elena Lincoln become Mrs. Robinson the Evil Bitch Troll? What made the doting wife turn to BDSM and how was her life turned upside down when troubled teen Christian Grey turned up at her door? Written due to a number of reader requests, this is Elena's story from her point of view.



"Will it support my weight?" I ask, looking questioningly at the table.

"There's five inches of solid Perspex encased in steel. It would safely hold a family of hippo's, so I'm sure you'll be fine." He walks around until he is facing me in front of the table. He holds his hands out to me. "I would never put you at risk, Elena." He says with quiet authority.

I nod, satisfied and put my hands into his. He kisses my knuckles and supports me as I climb unsteadily in my skyscraper heels onto the clear Perspex. He lets go of my hands, undoes his cuffs, unravels his tie and undoes the top three buttons of his shirt, all at a leisurely pace. He then sits gracefully on the sofa in front of me, as I gaze down at him.

And pant.


He links his hands and stretches his arms out in front of him, making his fingers crack. Reaching forwards he places his large, tanned hands on my ankles and slowly moves them upwards towards the edge of my stockings. Finally breaking eye-contact, he traces his fingers across the lace of my stocking tops, my suspenders and then lifts up my skirt, exposing my panties. He makes a low growl.

"Black stockings and underwear. Always. Understand?" He orders quietly.

"Y-Yes. I understand." I breathe.

"Good." He states...Then buries his head between my legs.

I gasp in surprise and wobble in my heels. He grabs my buttocks firmly, steadying me as my fingers sink into his thick, dark waves and hold on.

He inhales deeply and purrs in appreciation. "You are here of your own free will, Elena. Remember that. What are the safewords?" He asks against my skin.

Shit! "Umm...yellow and red. G-Green if I want you to start again."

"Good girl. I hope you don't need them - especially tonight." He pulls away and looks up at me. "Now, let's get you out of these sexy panties..." He slides his fingers into the lace, twists and shreds them easily.


"They were new," I mutter as I hold my hands out for them.

He smirks at me as he takes my torn panties and surprisingly places them on the table. "I gave you your first pair to familiarise yourself with your scent. All your panties from now on belong to me."

I gasp. "But what are you going to do with them? Have them framed and put on display?"

He chuckles and points to an ornate chest of drawers to the left of the sofa; carved from the same black wood as the bed, with brass locks and handles. It has two drawers and four legs shaped like lion paws.


"I've designated that to you. Your panties, implements, lube, toys etc., will all be in there. I have one for each of my Subs."

"Do you keep the torn panties of all your Subs?" I squeak.

My own chest of drawers? Lube, toys and...IMPLEMENTS..?

He shakes his head. "Only you smell like perfume from the Gods, my Venus." Using his fingers he opens me out to him and slides his tongue slowly down the length of my sex. "And you taste like honey."



All thoughts of furniture, panties and the use of lube for toys and instruments, disappear from my mind as his tongue begins the now familiar magical dance. I close my eyes and moan softly.

Why the hell has Roger never done this to me? The feeling is...

Just as the tingling sensation starts, I feel Adam abruptly withdraw his tongue.

What the..?

He stands gracefully, his lips glistening from my almost-orgasm.

"Turn around."

I look at him in a daze for a moment, then turn slowly in my heels and look out across the Dungeon.

I feel his fingernail trace the hairline of my nape, then down my neck to the top of my dress. Slowly, he drags the zipper down and I feel more and more of my skin getting exposed to him. I can almost FEEL the intensity of his eyes heat my bare skin. He moves his hands to my shoulders, pushes gently and the dress falls away from me and pools at my feet. His warm hands slide down my back, then rest on my hips.

"Step out of your dress and turn back. I'll hold you."


It's hardly the most intimate action he has done so far, yet his gentle but firm hold of my hips as I manoeuvre, is strangely comforting and bizarrely makes me feel...Safe. Finally free of my dress and facing Surrender II again, my eyes seek out his. He gazes at me impassively for a moment, then smiles warmly as his hands leave my hips and travel back up my sides and onto my breasts. He cups each one and begins to rhythmically stroke my nipples with his thumbs through the lace of my bra.

"You truly are a Goddess, my Venus," he breathes, blue eyes bright and shining.

Thankfully, I have stopped panting - but that might be because I'm now holding my breath. I'm practically naked, stood in high heeled stilettos, in the Dungeon of a practical stranger - who has a more intimate knowledge of me than my husband of fifteen years.

"Any issues with fellatio?" He asks out of the blue.

I release my breath in a rush. "Who?" I ask in confusion.

He smiles. "Sorry. I forget you aren't up-to-speed on the terminology yet. Blow jobs. Any issues there?" He looks at me queryingly.

Holy crap! "Nooo..."I begin, embarrassment flooding my cheeks.

He tilts his head to the side. "Please tell me you have done fellatio before...Oh - unless his cock was too small to get any kind of purchase on!" He chuckles. "Well?"

"I...We..." I sigh. "I was young and inexperienced and Roger didn't exactly give me any directions. I had a couple of tries...But we just ended up sticking to what we knew best - straightforward missionary a couple of times a week."

Adam closes his eyes and shakes his head. "I bet he kept his socks on too."

"Only in winter."

He opens his eyes and smirks. "Come." He says giving me his hands. "Let ME show you how. I'm an expert in fellatio directions."


He helps me off the table and leads me to the ornate four poster bed. "Sit down and take your shoes off," he instructs.

I nod and sit down on the sumptuous satin and gold covers and bend forward to take off my shoes.

"Take your bra off too. I want to introduce myself to those gorgeous breasts."

I gasp and look up.

And gasp again.


Adam is smiling salaciously at me, hands on his narrow hips...And he has undone his shirt...


The sight of his bare skin exposed to me for the first time almost sends me into a tail-spin. Glistening golden skin, pulled taut over hard pecs and defined abs...All shadowed in a thick covering of dark fur. I swallow hard as I drink him in.

He slowly pulls his shirt off his torso, revealing thick muscular arms...biceps...triceps...deltoids...

I feel like it's Christmas.

He lets the shirt drop to the floor and my eyes find his face.

"Bra," he mouths to me as his hands travel to his waistband and he pops open the button of his jeans.

Shit! I was too busy admiring his hot torso!

I'd always thought Linc was quite handsome. I was a naive seventeen year old when I had met him at the eighteenth birthday ball, of one of my posh high school friends. He was five years older than me and completing an internship at her father's construction company. He'd asked me to dance and hadn't let go of me for the rest of the evening. He was polite, articulate, utterly charming...and I was mesmerised. Looking back, maybe I'd been too dazzled by him - that a man like Roger Lincoln could be interested in me - to see what he was really like.

All thoughts of Roger Bartholomew Lincoln immediately disappear from my mind as Adam moves to stand before me...

....And drops his jeans...




Now THAT's one hell of a nice ass 😋 Let me know what you think! I have added a new short story - Diamonds In The Sky - where I introduce my two original characters from my erotic fiction - Training The Cougar which will be making an appearance on Wattpad at some point. Please check it out and let me know what you think! Thank you 💋 And thank you all for your continued love and support. It really means the world to me.

Best wishes

Beth xxx

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