LOVE IS FOR FOOLS - Fifty Shades of Grey: Elena's Story **Explicit Content**

So just how did Elena Lincoln become Mrs. Robinson the Evil Bitch Troll? What made the doting wife turn to BDSM and how was her life turned upside down when troubled teen Christian Grey turned up at her door? Written due to a number of reader requests, this is Elena's story from her point of view.



From: A DeBrett

To: Venus DeMilo

Re: Forthcoming Arrangements (hopefully)


My dear Venus - I love what you did there. Very creative!

The following is a basic list of possible scenarios of our arrangement. This is not a finalised list by any means - we can add or take away any elements as you choose. YOU make all the decisions here not ME.

Also, we are by no means EXCLUSIVE. You can only be truly mine to do with as I please in my Dungeon, Angelica's or similar venues. Other than that, we are both free to pursue other liaisons.

Definition of Dominant:




Having power and influence over others.

Synonyms: presiding, ruling, governing, controlling, commanding, ascendant, supreme, authoritative, most influential, most powerful, superior...

I am all these things and will be all these things to you, if you agree to be my Submissive.

Definition of Submissive:


səbˈmɪs ɪv


Meek, passive, obedient, compliant, patient, resigned, yielding, accommodating, humble, subdued, lowly, abject, amenable, docile, dutiful, ingratiating, malleable, deferential, pliant, obsequious, uncomplaining, tractable, acquiescent, biddable, unresisting...

You will work at being these things to me, because you WILL WANT to please me.

That is Domination and Submission in its basic context my Venus. Thoughts so far? Don't think to much into it. I find thinking about these matters clouds the mind and makes you fearful of the unknown.




But you have to trust me.

Safeword Definition:

In my experience, the generally accepted safewords in the BDSM community are "safeword" and, more commonly, "red". It also means that if you ever do BDSM in a public space such as a Fetish Club like Angelica's, everyone in the place will recognize your safeword if you say it. But we will work up to doing that or not at all.

The final safeword "red" when you have reached your limit, can also follow on from two more 'traffic light' warning symbols, such as "green" and "yellow". That means that if we're in the middle of a scene and you say "red" I will stop. We can end the scene there or you can take a short break and say "green", which gives me the GREEN LIGHT to start again. Or, if you're a little uncertain about how the scene is developing and you want me to be a little more cautious, then you can say "yellow" and I will slow it down or take it to a different direction. You can move to "green" if you become comfortable, or go to "red" if it's something you really don't like.

YOU have all the control here, my Goddess. It is up to YOU how each scene transpires. I know you are a novice and looking to explore your limits and we will take it slowly at first. I will explain each scene to you as we come to it and will only move forward if you are comfortable.

You now know a bit more about my world. We can go and view some more sessions at Angelica's first so you have a better idea before you decide if you prefer. You can also do some online research if you think it will help.

I know I've given you a lot to think about, plus you have to deal with that asshole on a daily basis. Please don't leave it more than 48 hours before you get in contact. I really want to know what you decide.

Yours in anticipation.



I sit and read Adam's email for at least the hundredth time since it arrived in my inbox of my new netbook laptop. Linc left for a business trip to Toronto this morning and frankly, even if he went off screwing around on me again, I don't think I would care. It was a relief to get him out of the house. The atmosphere between us was stifling. I hope the break away from each other will help settle things down a little, but I'm nowhere near ready to go back to sharing a bed with him. I minimise the email and open my search engine.


I am suddenly hit with various images of women and men doing all manner of bizarre and wondrous activities. 

WOW! That was...Holy...Ohhhh...Spanking...Flogging...Handcuffs...

I spend a highly entertaining hour looking up various images of Submissives having all manner of erotic fetishes done to them and being fucked in all manner of ways, whilst squirming involuntarily in my seat.

Was I ready for this? To take this next step with Adam into his secret world?

My body seemed to be telling me it was more than ready. My mind however, seemed slightly more reluctant. I put my laptop to one side and grab myself a glass of chilled Sancerre. I had stocked up since my first encounter in Adam's office. Linc had questioned my reasons behind it, but I'd just said it was recommended by one of the ladies at Book Club and I really liked it. Linc had tried it and had unceremoniously spat it out in the sink, saying he'd always drank a full-bodied red wine and, after tasting that, he didn't see it changing any time soon.

Much like our relationship...

I need time to digest everything Adam has thrown at me. Ten days ago I was a happily married woman. Or so I thought. Ten days ago I'd never even imagined doing anything but straightforward missionary sex twice a week with my husband. So having this whole new world of kink suddenly thrust at me and finding it all incredibly arousing, was a lot to take on board.

Not to mention my introduction to cunnilingus...

I take a couple of gulps of wine and grab the laptop again, thinking of what to reply back to Adam. My cell buzzes with an incoming text. It's probably Linc telling me he's arrived in Toronto. I grasp it and glance at the screen.

Your silence is killing me.

Crap! It's Adam! I nearly drop my cell in my haste to reply.

I was about to email you back. I'd just finished doing some research...

Good girl. Are you alone..?

Yes. Linc's on a business trip to Toronto for three days, thank Christ.

Immediately my cell rings. "Hi." I begin shyly.

"Hello my beautiful Goddess. How have you been?" Adam's voice drips like warm honey through the receiver, making my spine tingle.

"Okay," I sigh. "Linc was home when I got in on Wednesday after leaving you. He'd gone all out - turned our sunroom into some kind of hothouse florist, ordered take-out from my favourite restaurant...And they don't even do take outs..."

"Creepy little bastard," Adam interjects.

"ADAM!" I gasp in surprise.

"What? Did he seriously think some crappy flowers and a nice meal would make up for years of cheating on you? The guy's deluded. I hope you told him to shove them up his ass."

"No!" Although the thought had crossed my mind.

"Why not?"

"They were far too nice to shove up his ass!"

Adam chuckles. "Enough talk about your husbands ass. I'd much rather talk about yours. What were you going to email me?"

"Umm..." I hesitate.

"I know it's a lot to take on board, Elena. But I promise we'll take it slow and like I said - none of it is set in stone. We can adjust the parameters. Whatever you want."

"You...You said we weren't exclusive. Do...Do you see other women?" I begin falteringly.

"I have some women I fuck on a regular basis, yes."

I swallow. "All Submissives?" I whisper.

"Yes. All Submissives, all consensual adult women and I practise safe sex with all of them. Actually that's something I didn't mention in the email. I always wear a condom. You can never be too careful. I assume you're on birth control?" He queries.

I rub my forehead. "I...I can't have children. Linc and I...we tried...We tried for years. I won't bother you with details, but we had tests and the problem lies with me, so no I'm not on birth control." I finish, taking a deep breath and blinking back tears.

There is a long pause on the other end.


"Yes...Sorry. That...That must have been hard."

I sigh. "It was." I take another gulp of wine. "So...When can I see you again?" I ask eager to get off the subject.

"In my Dungeon?" He says in a low husky voice.

"Yes." I reply without hesitation.

"You're absolutely sure?"

"Yes!" Dammit, he was so eager, why is he now stalling?

"Okay. Tonight 8pm. Come to the blue door like last time. I will meet you there."

My whole body quivers and I squirm in my seat. "Okay." I breathe.

"Good. Oh and Elena?"


"Wear something sexy I can zip you out of. And don't forget the black underwear - bra, panties and wear stockings. When we meet I want that gorgeous pussy of yours, wet and aching for my cock."

Oh Adam...It has been since the moment we met...


I glance at my cell as I switch off the ignition in my Audi TT.


Good, I have time to compose myself a little. I have been having palpitations for most of the afternoon, which has now manifested into some kind of weird panting that I can't seem to control. My palms are also damp with sweat; I didn't even know you could sweat from your palms until tonight. I can't remember ever being so nervous in my entire life. I rub my palms on my new black mini-dress - which covers my new black underwear - in the hope of somehow blotting myself. Thank goodness for online shopping, as I doubt I could have bought my sexy underwear in-store without blushing crimson.

It may as well have 'Fuck Me' embroidered into the sexy black lace...

I close my eyes and try and take a deep calming breath.

If I could just get my emotions in check before meeting Ad...

My cell buzzes suddenly making my eyes jerk open.

Great! You're early. I'll be right out my Goddess.

Fuck! How the hell did he know I was already here..?

Goddammit! He must have CCTV in the delivery area to make sure all those expensive paintings aren't compromised.

Well that's just fantastic. He's probably been watching me panting like Lassie on heat, whilst maniacally rubbing my hands against my thighs.

Trembling in my ridiculously high - and also brand new - black Louboutin Pigalle pumps, I concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other and aim myself at the blue door. I've never worn a dress so short, heels so high and underwear so sexy. I can hear my heartbeat practically echoing through me.

The door suddenly swings open and Adam is stood there in jeans, a pale blue shirt undone at the collar and a grey tie tied loosely around his neck. A sexy smirk plays on his lush lips as he holds his hand out to me and I shakily place it in his, praying he doesn't flinch at the dampness.

"Good evening, Elena." He purrs as he brings his lips to my knuckles and brushes across them.

"G-Good evening." I pant. Again.

He pulls me through the doorway and then locks it behind me, again without releasing my hand. He immediately lunges forward, placing a leg between mine and pins me to the back of the door with his hips, making me gasp. His free hand grasps my nape and he plunges his mouth onto mine, kissing me wildly and it's all I can do to keep up. He yanks his head away and I flap my eyes open as I try to catch my breath whilst panting rapidly, yet again.

I seriously need to check whether I'm asthmatic, this is getting ridiculous...

"Are you aching for my cock, my beautiful Goddess?" He breathes.

I feel my skin blush in embarrassment. "Yes." I whisper meekly.

"Is your gorgeous pussy hot and wet for me?"

I must now be the colour of a stop-light. Linc sure as hell never used these words to me.

Adam lets go of my hand and brushes his fingertips down the side of my flushed face.

"Don't be embarrassed, Elena. You will have to get used to me talking dirty to you. And I want you to be confident to talk dirty back to me."

I nod as I gaze into his intense blue eyes.

Does he get better looking with every meeting, or is it because I'm practically hyperventilating in my desperation for him?

"Let's just see how hot and wet you are shall we..?"

His hand skims my breast, pauses to give it a good squeeze, then travels leisurely across my hip and under my skirt.

"You remembered to wear stockings," he grins wickedly as his fingers skim the suspender.

I nod, all speech seemingly deserting me, but sadly not taking the mad panting with it.

His long cool fingers slip inside my panties, through the slickness and immediately enter me. I inhale sharply.

"Mmm..." He purrs in appreciation. "Hot, wet and tight. Just how I like it." He begins to stroke his index and middle fingers gently in and out, whilst his thumb presses and massages my clit. His piercing blue eyes never breaking contact with mine or losing their intensity. I am caught in his spell, unable to look away.

I can feel my whole body begin to throb and at the back of my mind I worry my legs will buckle, but with a strong, muscular thigh possessively pressed between mine, I'm unlikely to fall.

"Beg me to make you come, Elena." He breathes.

What? "Umm...I-I..." I stammer.

"Don't hesitate, it gives you time to think. Beg me to make your sweet pussy hungry for my cock."

Holy crap. "Make me come." I breathe.

"LOUDER!" He snarls, increasing the pressure and tempo.

I take a deep breath. "Make me come," I state more firmly.

Holy shit I'm starting to shake!

"Say it like your whole fucking life depends on it!" He hisses, his skin beginning to glisten in a fine sheen of sweat.

Oh for fucks sake!

"Fine!" I snap. "Make me fucking come! NOW!" I scream at him.

He beams triumphantly as his fingers pump and press ruthlessly and my guts start to clench.

"Oh shit...Oh shit..."

"That's it my Goddess! Let me hear you say it..."

Everything is so tight I can barely breathe, but with one last breath I blast it out of my lungs.


When I next open my eyes, my head is pressed into his muscular, tanned neck and I am sagged against him, as he supports my weight. And I'm still



His hand clasps my jaw and tilts my head away from his neck. He smiles down at me and brings his lips softly to mine.

"You look, smell and taste devine, my Goddess. Orgasms suit you." He kisses me briefly. "Find your feet. It's high time I took you to my Dungeon."

Adam's Dungeon is how I remember it but this time I notice details that I was too nervous to notice before. To the left of the room is a huge four-poster bed made from black wood - ebony perhaps - opulently decorated in black, gold and white sheets and matching pillowcases. To the right of the bed bizarrely is what looks like a seating area with red leather chairs and a black coffee table - similar to those in his office - and that's where he leads me to. Various erotic prints hang around the dungeon and the one above the couch depicts a woman in a black mini-dress with her wrists tied to the arms of the chair she is sat in. Her lover stands behind her, cradling her head. I stare at it in wonder.

"All the prints in here are by a contemporary artist called Jack Vettriano. I caught one of his exhibitions at The Armory in New York. These are from a collection of erotic prints he did which I've had blown up onto large canvases. The one you're looking at is called Surrender II."

"Is that what you want me to do...Surrender to you?" I ask still staring at the painting.

He comes up behind me, brings his hands to my breasts and fondles them.

"Yes. Like you just surrendered to me behind the door and on my bench last week." He whispers into my neck. "I got the impression you quite liked surrendering to me."

I close my eyes enjoying his touch and his sexy voice.

If this is surrendering, then I'm all for it...

He abruptly drops his hands and my eyes flap open. He twists me round to face him.

"Stand on the table." He growls. "I want to see your gorgeous wet pussy."



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