Nice guys finish last

You want a love that consumes you.
You want passion and adventure,
and even a little danger...

Melia and her best friend Sofia are just 2 typical girls living in a small town. One day Melia's life turns around when 2 boys fall for her. Jake is this popular boy who is as confident as he looks, and she has known him for a long time.
Then there is Evan who just moved to the city and by making a great impression at the school he is on everyones mind especially Melia's.
This is just the beginning of something she had never imagined, that she would fall for Jake and Evan, who will she choose?


2. Jakes house

The smell of pancakes woke me up and i looked around in the room. i got scared for a second because i had forgotten where i was, but then i remembered that i was at Jakes house and even in his room. His room was big with this big window to the right, the sun was so bright and the view was great. i looked around and couldn't see Jake anywhere, but his clothes from yesterday was on the floor, so he must have changed his clothes. This was the only messy thing in the room, otherwise his room was really clean and not really the typical room i'd imagine Jake had. i thought he would be messy and have a lot of unnecessary things, but this proved that i was wrong.

Across the bed there was a basketball net and to my left on the floor he had this box with mini basketballs. i got up and walked over to his desk, he had his computer on it but not anything special and when i was about to turn i saw his trash can it was full but on the top i saw this picture of Jake and a girl. i took it up and looked at it, i wondered if he had a girlfriend, but then why would he put it in the trash can. i didn't understand and i didn't want to understand. It was non of my business, and it was wrong of me to go through his stuff. i put the photo back and was walking towards the door, when i heard a noise coming down stairs, i stopped immediately and tried to listen really carefully. At first i thought it was his parents, but then after a minute it sounded more like a tv. i began to walk slowly down the stairs, he must have been really strong, just thinking that he had carried me from the car and all the way up stairs to his room made me feel bad about myself, however thinking about this also made me smile, i felt happy and it was all because of him. i then shook my head and then thought back to what Sofia had said about me having a crush on him. i really didn't want to have a crush on him, or anyone for that matter. i also felt stupid about the fact that i might have a crush on him because i was sure that he didn't have any feelings for me. I was sure that getting my hopes up would just break my heart especially if i began to like him and he didn't have feelings for me, so i thought it would be better to just think about myself and i knew that one day i would meet a guy so i didn't need to rush into anything and i was happy the way my life was and the fact that i didn't have a boyfriend.  
i did owe him a lot for everything that he had done for me, and i promised myself that if i ever got the chance to make it up to him, i would.

i could hear that he was in the kitchen but i decided to go into the bathroom first and fresh a bit up before i went into the kitchen. i looked at myself in the mirror and i looked terrible. I still had a bit headache from yesterday. i took some toothpaste to make sure my breath didn't smell and put some cold water on my face and i felt much better. my hair looked fine so i didn't do anything with it. i took one last look in the mirror and then went out and walked towards the kitchen. He was making pancakes and watching the news, he didn't notice that i came in, so i said good morning just to make sure he knew that i was in here. He turned his head towards me and said good morning, and then got his attention back to the news. He then told me "it's so sad to hear about people getting killed", i asked him what he was talking about, he then pointed at the news and told me that Christina Grimmie got shot at a meet & greet in Orlando and she is now dead. i didn't know much about her but i had heard one of her covers. Christina did a cover of "just a dream" with Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui 5-6 years ago, It was such a beautiful cover, so i asked Jake if we could hear that song, he smiled and said of course.

i went over to the table and sat on a chair, right behind me Jake came with pancakes and asked if i was hungry, i smiled and he smiled back. He sat on the chair in front of me and poured some tea in his cup, he asked me if i also wanted tea and i told him that i would love some tea. we sat there and it felt good, i wouldn't want to be any where else than right here right now with him. His pancakes were great and tasted better than the ones i used to make at home. i think he noticed that i loved his pancakes because he got this smile on his face when i took a lot more pancakes than what he had given me.

The silence had been there for a while now and i wanted to break it, it wasn't because it felt awkward, i just wanted to talk with him, i finally got over this shyness, and began to feel more confident around him. i really didn't get what happened to me yesterday. i wanted him to know how thankful i was, so that was a great topic to break the silence with. i then looked straight at him and said thank you, he looked at me and smiled. He told me that he was happy to help me and had no problem with it, but i made sure he knew that it meant more to me than what he thought. He admitted that not everyone would do it, but in his opinion he wasn't like everyone else. i laughed and told him that it was true. He asked me if i knew when my parents would come home, and i told him that i didn't really know, but i knew that my brother, Jeremy would be home at 2-3 pm, so i would be able to get home today. It was 9.30 am so there were still some hours left, however me and Sofia had agreed to meet at the beach again today at 10 am, so i explained this and told him that i didn't have to stay until then. He nodded and i thanked him once again for everything and the breakfast. i then asked him if it was okay of me to go back to his room to get my phone, he nodded and i went back to his room. i called Sofia to see if she still wanted to go to the beach and she told me that she couldn't stay home any longer. i said bye and hung up and then went down stairs again and back into the kitchen, when i came Jake was talking on the phone, but hung up right when i came in. i told him that i had to go, and he asked me if i was going to walk to the beach. i nodded and turned around to go, he then told me to stop and said that he was going to the beach too with his friends. He said that he could drive me to the beach and even pick Sofia up on the way. i turned around and looked at him. i ran over to him and hugged him, then let him go and looked up into his eye. i smiled and thanked him once again. He told me that he had just gotten of the phone with Nick and we had to pick him up too, and also Ethan and Liam. i immediately called Sofia and explained that we would come and pick her up, she didn't ask any question and said okay. 

we went out to Jakes car and he opened the door for me. i looked at him while smiling and he smiled back. i got in and he closed the door for me. He got in and we looked at each other for a second, the way he looked at me made me so alive and i got butterflies in my stomach. He started the car and we were on our way.

I asked him why he did all of this for me, he just smiled, but then asked if i really didn't knew the answer to my question. I told him that i wasn't sure because there could be a million reason why he would help me. He laughed and told that there were only one reason which is the fact that he liked me. I blushed but didn't say anything which made him look at me, and he of course saw me blush, so he then got this smile on his face that made me blush even more, but thankfully he was driving so he only looked at me for a second, but that smiled did not disappear.                


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