Nice guys finish last

You want a love that consumes you.
You want passion and adventure,
and even a little danger...

Melia and her best friend Sofia are just 2 typical girls living in a small town. One day Melia's life turns around when 2 boys fall for her. Jake is this popular boy who is as confident as he looks, and she has known him for a long time.
Then there is Evan who just moved to the city and by making a great impression at the school he is on everyones mind especially Melia's.
This is just the beginning of something she had never imagined, that she would fall for Jake and Evan, who will she choose?


6. First day

It was the first day of school, Sofia and i was walking towards the entrance, but halfway through i got knocked over and spilled all my tea over my shirt. I was thankful that it wasn't that hot, though it still sucked not to have my usual green tea in the morning. As i got up and the person who bumped into me got up i realised that it was Jake and by his face i could see that he didn't know it was me he had bumped into either until now. he said sorry before he realised that is was me and got mute the second he saw me, i was about to say sorry before i realised it was him. we looked at each other and didn't say a thing, we just stood there.

we got "interrupted" by Sofia who started to laugh because of my shirt. it was ruined and i didn't have anything to change into, and our classes was about to start so i couldn't get home to change. Jake then went on to say that he was really sorry and i told him that it was okay. "are you sure that you are okay, if it was me i would probably have gotten angry?" he said looking down "i would prefer to drink my tea rather than wear it" i said with a smile we both laughed and everything felt great in this moment. 

Jake and Nick always threw their football to each other before classes began and Jake must have been focused on catching the ball that he didn't see me, which led to him smashing into me.
He was being really sorry and i tried to convince him that it was all good. i didn't feel comfortable wearing a shirt with tea spilled all over it, but there was nothing i could do about it and i was about to walk away when he after a bit thinking told me that i could have his shirt, i laughed not knowing he was serious, but his face made it clear that he meant it. he took his signature grey sweatshirt off, which looked incredibly sexy and i noticed a lot of the people around us had stoped doing what they were doing and was looking at us or actually more at Jake. the few girls on the bench on our left who had laughed when i got tea all over me looked a lot jealous now. 

He reached his shirt to me and i looked a bit at him before taking it. His hair got a bit messy after taking his shirt of but he then ran his hand through his hair which made me feel so weak for a moment and his hair just looked so perfect after that. He was standing there so handsome in his white tank top that showed his biceps which made him look even more attractive. I thanked him and left with Sofia, when we got inside she gave me this look, that meant she had a bunch of questions. I went directly to the bathroom and i quickly took my shirt off and took his sweatshirt on it felt so soft on my skin and had his smell on it which made me smile for myself.

When i got out of the bathroom Sofia still gave me that particular look, "Anything on your mind?" i asked while i took some books from my locker. "No, not at all" she said still having that look on her face. "Sofia, I know you." i said looking at her. "Alright! so what was that all about, you know the way you looked at Jake and the way he looked at you? anything you wanna tell me?" she asked with a smile "what look? i don't know what you are talking about, there was nothing."  i said trying to sound as honest as i possibly could, like i was trying to convince myself too. "i know you too Melia, don't try and lie to me" she said trying to be serious. I laughed and then she laughed we both knew that her being serious was impossible, she is just not that kind of person. She is more of a funny and outspoken one, who never takes anything serious, which is something that i really love about her. "honestly i don't know what Jake feels, but whenever i see him it's like he got me under a spell and it's like the minute our eyes meets, my thoughts are only about him and nothing else. the moment we look at each other it seems like the world disappear and there is only him and i." i said without looking at her. I don't know what Sofia was thinking, but her not saying anything back was not something i was used to. she always had something to say, but right now it was one of the few moments where she was just thinking instead of saying what comes to her mind.

Nick came over to us and gave Sofia a kiss on her cheek before saying hi, this got her out of her thoughts and she was "herself" again. We were talking for a bit when suddenly Sofias face changed, it was something from behind me. "What's wrong Sofia?" i asked a bit worried. "It's just trouble coming our way" she said sounding angry and she didn't even try to hide it. As i saw her angry face i started to turn around to see who it could be, a name crossed my mind, and as i was turning i prayed it not to be the person that i was thinking it could be.             

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