Nice guys finish last

You want a love that consumes you.
You want passion and adventure,
and even a little danger...

Melia and her best friend Sofia are just 2 typical girls living in a small town. One day Melia's life turns around when 2 boys fall for her. Jake is this popular boy who is as confident as he looks, and she has known him for a long time.
Then there is Evan who just moved to the city and by making a great impression at the school he is on everyones mind especially Melia's.
This is just the beginning of something she had never imagined, that she would fall for Jake and Evan, who will she choose?


7. Devil's daughter

I turned around and saw the face of a person i did not want to see or speak to. Stacey Kale, one of the popular girls at school, who dated Jake at some point a long time ago, and who is also the same girl who gave me the death stare last year, the night of the bonfire. She is not as evil as you would think, she is more than that. If the devil ever had i child, it would definitely be her. She only thinks about herself, and would do anything for her own happiness even if it meant hurting others. It's like she can't go a day without hurting someone and she doesn't seem to get that it actually hurts people a lot. Not everyone knew her true colours, because she was only mean to the people she didn't like or wasn't popular, and the once she did like, would think she is an angel, that includes Jake. It's like she has 2 different personalities and i've seen both side of her in person. This one time Nick was talking with me and Sofia outside near the soccer field when Stacey came by. the odd thing though was that she was acting like this angel, and i truly could not believe my own eyes, the way she was and talked, it was all so different, that day was one of the few times i did not get insulted by her, which i was really happy about. She just knew what to say to make the day turn from good to bad in just a second so I always try to hide from her, but going to the same school made it hard to avoid her completely. i was lucky if i could go a day without bumping into her, but that happened rarely.

When me and Jake saw her at the mall, he was not pleased to see her. Still till this day i don't know what that was about but now he seems to be "friends" with her, they are not close but he doesn't mind her, and worse he does not know how she really is towards most of the people at school, including me.

She had this evil look on her face and i was ready for anything that would come out of her mouth, luckily Nick was here which i had forgotten the moment i saw her, so that meant she wouldn't show her true colours. She just came asked Nick something and walked away with one of her minions. The fear that had crept in went away and i could feel my heartbeat begin to slow down.

Nick talked with us for a few minutes more and then left, right as he is out of our sight and we are about to walk to class the queen of hell decides to show her face again, like she had been keeping an eye on us so she didn't miss the chance to insult us or more like me. this time she did not have that fake innocent smile on her face because of the fact that Nick wasn't here. "nice shirt" she said sounding sarcastic. as she said it i could hear a bit of jealousy in her voice, and in that moment i prayed and hoped that she did not know that it was Jake's. "it my brother's shirt and i think it's really comfortable" i said sounding confident. I don't know why i lied i just did it, i just couldn't handle her shit today so the more quickly she could get out of here the better, even if it meant lying to her. 
"well i know how to make you look even more prettier in that shirt" she said with a hint of anger in her voice but at the same time trying to act all like an angel. before i knew it she threw her cup of chocolate milk on Jake's shirt and  in that moment i was paralyzed, i could not move or say anything i just stood there. Sofia started to literally yell at her but she just laughed and didn't seem to be bothered by Sofia going off on her.
"I think the kindergarten teacher was looking for you" said a guy to Stacey. I was looking down but just as he said it i looked up to see who it was and to my surprise it was Evan. "why would a kindergraden teacher be looking for me?" Stacey said sounding annoyed. "well you act like a child so i guess you must be the one that she is looking for " Evan said looking serious but at the same time giving this 'go away' look to her. I could not begin to describe how thankful i was to hear him go up against her, usually people would just listen and ignore her, but he talked back which i really liked she really deserved it and i hoped this experience will teach her a lesson or two. She just stood there and then said "whatever, i've so many other things to do than waste it on you guys" and then left. I was speechless, she didn't have anything to say back to him, he really shut her up which people usually have a hard time to do.

thank you for saving me, she can be a pain in the ass, but maybe with you around she'll back more off i said after a bit with a smile.


i'm happy to help, but when something like this happens, i can't just stand around and watch. he said smiling back. I looked down at me and i could not stay in this shirt that's for sure. Evan noticed my face suddenly change "what's wrong he asked" looking worried.


this shirt is completely ruined as you can see and also class is about to start, could this day get any worse." i said moving my eyes from Jake's shirt to his face. 


you don't have an extra shirt in you locker? he asked still looking a bit worried.


No, i didn't think i would need an extra one, this have actually never happened to me before i said with a tired voice.


you can have mine, it's not the best shirt i have, but it's comfortable he said without thinking.


Did i just hear what i think i heard, i didn't know what to say and just looked at him, he seemed to get a bit uncomfortable which made me look away and then back at him again.

i can't take you shirt, if i take yours then what will you wear? i said nervously.


don't think about that i have a black tank top underneath, i can manage with that. It's even worm enough outside so it won't be a problem for me he said looking into my eyes.
the look he gave me slowly made my knees weaken for a moment, and i got this feeling that i could not describe.

if you insist then i don't mind borrowing it, thank you once again for rescuing me i said and then gave him a little smile.
he zipped it down and as he did it i could slowly see how fit he was which kind of surprised me, but he wasn't as fit as Jake but a bit fit and i only now realised it. I was literally staring at his body, which i realised when i after a bit looked at his face and he had this confident half boyish smile, which could make any girls heart beat faster, which he in this moment did to me. I got out of this hypnosis and reached out to take it. 

Evan looked at Sofia and then back at me, and i realised that i hadn't introduced them "i'm sorry Evan, this is Sofia, my best friend. Sofia this is Evan the guy i told you about, the one i met yesterday. "oh yeah, i remember. nice to meet you Evan" she said and winked at me. I started to blush and gave her a push on her shoulder. "likewise Sofia" he said looking a bit confused "so you talked about our meeting?" he asked and gave me that half cute smile of his. "er... i... i think i mentioned you, yeah. Best friends talk to each other about everything, you know." i said moving my eyes to his. "so nothing special then" he said making a fake sad face. "nope" i said and smiled at him.

The bell rang and i realised i needed to hurry because i had to change first and then get to class otherwise i'll get detention for being late which happened once last year. I said bye and started to run to the bathroom again and took Jake's shirt off and put Evan's shirt on. I then went to my locker and put Jake's shirt in my locker and ran to class, but unfortunately i was late. "thank you for showing up, but you know what this means, Melia" my teacher said and then turned around to finish what he was writing on the blackboard. i tried to get in without him noticing but it's like that man has eyes on the back. i mean i was walking in slowly without making any noise and he still suddenly decided to turn around even though he wasn't finished writing on the blackboard. "Yes mr. Taylor" i said sounding annoyed and i didn't even try to hide it. detention here i come. ugh, so unfair but rules are rules. I took my seat and started to take notes.      




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