This Is It

Every Belieber has a dream of meeting Justin, but what happens when that dream becomes reality?


1. Chapter 1

January 15, 2016

Jessica! I need you to go to Target and pick up some groceries!" my mom yelled down the stairs. "There is a list on the counter. Could you go really quick?" 

"Yeah. I'll be back in an hour." I responded. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the keys to my Honda Civic and stopped in the bathroom to look in the mirror. I pulled my dark brown hair into a ponytail and threw on a sweater to match my sweat pants. I didn't look like too much of disaster so I hoped in the car. Before I backed out I decided to text my best friend Emily. 

Jess: I'll be at your house in 6. Be ready. 

I pulled out of the driveway and made my way to Emily's house. There I found her sitting on her lawn swing in the front of her house. She approached the car and opened the door. 

"Where are we going?" 



She sat down and buckled up. 

"Can I plug my phone into the AUX cord?" she asked 

"Yeah, go ahead." 

'You're beautiful, beautiful, you should know it' 

"I like your taste." I smiled. "Turn it up!" 

Emily and I have always been in love with Justin Bieber. In 2012 Em and I went to see him for the Believe Tour and it was the best day of our lives. 

Ten minutes later we arrived at Target. We went straight to the food, got everything on the list, and then headed for the shampoo section. Emily told me she wanted to go look for some Chapstick so she left to find some. 

As I was browsing the shampoo for my brand that I buy, As Long As You Love Me came on in the store. 

"I love this song" I said with a smile. 

"Me too", a man said. 

I began looking over my shoulder "Yeah, I went to see Justin a couple years...." All of the sudden my eyes met his...his big brown beautiful eyes. I could not believe it. It was Justin. 

"Oh Yeah?! Believe Tour huh?" he said smiling at my reaction. 

"Wow. Are you real?" I asked in a dumbfounded tone. 

He chuckled. "Yeah, I'm real" 

All of the sudden I couldn't breathe. I never in a million years thought I would be meeting Justin Bieber in Target, let alone be hearing him giggle in front of me. Or smile in front of me. Or breathe in front of me. Wow. Words...I have none. 

"Wha....What are you doing here?" I asked while trying to catch my breath. 

"I ran out of shampoo so I came here to get some. Do you live here in California?"

"Yeah...just fifteen minutes away from here. I knew you lived around here but actually live here. You're actually a Target...talking to me. Wow" 

"Yeah, I come here pretty often. I'm surprised we have never bumped paths before." 

"That's probably a good thing because if I keep bumping into you I might have to start bringing my inhaler." I laughed. 

"If anyone would need an inhaler it would be me." he smiled.  

"What do you mean?" I asked with butterflies in my stomach. 

"You just take my breath away, therefore I would need an inhaler. That's what they're for. Providing air...and right now I don't have any." 

WHAT?!?!?!?! Did he just say that I take his breath away?!?!? WHAT????? ME?!?!?! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

"ME?! Me in my sweat pants and hoodie and ponytail? Me?!" 

"Yeah" he giggled. "You're really beautiful." 


"Thanks. Thank You. Wow." I said. 

"Look, I have to go, I have some friends waiting at home but...I mean...if you want...would you mind if I asked for your number?" He asked in a shy, sincere voice. 

"Yeah. Of course!" I smiled. He handed me his phone and I added my phone number and handed it back. "It's under 'Jessica'". 

"Jessica? That's your name?" 

"Yeah. Jessica. But my friends call me Jess." 

"Jessica. That's a beautiful name." he said as he winked at me. 

My heart just stopped. 

"I'll text you later Jessica." 


As he walked out of the aisle with his shampoo in hand Emily came walking in with her mouth down to the floor. 

"THAT WAS JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!" she shrieked. 

"Yeah...I know. He just talked to me." 


"He told me that I took his breath away and then asked for my phone number." 


"Of course I did! I can't breathe!!!!" 

Emily pulled out the chapstick that she just bought out of her purse and handed it to me. 

"Here, I think you'll be needing this" she said with a wink. 



Hey!!! It's been a while (three years) since I've written stories on Movellas and I'm so excited to be writing again! I hope you guys like this story. I will be trying to post a new chapter regularly so hopefully I get to finish this story :) Read my other Movella Fall! 


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