The Boy Next Door {H.S}

When a stalker sets his eyes on something, he doesn't take them away.

And when Harry Styles set his eyes on Chelsea Lyle, he couldn't tear them away, not even for a split second.

So, what happens when innocence meets insanity?


1. {prologue}.


It was such an easy thing to become if you let your emotions get out of hand.

Even if you snap just alittle, crazy is what you are, and when it comes to Harry Styles, it's all he will ever be.

I didn't know that I would be stuck in this basement for five months, craving real sunlight, my family, my friends.

But I am. And the sad part is, I don't think I'll ever get out.

I shouldn't have been so naive to get into Harry's car that day. I should've listened to my conscience and said no.

At first I received odd phone calls with just heavy breathing on the other side. I thought nothing of it, "it's just some bored 12 year old pranking me", I convinced myself

Then came the videos. That's when I should've realized. An unknown number repeatedly sending videos and pictures of me walking and talking. I started to panic then, thinking, who could possibly be doing this. And the more imporant question, why?

I attempted to tell my parents but they never listened to me before so why would I even bother.

It happened when I was walking home from school. A sleek black car pulled up beside me and when I was met with harry, I flashed a warm smile. He offered to take me home since it was raining pretty hard and I obliged.

He was only my neighbor, what harm could be done?

When we didn't take the turn into our neighborhood I questioned him.  He responded with a simple , "just a detour is all."

I sat back in my seat, an uneasy feeling in my stomach. My suspicions heightened as we finally pulled up to a massive house and Harry got out of the car, walking to my side. Kindly, he opened the door for me and I stepped out, surveying the area.

"Where are we Harry?" I asked, my eyebrows furrowed in utter confusion.

A smirk played on his lips and he lightly chuckled to himself. "Your new home, of course."

My eyes went wide "What are you talking about? Take me home Harry, now!"

That's so cute." He laughed, "you think you're going home. No doll, this is your home now."

"Harr-" I started to go on again but in a blink of an eye he flipped out a towel and brought it to y mouth, a sudden feeling of dizziness clouding my senses. Soon darkness clouded my vision as I fell to the ground.

Ever since that day, a plan to escape has been in the back of my head. And today was the day I would try it.

I was sat in a chair, near the stairs that lead to the ground floor of his home. I had only ever been in the basement.

As far as I knew, Harry was asleep and it was my perfect chance to get away. All I had to do was get the keys from his pocket and run.

I slowly crept up towards his king size bed, observing him as he lays motionless in the sheets. I could see that the key was on a chain around his neck, as always.

Trying my best not to make a sound, I held my breath as I stood beside the mattress. Careful not to disturb him, I reached out for the necklace, my fingertips brushing the skin of his neck.

Internally, I was praying to god that he wouldn't wake up. If he woke up, I was screwed. That was his number one rule, "Don't try to escape, because you wont."

Slowly, I undid the class and the key as well as the chain fell onto the sheet beside him. I grabbed them both and quietly exited the room.

In that moment, a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I was finally going to go home. I was finally going to see my friends and family.

I would finally be me again.

Quickly, I made my way down the hall and to the stairs that led to the ground level. I have never climbed a flight of stairs so fast in my life.

As soon as I reached the top, I grasp the door knob and put the key in the hole. Turning it, I pulled outwards and the door swung open.

"Finally."  I wispered to myself, looking at the sunlight seeping through the windows.

Just as my left foot raised off the ground, strong hands were placed on my waist and I was yanked backwords into a strong chest. 

"Where do you think you're going baby girl?"  The familiar voice grunted angrily into my ear as I was lifted off my feet.

And in that moment I knew, I would never get out. 



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