Papyton (discontinued)

Really bad Papyton? This is my first fanfic ever so...


3. The date

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

     "WOWIE, METTATON, THIS PLACE IS SO FANCY!" "I know right?~" I replied. Where had I taken him? Why, MTT Resort of course. Why would I take him anywhere but my own restaurant? "The food here is great, darling.~" I said grinning. Of course, I would know, it was MTT Brand everything! All this ingredients put into the food, the tables, chairs, even the silverware was pink and glittery! We took a seat at the best table in the resort. "METTATON, I THINK THE RESERVED SIGN MEANS THE TABLE IS RESERVED..." "Oh don't be silly, darling, I own this place, we don't need to  reserved anything!" Just then my favorite ​e​mployee, Burgerpants, came up. He sighed, "Sir this seat is reserved you can't just-" His eyes widened when he realized who he was talking to. "Darling, I'm kinda on a date right now, could you give a moment?" "R-right sorry sir, I'll get you two something to drink" "And spaghetti!" "And spaghetti..." He walked away carefully, maybe I'm not the best boss... Oh who am I kidding!? Of course I am! "M-METTATON?" Oh no. Did I say something wrong? He seems so nervous! "Yes, dear...?" "IS THIS A DATE?" "Yes..." I said carefully, "Why do you ask?" "OH DON'T WORRY! I'LL BE RIIIGHT BACK!" I sat in silence for a few moments. He came back but instead of wearing his 'battle body' he was wearing a baseball cap, a shirt that had 'cool dude' written on the front with marker, and shorts. "I ALWAYS WEAR THIS UNDERNEATH MY BATTLE BODY!" he said posing dramatically. "HOW DO YOU LIKE IT!?" "It looks fabulous, darling!~" He gasped. Somehow the screen in the corner of the room that displayed my ratings started to display a 'dating power' bar. It was off the charts. So I was doing pretty well, huh. "WOWIE!" Papyrus said blushing, "YOU-YOU REALLY LIKE HOW I LOOK?" "Of course I do, darling you look absolutely beautiful!" The dating power bar went even further. "OH BUT METTATON! YOU'RE SO FAMOUS, AND I'M JUST A SKELETON! YOU'RE SO AMAZING AND TALENTED AND I'M JUST-" I put my hands on his shoulders. "Darling, you're amazing! You're the 'Great Papyrus', I'm surprised a handsome guy like you has any time for me!" He looked at me his eyes sparkling, I couldn't tell if he was tearing up, or just being adorable... Probably both. I glanced at the screen, the dating power bar had gone past it! This was the perfect moment! I kissed his teeth because he didn't have any lips. His face was red, and I think I broke the screen that was now flashing random colors. "Ahem! I uh, have you spaghetti and MTT Brand wine..." Burgerpants said. He looked a little disturbed, but what did he expect, I​​ am o​n a date! The second Papyrus took a bite his eyes lit up. "THIS IS THE BEST SPAGHETTI EVER, METTATON!" I couldn't help but blush a little, "It's definitely not at good as your famous spaghetti~" "YOU'VE TRIED MY SPAGHETTI?" "Oh, well, no.. But I should go to your house sometime and try some!" "THAT SOUNDS GREAT!" Yes! A second date already~ We finished our meal and went outside. "WELL, I SHOULD PROBABLY GO, METTA" Metta? I could feel my heart beating. He gave me a nickname! "Wait, Papyrus, darling, why don't I walk you home?" "REALLY?" "Of course!" When we got to Snowdin, it was snowing (somehow, I mean we don't even have clouds down here) "Papy, dear, why don't we go on a quick walk? I was freezing, but the snow was beautiful. As we passed the 'Librarby' I noticed Papyrus staring at me. "What is it, dear?" "OH SORRY METTA, YOU JUST LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL WITH THE SNOW IN YOUR HAIR." I blushed madly and the cold seemed to go away. In fact, my body heated up so much, I could her my internal fans going. I kissed him again, and I got an idea. "Papy, darling, can I borrow your phone for a second?" "OF COURSE!"  Oh my god, he's so innocent and sweet, if anyone tried to rob him he would probably offer them dinner and let them leave. I took his phone and found the text Alphys had sent to him earlier, good, he hadn't replied.  I pulled up the camera, "Papy, darling, say cheese!" I took the photo, but in the last second I kissed his cheekbone. I sent the picture to Alphys. I could almost hear her fangirling from here. When we got to his house he knocked on the door, as he had forgotten his keys. His brother, Sans opened the door. "Whoa!" he said to Papyrus, "What's the glitter-faced trash can doing here?" "SANS!" Papyrus said as if he were used to this kind of thing, "HE WALKED ME HOME AFTER OUR DATE!" "Whatever bro" I kissed Papyrus on his cheekbone, "Bye, Papy~" He blushed a little. "BYE METTA!" He walked past Sans to go inside. Sans glared at me as he closed the door, and I swear I saw his eye flash blue before it closed. I didn't have time to worry about that though. I ran back to the lab as fast as I could through the snow.


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