Papyton (discontinued)

Really bad Papyton? This is my first fanfic ever so...


5. Hehehehhehee (v short chapter)

I feel like this is actually getting a little bit better....

       ​I woke up in tears, Alphys looking down at me, "M-Mettaton! Are you okay?" I wiped away my tears, "I don't really want to talk about it..." I mumbled. "Mettaton, tell me what h-happened" I told her everything. Just like I always do. Even though it can be a little annoying, it's nice to have a friend who's always worried about you. "Oh, M-Mettaton, that sounds h-horrible!" I wanted to tell her that it was just a bad dream or something, but ​it ​was ​horrible. "W-well, I'm busy today so I gotta go." I think she realized that I meant I was asking Undyne out for her today, so she didn't say anything else.      I knocked on Undyne's door. "Come i-" she stopped when she saw my face, "Oh, hey Legbot!" "Hello, Undyne~" I looked around the house, last time I was here I was too busy looking at Papyrus to notice that she hadn't changed anything since I was a rectangle. Ah yes. When I was a rectangle. I remember posing on that lovely piano of hers, seductively, eating grapes. I'm still not sure why she was so disgusted. I thought I looked great. "So why are you here anyway?" "Ohoho, darling, I'm here with a certain message from a certain lizard that I'm certain you have a huge crush on~" She tried to look disgusted, but I could see her cheeks turning a little red, "I have no idea what you're talking about." "Riiiight, sure you do, anyway dear, Alphys sent me here because she's too nervous to ask you out herself!" "S-she wanted to a-" "Of but of course, darling~ She wanted to take you too a movie! Something like uh, Mew mew k-" "Mew Mew Kissy Cutie!? I love that sh- I-I mean I don't really watch anime, but I'll go with her..." "Oho! That's funny! I never mentioned anime!" She glared at me. "Anyway! The movie's tomorrow, she'll see you there!"  





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