Me and Him

Emma will never be the same after that one night stand...
Wes won't stop until he finds her...


2. The concert pt.2

Wes's POV:

"Idk if I can do this.." I say to my best friend Harry. 

"Your gonna do great!" He replies in his awesome British accent 

"but I'm not sure your fans are going to like someone replacing Zane.."

"Dude the fans are over Zane, if they still like him they can go listen to his solo career." Harry says 

"But I-"

I get cut off by the stage manager who's tells us we got 2 min before we start. 

"Ok dude, I think I'm ready.."

" that's a good lad!"

Niall, Louis, and Liam come over and join us.

"Who are we...." Harry's chants

"One Direction!" We chant back

"I SAID WHO ARE WE!" Harry's yells





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