Amalia Woods isn't a normal girl. She wears a black mask, she has ever since she was 6 years old and hasn't taken it off.
What happens when her best friend takes her to a concert and meet and greet?
Will she take off the mask and knock down her walls of insecurity or will she feel worse?


4. Sympathy

Alyssa's POV

"OMG GIRL! He was totally flirting with you!" I yelled at Amalia in my perky voice.

"OMG GIRL! He was just doing his job, while trying not to be intimating ." She yelled back me, mocking me.

"Fine, you win, again." I mumbled, then she did her victory dance.

I feel so bad for Amalia.

She had so many insecurities that went she was 6 years old, she started wearing braces and covering up her face.

She has really pale skin, she's 5'6, her braces were removed when the day after we became friends.

We were 8 btw!

I hope that when we meet 5SOS, Luke and Amalia will fall in love with each other.

Then she might take off the mask and be happy again!
Her and Luke are perfect for each other in my opinion.

They both have blue eyes, they are both taller than each other's friends.

Luke has blond hair, Amalia has brown hair but she bleached the middle section blond, then the bottom section a really light silvery-lavender color.

She can fall in love with anyone in the band but Michael, and Ashton, if he likes me back!
Michael, he's just different.

I don't want her to meet him.

I looked over at her and she was frowning.

I know just how to cheer her up!

I took her phone and put in a random password hoping that it would unlock her phone and it did!
I went onto Spotify and since she has Spotify Premium, I pressed shuffle in the songs section.

Music has always been a way to cheer her up, temporally at least.

It seems as if it's a cure, or escape.

In The End by Black Veil Brides came on and she immediately smiled and started singing along.

I don't like her music, she listens to punk, emo, rock, heavy metal, rap, pop-rock and punk-rock music and I like pop.

She always makes me listen to her music and makes me memorize every single song she has on Spotify.

It makes her happy so I always sing along.

She mostly listens to Green Day, Eminem, AC/DC, My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Blink-182, Paramore and a lot more bands.

She is a pretty insane fan girl herself.

Amalia's POV

I am so happy that Alyssa put on my music.

It helped me through depression and eating disorders in my early teenage years and it just makes me feel better in general.

I kept on terribly singing along to lyrics and driving to the hotel we were staying at.

We arrived at the hotel and I looked over at Alyssa.

She was fast asleep and drooling.

As much as I respect her, I took a picture of her then tried to wake my best friend up. 

"Hey, Alyssa, time to get up, we're at the hotel." I said in a quiet, soothing voice while lightly shaking her shoulders.

She groaned and opened her right eye.

"Five more minutes?" She asked in a raspy voice.

"Wouldn't you rather sleep in our new luxurious hotel beds?" I teased, hoping that she would wake up.

"I'M UP!" Alyssa yelled.

She got out of the car and got all of her stuff, with my awesome duffel bag.

I grabbed my little messenger bag and made my way to the front desk of the hotel.

The lobby was beautiful, may I add.

Alyssa paid for this whole thing before even telling me that we would be doing any of this.

She gave me her credit card yesterday and told me her PIN code.

"Hello there, I'm Jackson and welcome to the Cedar-Wood View Hotel. How may I help you?" A man, would appeared to be 19 said.

He had chestnut brown hair slicked back and was wearing a typical front desk uniform.

"My friend and I have booked a room here. We were supposed to be here at 5:25 pm but we got caught in some traffic." I told 'Jackson.'

"It's fine, your only half an hour late so the room should be ready. Name please?" Jackson asked in a respectful manner.

"I believe it's under Alyssa Carson. If not, it would be put under Amalia Woods."

He typed the information into the computer, really fast.

Way faster than I could but again, this is his job.

"It's under Alyssa Carson and you will be in room 318 on floor 5. This is your room key, there are two of them. Use them like a credit card, swiping down. Have a nice stay." He smiled warmly and handed me the plastic pouch that contained the keys.

I smiled back at him and prepared to leave but he started talking.

"Um, before you go to your room, can I ask you a few questions? If you don't mind of course!"

I nodded at him, still smiling.

"Why are you wearing a mask?"

Why does everybody ask?

"Oh, um, I have insecurities." I answered.

"Are you a fan of 5 Seconds Of Summer?"

Why do people keep on asking about them?
"No, I'm here for a concert with my friend Alyssa, she's a major fan. She needed a ride and a friend so I came along. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, well um. The members will be staying in the two rooms across from yours for the same period of time. They should be here in about an hour." He told me nervously.


She yelled so loud that everybody in the lobby was staring at us.

Just great.

"I am so sorry about her." I apologized to Jackson and well, everybody in the lobby. 

Jackson gave me a big grin while I dragged Alyssa into the elevators.

"What the hell was that?" I whisper-shouted at her.

"Sorry, it won't happen again but I have a plan. I'll tell you when we get to our room." 

I pressed level 5 and held Alyssa's hand as we went up.

Alyssa has a bit of a fear of elevators so holding her hand will really help her.

She raced out of the elevator and raced to room 318.

Alyssa's grip on our bags tightened as I put the room key in and opened the door.

She ran into our room and dropped the bags beside the table with the mini-fridge and giant T.V.

She obviously got us a 2 bed room and they were both king sized.

She called dibs on the one near the wall so I got the bed beside the window/balcony.

"How did you afford this?" I asked Alyssa.

"Your mom gave me money to take you on a special nineteenth birthday trip. She didn't have much money in the past 7 years but this year she made a lot." She explained.

"Oh, my plan. We are going to get ready and hang out outside of our door. When 5 Seconds Of Summer comes, we make eye contact, then go into our room." 

"Why would we do that?" I questioned.

"Well, if any of them think that we are interesting, cute, hot attractive, so on and so on. They might want to meet us and hang out. We would be leaving them curious, trust me, this works with most guys." She told me.

Alyssa has a lot of boys falling for her, she is beautiful, smart, pretty and so much more.

I'm told that I am just like her but better, the only thing is, my insecurities and my mask will prevent boys.

It's like a red flag in the dude world if there is a girl with a mask on.

It sucks.

Tomorrow, I would've been on this Earth for nineteen years.

I haven't had my first kiss yet, I haven't had a boyfriend, never been on a date and I of course haven't lost my virginity.

Alyssa had all of those things, she even lost her virginity in my bed!

"Screw it, let's do it but I will dress the way I dress and you dress the way you would dress. That meaning, don't cake your face with a crap ton of makeup." 

We have nothing to lose.

I changed into black, ripped skinny jeans and put on a black Nirvana crop top.

Well I bought it a size too big so it isn't really a crop top.

I put on my normal makeup and head outside with Alyssa.

She was dressed as a typical white girl on her first date.

Black Toms, floral mid-thigh cut dress with of course foundation, concealer, light pink lips, mascara and winged eyeliner.

Her eyeliner wasn't as bold as mine of course.

We walked outside and started debated on superheros and if they were awesome or not.

I argued they are and Alyssa argued they aren't, which I don't understand.

She only like X-Men.

I made her watch like every single superhero movie ever made because I wouldn't be myself if I didn't.

We were so engrossed in our debate that we didn't even notice that the 4 famous boys were walking towards us and not their doors.

"Hello ladies, what are you two talking about?" Ashton Irwin asked us.

Alyssa may have well died because she looked so excited.

"We are debating whether or not superheros are awesome. I argue they are and she argues that they aren't." I answer taking the matter in my own hands.

"What are your names?" He asked us, again.

"I'm Amalia and my fan girling friend over here is Alyssa." I answered, again.

"Are you two coming to the concert tomorrow?" Luke Hemmings asked us.

This time Alyssa answered this time.

"Yes we are. I am dragging Amalia with me because I needed a ride to New York."

"Not a fan?" Calum Hood asked.

"Nope. I'm forced to listen to your music. It's okay I guess, it's just not loud enough. I prefer emo, rock, heavy metal, rap and punk music. No offence of course. You're one of the better pop music bands."

"Well, I have to try and get her some clothes that have some color on them today, sorry but we have to leave. Nice to meet you guys." The ever so perky Alyssa told them while dragging me back to the elevator, holding my wrist really tight.

"What the hell is wrong with you Amalia?!" She yelled at me as the doors of the elevator closed.

"What are you yelling at me for? I was just being my honest self. Sorry that I said 'my fan girling friend' but I wasn't trying to embarrass you." I explained.

"Sorry, but I am buying you some colorful clothes today."

I groaned at her statement.

I hate wearing colors!


"Why won't you buy anything?" Alyssa asked me, clearly frustrated.

"I'll buy you McDonald's." I told her.

Truth is, I'm starving.

Why am I so hungry?!

It sucks!

I shouldn't be spending so much money on fried food!


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