Amalia Woods isn't a normal girl. She wears a black mask, she has ever since she was 6 years old and hasn't taken it off.
What happens when her best friend takes her to a concert and meet and greet?
Will she take off the mask and knock down her walls of insecurity or will she feel worse?


3. Passports and Conversations

Amalia's POV

"You really do want to impress Ashton don't you?" I teased her.

"I do and you should want to impress Luke, you two would be so cute together!" She chirped.

Luke is my least favorite member and I don't want to impress anybody.

They will probably ask me to take off my mask, but I won't do anything for them.

"Ha, ha, ha. He is my least favorite Alyssa and no, we wouldn't be. I'm not going to try to impress anybody. I wanted to when I was 6, but now. I've learned that I shouldn't change myself for anyone."

Alyssa knew about everything that happened in my past.

About the bullying, the mask, the divorce and my dad.

"Fine, you win. Just wear what you usually would since tomorrow is your nineteenth birthday! We're going to a club after I meet my idols and the concert. Okay?" 

A club?

"No, not okay, we're not going to a club! You can but after all of the 5 Seconds Of Summer stuff, I'm going to go shopping in town and it's too dangerous for me to go alone! You're going with me! We might go to a club the next day." I told her, snapping at the first part.

"Fine, you win again." She sighed defeated.

"Double A?" I asked her.

"Double A!" She said while regaining her smile.

Double A is what we are called because both Amalia and Alyssa start with A, plus we are huge nerds.

Yes, I am in senior year at school and I'm turning 19 tomorrow.

At the school we go to, the whole system is different.

We live in Canada and tonight we are driving to New York City!

"So Am, get in your car and start driving! New York, here we come!" Alyssa shouted.

I rolled my eyes knowing that we have to stop by her house to grab her passport, since we're crossing the border.

"Do you have your passport Al?"

She looked down at her feet.

"Can we stop by my house?" She asked quietly.

"Get in the car Al, I knew this would happen." I said to her.

I grabbed my bags (my super hero duffel bag and my mini super hero messenger bag) and double checked for my passport, which I had.

We got into my red Honda Pilot and drove to her house.

I waited for her in the driveway while she grabbed her passport.

After about 5 more minutes, she entered my car and we drove to the border.

We waited for our turn to speak to those scary people in the booths that ask you intimidating questions.

If you don't answer them properly, they won't let you cross and they can keep your car for 48 hours.

"Passports?" The low voiced man asked us.

I handed him our passports and he examined them.


"We're still in high school." I answered.

"Which school?

"Redmont High." (A/N: I don't know if that's a real school.)

"Drivers licence please."

I handed him my licence and he nodded handing it back to me.

I noticed that he looked like he was in his early 20's.

"Where will you be heading to?"

"New York City." I told him with confidence.

"Why the mask?" He asked.


"I have many insecurities. I haven't taken it off since I was six years old." I said truthfully.

"What will you be doing in New York?"

"We're going to a concert and meet and greet. Then we will probably go shopping." 

"Which concert?"

Do the questions ever end?

"5 Seconds Of Summer!" Alyssa yelled answering his question.

"Not a fan?" He asked me.

"No, she needed a ride and I'm her friend so I volunteered." 

"How long will you be in New York City?"

"Three days." 

"Enjoy the show and shopping girls." He said flashing a smile, while handing me the passports.

"Thank you." 

With that, we drove away, into America!

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