In between (marauders/golden trio)*Sirius Black

Ella Lightwood was an ordinary half blood witch.With a lot of friends in Hogwarts.But she never wanted to know the secrets that laid under her mothers disappearance.And at the same time she has to fall for the Hogwarts player.



6. 5

Ella pove:

Today was the day.First of September what meant starting Hogwarts!!Daddy even took a day of to bring me to King Cross to say his good byes.The Lupins left earlier then I did not have a chance to meet up with Remus.

As we entered King Cross,I was gazed at the beauty of this hole place.The marble flour beneath my feet reflected the ceiling on witch where drawn people with wing and long blonde wavy hair,kind of reminds me of mermaids in my fairy books.Its old designs only made the place more astonishing and beautiful.

As me and dad passed the platforms starting at one and moving u to ten,it's was quit difficult pushing my cart with my books and pet owl Emerald As I passed I got a few rather weird glances form the muggles,it's not every day you see people with owls as there home pets.

As we came to a halt in the middle of platform nine and ten,I tried to find platform nine and three quarters but it was no where to be seen."Ok Ella listen up,to get to the Hogwarts express you must run through platform nine and ten,don't stop just look stair at it and run."Daddy gave me the strict direction to who I listened very clearly.Taking a step back I charge strait through the stone wall,as it was getting closer I shit my eyes ready for me to collapse with the wall but nothing happened.I went strait through it and appeared on the trail to Hogwarts express.

The train was a beauty it's shiny red covering fit perfectly with its black front.The 4-6-0 steam train was filled with teenagers climbing up,finding a free compartment,opening there windows to say there goodbyes to there parents and finding there friends.

Stepping onto the train I look at my dad helping me to get my trunk on the train before taking my hand gently and looking deeply into my eyes."Ella please be cearful and don't do any thing stupid,Hogwarts is a very weird place."And at that he lets go of my hand and starts to walk the other way.That Is my daddy always wanting me to be cearful and to not do any thing out of ordinary.

Walking through the the packed halls of the train I try to find an empty compartment but without success.As I came to a compartment with only a red head girl sitting I open to ask if it's ok to sit there."Hello all the compartments are full, is it ok if I sit here with you."My question made her turn around.She was beautiful long ready hair,her face clear with no sign of freckles,dark green eyes .She seemed very friendly."Sure come sit,i don't really want to be alone"She said smiling to me.As I try to enter the compartment with my trunk I found out I could not my trunk was to large and it did not fit through the door."Umm a little help."The red head girl looks at me and comes to join me into pulling my trunk into the compartment.

Suddenly the girl pulls so hard that my trunk stumbles into the room but makes me fall onto some one with a big ought."Omg I am terribly sorry"I say trying to stand up but without success and falling again on the same person.I did not see any thing because of my long white hair.

The person under me chuckled."Hey James why don't you help her I see she is a little clumsy.Says the voice under me.and as soon as the voice said that two strong arms lift me from my positron.

Now that I could see my entourage I could describe them very clearly.The boy that pulled me up and who's name was James was a tall muscular boy with round glasses, black hair that went in all directions and broad shoulders.The boy that I fell on was a different image he had long black hair,eyes as grey as a stormy cloud,on his face was drawn a smirk that made me gulp.Standing a little aside was Peter Pettigrew and right next to him was Remus his face in a book.He did not even see me!

As the black long haired boy stood up I caught glimpse if James staring at the red head."Well love what an interesting way to fall a

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