In between (marauders/golden trio)*Sirius Black

Ella Lightwood was an ordinary half blood witch.With a lot of friends in Hogwarts.But she never wanted to know the secrets that laid under her mothers disappearance.And at the same time she has to fall for the Hogwarts player.



5. 4

Ella's pove

Today was the day Remus was taking me to Diagon Ally with his family.As I take my money that my dad left me before he went to work.i also see a note:Ella please be home right after dark don't go any where with the Lupins after you come back!Love you Dad

Old dad always worrying about my safety.As I look at the daily prophet spread on the table I see that tonight is the full moon.Does dad actually believe in this.

As I come out the Lupin family was waiting for me in there big van"Hey Ella come on"Remus said.I jump onto the back seat with Remus "Move over Lupin I want to go to the left side of the window!"I say giggling he smiles,makes him so cute.Bloody hell what's wrong with me?

As we come out from the car I can't believe my eyes.So many wizards and witches where walking there minding there own business"Well kids I thing we should get your books first and then we can get your wands and robes."says Mister Lupin.

Me and Remus had no other choice then to agree.After we bought our books we started walking to Ollivanders the best wand shop,or can I say the only wand shop.As a store coughs my eye.Quidditch supplies.Oohh that was heaven,the brooms all polished and nearly placed on the shelf.I was about to go in when Remus poulled on my sleeve"Ella I hope you know we are not aloud to go in there,first years aren't aloud to have brooms."I sighed was about to turn around when.I saw it my broom my dream,the one I was waiting my hole life:It's tail was nearly calmed,on the sparkly wood was engraved in gold Linderbolt .I could not,jumping from Remus grasp I ran for the door.Banging it open I rush in to is more the broom.Remus behind me.

How long was I standing gazing at the broom,I don't know but long enough for me to. Hear Remus's voice"Hey Ella want to meet some one?"I turn around to face Remus, next to him stood a boy.

The boy was a chubby little 11 year old,he had messy blonde-brown hair and a rat face.His eyes chocolate brown.The boy was smiling strangely at me almost blushing"Hi!"I say trying to sound the most enthusiastic.I just really did not like that Remus disturbed me from gazing at the broom to meet a rat boy."Ella meet Peter Pettigrew,Remus said trying to sound even more enthusiastic then me,He will be going to Hogwarts with us"From the start the boy did not take his eyes of me.What the hell was wrong with him?"So Peter what are you doing here?"I ask.

Peter sounded a little surprise that I was talking to him."I umm was I.I like going here"He Finaly said.

"Ohh ok,well se you at Hogwarts."I smile one more time before exiting the store forgetting about my magical broom,just to be further from Peter,he scares me!!

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