Forbidden Love

For the Huntsman competition.


1. Forbidden Love

Maria really couldn’t figure out what had happened that led up to this moment on the railroad tracks. But, when she looked over at Lauren, the most beautiful girl she had ever laid eyes on, she figured that it could have only been when they had met nearly six months ago.

It had been in Mr. Jefferson’s pre-calculus class. Maria had been dreading going, which was typical, seeing as she had always been useless at math. But, today was different. When she trudged to the back of her room, a girl with short, blonde hair was sitting in her unofficial-official seat. Taken aback by this, Maria simply sat in the seat beside her, unsure what to say, as she was worse with confrontation than she was with pre-calc.

The blonde girl had turned her head toward Maria, sticking out her hand nearly immediately. “I’m Lauren. I just transferred here.” Her voice was bubbly. Maria had thought that she was faking nice, or at the very least, being overtly nice, but she would later find out that Lauren always talked in an extremely upbeat and high voice. She nearly always sounded like she was being flirtatious. But, only Maria had ever seen her be flirtatious.

In some sort of way, the two girls had formed a bond in that moment. It’s difficult being new to a school, and the first person you speak to, often becomes one of your closest friends. Maria would tell nearly anyone that Lauren turning to say hello to her was the single best moment of her life.

Well, almost anyone. Certainly not her parents. Or Lauren’s parents.

Each other’s parents would often blame the other child. Somehow, they both ended up attending the same church, as both girls were raised in very strict Catholic homes. Of course, this only strengthened the bond between them. A bond that had developed into much more than a friendship.

It was Lauren, naturally, who had made the first move. She was the more adventurous and daring of the two of them. Maria, who had before spent much time hiding behind her long, dark hair, was much more conservative. Lauren had been putting what she called “a brilliant shade” of eyeshadow on Maria. Maria’s stomach felt like it was in knots, much like it had felt before she took an exam or gave a speech. When she opened her eyes, it was because Lauren had stopped putting shadow on her, and was now staring directly at Maria. He heart had quickened. Instead of its typical rhythm, beat   beat   beat   beat, it was now beatbeatbeatbeat. Intense was certainly the only word that could explain it.

Lauren’s hand reached up to push Maria’s hair out of her face, but her eyes never left Maria’s. Very slowly, Lauren began to lean in. Is she going to kiss me? Maria wondered. If she was, she was sure to let it happen. Until that moment, she hadn’t realized that of course she wanted to kiss Lauren.

The kiss started out slowly, with lips staying rather still. But, in no time at all, the kiss escalated. Lauren had licked her tongue, asking for entrance into Maria’s mouth. She obliged, happily.

Who knew how long they had been on Maria’s bed kissing? Neither of them certainly knew it. Lauren’s fingers began to pull on Maria’s nipples. And Maria gladly removed Lauren’s shirt before suckling on her breasts.

Just as Lauren had removed Maria’s pants, her mother walked into the room.

Maria didn’t want to think of that moment, though. Not anymore. She only wanted to think of her and Lauren making love to one another just an hour earlier on a blanket in the woods.

She looked over at the gorgeous blonde when she heard the train whistle, wiggling her right foot as much as she could, which wasn't much, seeing as it was lodged between the tracks. “I love you, Lauren.”

Lauren’s eyes pricked with tears, but a smile filled her face anyways. “I love you, too.”

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