Going Back

Follows the events in Going Underground and Going Above and Beyond. A one shot story.

Tom is given the chance to return to his home town. What will he find there and will he want to return ?


3. Going Back

I turned my head and saw my daughter. She was five weeks old now, but in Afterworld that equated to being about five. She was beautiful, like her mother, had the same blondie hair worn over her shoulder. I smiled at her like I always did.

‘Time to go Tom,’ Seth said. He was stood next to Zee. How well Seth had got to know me. He knew I’d come back if he brought the people I most loved.

I picked the girl up and kissed her cheek.

‘Ok Decima, time to go back’ I said

I took one look back. The past behind me sprawled and ingrained in the streets of my town and turned towards the light that was the portal. There lay my present and future. There was no contest.

Holding my daughter and clutching Zee’s hand I went into the light and back to Afterworld.

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