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5sos imagines about EVERYTHING!!! I take requests so if you want an imagine to be about you and your favorite from 5sos then all you have to do is to DM on Instagram @5sos_fandom_1996 Just DM and I'll make an imagine about you and your fav from 5sos❤️❤️


5. Poppy and Ashton

Pregnant imagine:

You were in the hospital waiting with Ashton.You were pregnant and you're water broke three hours ago.You then started getting an intense pain you've never felt before"I'm gonna call the nurse,baby!'' Ashton said.He then came back with nurses.Thirty minutes later,you were holding Ashton's hand pushing.''Okay,Poppy I need one more big big push'' the nurse said ''you can do it'' Ashton said and kissed your temple.You started pushing and screaming since the shoulders were the hardest part and it burned like hell.You heard crying and saw Ashton smiling like never before.Then nurse cleaned the baby ''it's a girl'' she said and handed to you your baby girl.You rocked her until she fell asleep since she was crying.''Here meet daddy'' you whispered toher as you past her to Ashton ''hi baby,I'm your daddy and you're my princess'' he said softly while happy tears cae down his cheeks.He was smiling uncontrollably ''Ashley'' you said ''like you'' you continued ''it's perfect'' he said and sat down next to you on the bed.Both of you were so happy about your beautiful baby girl.

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