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5sos imagines about EVERYTHING!!! I take requests so if you want an imagine to be about you and your favorite from 5sos then all you have to do is to DM on Instagram @5sos_fandom_1996 Just DM and I'll make an imagine about you and your fav from 5sos❤️❤️


1. Halla & Michael

Mikey leaving imagine:

"I'm gonna miss you so much" Michael cried while hugging you "I'm gonna miss you so much too" you cried into his neck.Michael was leaving on tour for seven months.It was time for Michael to leave and none of you wanted to let go.He had to let go or he was gonna miss the plane."I love you so so much,Halla" he said to you as he cupped your face and stared into your eyes."I love you too" you said "to infinity and beyond,you are my stars,my sun,my moon,my universe, you're my everything,baby" he said to you "you are my everything too" you cried.Michael let go of you and made his way to the gate.Just when he was about to enter,he dropped his bag on the floor,turned around and ran to you.When he got to you,he lifted you up hugging you and spinning you around.He put you down and kissed you before leaving again.While he was on the plane,you were the only thing on his mind and while you were heading home,he was the only thing on your mind.

A/N-this one is about my best friend Halla and her favorite,Michael Clifford!! I take requests so if you the next imagine to be about you,all you have to do is DM me your name,a description of yourself and who's your fav.DM me on Instagram @5sos_fandom_1996.If you want,you could read my fanfic "When I met them" it's a Luke Hemmings fanfic❤️❤️

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