Fell For You

Just two teenagers, falling unexpectedly in love, with a lot in their way.


1. Chapter One

I sat down on the bench glancing around. There were so many people here, it was ridiculous. Looking for just one person was like a real life version of “Where’s Waldo?”. Finally, I spotted my twin sister. She was standing with part of her group. As twins, we had our group, and then we had our two separate groups. Jogging over to her, I skid to a halt, almost knocking into her. 

    “Dude!” She spat, throwing her hands out in attempt to stop me from running her over. I gave a small giggle as I righted myself again, then placed my hand on my hip, throwing my dirty blonde hair over my shoulder.

    “Sorry sis. Dad said he gave you some cash, do you still have it on you? I need some.” Rolling her eyes, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a twenty, handing it to me. It was then that I glanced around the group. I recognized some faces, but not all. Noticing my slight discomfort, she started pointing at the people she knew I wouldn’t know.

    “Ry, that’s Jason, Kyle, Andrew and Justin.” It seemed it was just the guys I didn’t know. Hmm. “Jason, Kyle, and Andrew are our age. Justin is a sophomore.” I glanced at her.

    “Which one is he again?”

She pointed again at the tall guy in a Batman shirt. He was standing with his feet slightly apart, his arms crossed, and had one eyebrow raised. “Uhhhhh, hi.” I awkwardly waved at him.  “You’re a sophomore?! No way. Like, sophomore into junior right??”

He shook his head, shooting me a small grin. “No, I’m actually a freshman headed into sophomore.”

    “Holy shit..” I trailed off again, sizing him up. He had the muscles of half the seniors, was at least six foot, and looked like he could be 25. “Seriously?”

    “Yes, seriously.” Carter shoved me away exasperated. “Stop bothering my friends and go do your own thing.” 

I rolled my eyes before throwing a grin over my shoulder. “It was nice to meet you.” 

Justin gave me a small grin accompanied with a small wave, and then crossed his arms again.

Sighing, I headed in the direction of my own friends.

    “Dude.” I sighed when I finally got to Rachael’s side. “I went to get that money from Carter, and holy shit does she have some hot friends. And one of them? One of them looks like he could be 25, but he’s only a sophomore.”

    “I don’t believe you.” She mumbled, not glancing up from her phone screen.

    “No seriously. Come look at this guy.” I grabbed her arm, yanking her up off the bench and dragged her in the direction of my sister, before cutting a sharp right to avoid the group. We slipped behind one of the food trucks, peeking around the corner.

    “That guy? He looks like he’s twelve.” Rachael scoffed.

    “No, not him. Him.” I knew the second I pointed, she knew exactly who I was talking about. Her eyes got wide and a smile appeared on her face.

    “No way. He’s a sophomore?”

I nodded. “Shit, he’s looking!” I grabbed her, yanking her down, out of sight. She turned to look at me.

    “Are you going to get his number or something?” I shook my head.

    “There’s no point. We’re graduating. What’s the point in starting something if I’m probably not going to be around next year?” I asked. She shrugged, knowing I was right. “Besides, he’s a little young. Come on, let’s go get those bracelets so we can actually have some fun.”

After riding rides for hours on end, we finally headed back to my house. We headed into my room, changing from ‘cute’ clothes, to spandex and sports bras. I messed with my belly button ring, changing it out from a normal ring, to a three diamond string. It looked better on me than a normal one did.

    “Dude, can we go get some food?” Rachael asked after about an hour. I nodded, laughing.

    “You’re always hungry.” I hopped off my bed, sliding my phone into the waistband of my shorts. As she followed, I bounded down the stairs, rounding the corner quickly into the kitchen.

    “Oomph!” I grunted as I ran head first into a body. A really muscular body. “Uhhhh..” I backed up a few steps, realizing that I ran head first into Justin’s chest. 

    “What she meant was, she’s sorry, and excuse us.” Rachael wrapped her arms around my stunned body and yanked me around him, dragging me into the kitchen. “What is he doing here?!” She whispered. 

I shrugged, trying not to look back. “Carter must have friends over I guess.” I reached behind her to open the freezer and pull the pizza roll bag out. I placed some on a tray and slipped them into the oven. Sliding onto the counter, I pulled my phone out of the waistband of my pants and placed it next to me.

    “Do you have chocolate milk?” Rachael asked me, more or less batting her eyelashes at me in a ‘I’m a princess, do it for me’ sort of way. I hopped off the counter and bounded out into the garage where our third fridge was. I know, three fridges is kind of excessive but when you have as many people in and out as we do, it tends to be necessary.

After bringing the milk in, I poured some for her and I, placed the pizza rolls on plates and we headed back upstairs.

    “Oh shit.” I placed my plate and drink down in the side table in my room. “My phone is downstairs.” I headed back out of my room into the dark hallway. I turned the corner at the bottom of the stairs and narrowly avoided running into Justin again. “Damn dude! Why are you always lurking around corners?!” I laughed as I slipped past him and snatched my phone off the counter.

    “Sorry,” He gave a small nervous laugh. I bounced up the first two steps when I stopped. Turning around, I looked down to Justin.

    “Do you wanna join us upstairs? We’re sitting on our phones and talking about girl shit, but if you’re bored with everyone else, you’re more than welcome.” I offered.

He gave me a small smile. “Sure.”

I waited for him to slip off his shoes, and he followed up. I plopped down on my bed and he made himself comfortable in the zebra print bucket chair I had in the corner of my room.

    “It took you that long to go get your-“ Rachael cut off when she marched into my room and noticed Justin quietly sitting in the corner. “Oh. Hey.”

He gave her a small smile and a nod. She bounded over to my bed, launching herself face first onto it.

    “Proud of you bud. Takin’ them home on the first date.” She whispered then winked at me. Rolling my eyes, I tried to fight the grin off my face. It was a little harder than expected.

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