Not So Bad

Harlan McKeever. Bad Boy. Rude. Depressed?

Harlan lost his family when he was 2. Ever since then he has been going from place to place hoping to find a family. Instead he just finds people who don't care about him and give up on taking care of him after a couple of months. But, now he is being moved. Again. This time to the small town of Calchester with the Ramirez family. Next door, is the very annoying, cute, and stubborn Skylynn Marello. Will Skylynn be able to beat past Harlan's walls? Or will she just end up being another person who gives up on him?


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Harlan's POV

I felt so much better after apologizing to Skylynn. She should be mad at me but she forgave me right away. That was the first time that anybody had done that. Every single time that I have messed up nobody would forgive me and if they did then they would ignore me and get rid of me anyways. It felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. After we both got inside we immediately sat at the table. Skylynn sat by Zeke while I sat by Maddy. She looked over at me and I smiled to let her know that everything was all right.

The sweet aroma of cheese and hot dogs filled the dining room. I don't even know the last time I had mac and cheese. I think it was two years ago when I spent the night at a friends house. I haven't even eaten junk food in two months because of the last family. Everybody had already begun to eat so I quickly got a plate and filled it up as much as I could, well after Skylynn got some. Since we had fought over it at the party.  She smiled at me gratefully and got to eating.

Eating like that at a table actually felt like a family dinner. It felt crushing yet comforting. I have never sat at a table with anybody and eaten before. The crushing weight of not actually having a family always hit me at times like this. At least not a family by blood. Maddy is the only person that has ever been considered as family to me.

"So Harlen, what are some of your hobbies?" Emma asked me.

I looked up from my food and said, "You mean hobbies that aren't illegal?" Skylynn snorted and Maddy hit me. "I was just kidding." I held up my hands in surrender. "I like drawing and I'm pretty competitive at chess."

Emma smiled. "That's wonderful. Maybe we could play a match sometime?"

I nodded. "Okay." I grinned and stuck some more mac and cheese into my mouth.

Emma laughed and I could even see Daniel smiling. For some reason I got the feeling that he didn't like me. The only thing that I could think of that he might be mad at is about the mac and cheese thing with Skylynn but we already talked it out. I just hope that he will start to like me.

Skylynn's POV

I was glad that I would finally get some mac and cheese. And this time I wouldn't accidently spill it on Harlan. Zeke looked so happy sitting at the table with everybody. I just wish it was like that at home. I hate the way mom is and I wish that she would understand that her kids need her. Emma and Daniel are just so great. They would be amazing parents when they have kids one day.

After we all got done eating we went and sat down on the couches. Toy Story was on. That was Zeke's favorite movie. When I looked around us after we got comfortable I noticed that Harlan wasn't in the living room. I frowned and got up. I walked around the kitchen and when I didn't see him I went outside. He was on the grass laid down.

I walked over to him and laid down beside him. "How come your out here all alone?"

He sighed. "I would rather not pretend that I'm apart of you family."

"Why do you have to pretend?"

He looked over at me. "Because you guys barely know me and in a little bit you all will realize that I'm just a bad guy and will want nothing to do with me. I always mess things up."

"You can't actually believe that." I said disbelievingly.

He sat up quickly. "It's true. That's how its always been. I don't even see why your trying to be friends with me." He snapped and went inside quickly. I just laid there for a second shocked. I didn't expect that.


Hey everybody! So I know this is kind of short but I thought that was a good stopping point. Anyways please like, favorite, and comment!

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