Our Life. L.H.

We have dated for a while now. What will happen? Were will we end?


6. The First Time for Everything.

Lucy's  POV:

Today is the day I am moving out. More like moving in. With Luke. And the rest of the guys. They are coming over to help pack all my things.


Yes I know Luke and I are to young to move in together, we are not married. Trust me I have heard the speech. I know you are thinking it. But to make my mom feel better I told her that it is not just Luke and I. We all have separate rooms. You know the speech you give your parents when you are moving in with a ton of guys. Is there such speech?


So there is 5 bedrooms, one for each of us. Luke got the master because he is paying for it. I got the next biggest with a bathroom because Luke is paying for it. And the guys got to choose theirs. Of course Michal and Ashton got rooms next to each other. Then Calum got the other.


  There is also a "studio" in the basement for the guys. They are turning the office room into a room for my videos. I am going to do a video as soon as I get unpacked.


Luke had bought me some white furniture to go in my newly painted teal blue. He said it was a birthday present. Ugh I hate it that he always buys me stuff and never wants anything back.


I start unpacking and Luke comes in to help me. And by help me I mean distract me every 5 minutes by doing something to me. Every time I say to get back to work He just says. "I did all the work. I put the furniture together and painted the walls."


It took over 3 hours to get all my stuff put away. No thanks to Luke. All he did was distract me. After about an hour he decided to take his shirt off and keep kissing me I thought we would never get done.


~Time for a Video~




What's Up Guys! It's Lucy again. Que intro music. ~Pause for music~ 


I bet you clicked on this video because you know the title is "Moving in with 5sos." I am not lying to you. It is actually happening. I am here today to tell you random facts. And give you a tour. I tweeted out @Askmebout5sos about an hour ago and got a lot of questions.

Number 1: Do you know where they live?

Yeah with me... or is it me with them?  Next question.

Number 2: Is Cake or Mashton or Malum or Muke or Cashton or any other ship real?

Well we do have cake in our house it is chocolate. Luke is mine so no Muke or Cake or Lashton. I don't know about Michael and Ashton though. They are adorable together..... Next.

~Skip to tour.~


Ok so this is my new room for videos. ~Shows blank room.~ There is only a white couch and pillows in here. So I am doing a P.O. Box I would love you guys to send me and the guys stuff to fill up this room. The info will be in the description below. I will maybe do a opening of it later.


Let us go down stairs. "Hey beautiful." Luke says. "Hi" I say while kissing his cheek. "Say hi to the people" I say. "Hi to the people" He mimics me. Ok so this is the main floor. We watch movies, eat, play games. Here is the den. We use this room for late nights around the fire just talking and singing. Kitchen. ~I point the camera to the kitchen.~  There are some bathrooms down here. This is Micheal's room. I say walking in. He is not in there. I walk through the door that connects his and Ashtons. This one is Ashtons. I say spinning around.   And last on this floor the Office/ library.  I say as I point the camera in there.


Ok Now the basement. This is kinda like the man cave but I spend a ton of time here too. We have video games, pool, fuse ball, and a card table. There is a studio down here as well. I see Micheal trying to teach Ashton how to play guitar. "Aww so cute!! Say Hi"  "Hi!" they say together both giving a toothy grin.


Now it is time to go all the way back upstairs to see my room, Calum's room and Luke's room. I run up the two flights of stairs to get to the top. This is Calums. I say. This one is the master bedroom that belongs to Luke. And this one is mine I say walking into my room. I show some of the stuff and them walk out onto the balcony and point the camera at me.


Thanks for watching. If you are not subscribed go do that it would be greatly appreciated.  If we can get this video to 100,000 likes I will do a Q&A with Luke Hemmings. That's it. Peace!


~End recording.~


I walk downstairs to Luke and cuddle up on him and start watching the movie he put in. That was fun.


Thanks guys! This was a long chapter. But it has been a while since I updated. Don't forget to like,comment, and favorite! Follow me and I follow you back!

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