Our Life. L.H.

We have dated for a while now. What will happen? Were will we end?


2. Moving?

Lucy's POV:

So I have to write this stupid list for the last day of school (today) and we see what has changed since the beginning of the year. 

Name- Lucy Ann Brown (Very generic in my mind)

Age-18 as of a couple months back.

Current Boyfriend- Luke freaking Hemmings! ( I am shocked too.)

Best Friends- Grace Nicole Sutton and Skylar Ann Parament.

Biggest obsession- Makeup and My YouTube Channel

Favorite thing in school- Lunch (I know this is what I put at the beginning 100%)

Favorite subject- Science

Favorite Band- Ugh I hate this question... I can't decide!!!!!!!!! N/A

Favorite Color- Still Blue

etc. etc. etc.


After all the questions are done and turned in.

"Hey Grace!" I yell across the school yard. I walk over and see she is crying. "Whats wrong?????????" I question. "My mmmmom says wwe are mmoving." She sobs out. "What I don't know what to say." I am about to cry too. Skylar runs over and asks whats wrong. I tell her. "Well when are you leaving?" Skylar questions."Uh tomorrow..." Grace responds. "Why didn't you tell us!?!?" Skylar and I say at the same time. "I didn't know how." Grace says. Will I ever get to see you again? I question. Uh I don't know we are moving all the way to Colorado. She responds. I think about all the fun things we have done together here in New York. I want to cry.

~Many Tears and Days Later~


Lucy-Hey guys whats up? It Lucy again.

Today, we are doing a friend tag with the lovely Skylar!!!!!! WHOO!!! Yeah Sky!!!! Say hello to the people!

Sky- Hey guys!

 Lucy- So if you remember Sky then great If not welcome to the lovely party in its self: Sky

Sky- So today we are doing a friendship tag. I made up questions for Lucy.

Lucy- And I made questions for her. And we are keeping track, whoever wins gets to pie the other in the face and the loser has to put the picture on there social media as a profile pic. Also the winner gets to change something in the others bio for a week. You ready to loose?

Sky-No but you are.....  Number one, What is my favorite color?

Lucy- Teal duh.

Sky- Correct

Lucy- Your questions are to easy, mine are difficult. What instrument is Luke teaching me to play?

Sky- Guitar

Lucy- Correct....

Sky- Favorite 5sos member?

Lucy- Michael

Sky- Right again

Lucy- How did we become friends?

Sky- Well in first grade we found out we had the same middle name.


"All right guys time to take your seats." Mrs Reynolds says. I sit down and a girl sits next to me. "Hi whats your name?" I question. "My name is Skylar Ann Parament." the girl well now Skylar replies. "That's so cool my middle name is Ann too. I am Lucy." "Cool lets be best friends."

~End of Flashback~

Lucy- Crap your good at this.

~Skip to end.~

Lucy- And the final score is 10-10.

Sky- We are to good at this.

Lucy- Well we decided to just both get pied in the face and change our profile pictures. No bio change though.


Lucy- Okay so this is my brother John and his friend Nick. They are going to pie us in the face at the same time.

Lucy & Sky- Okay 3..2..1 GO!!!!

We get hit in the face with a tone of whipped cream. We burst out laughing and start licking the stuff off our faces.

Lucy- Alright I guess this is the end of this crazy video. I'll link our Social Medias in the description. Peace Out!!!

I turn off the camera and Sky and I start to go to the bathroom to get cleaned off.  "Well that was fun" Sky says. As we are walking to the bathroom I feel arms wrap around me and turn to see Luke. "Oh My Gawd!!!! I thought you weren't coming home till tomorrow." "I wasn't but I decide to come home a day early." he replies. "Yay!!" "Hey you got a little something right there." He motions to my whole face. "Yeah I know." He kisses my cheek and licks his lips. "Oh sweet.  Got any more whipped cream?" "Yeah in the fridge but don't eat it all!" I yell after him.

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