Our Life. L.H.

We have dated for a while now. What will happen? Were will we end?


7. Changes.

Lucy's POV:


I wake up in Luke's bed. Very confused at first, but then I realize why I am here. Last night we watched a scary movie and I am usually never afraid of them but I wanted to cuddle longer so I acted really afraid. Luke said he would stay with me he must have carried me to his room.


But that doesn't explian why I'm only in my bra and underwear....


I hear Luke make noise and I turn and look at him. I can tell he is having a nightmare.  He is mumbling something. I get closer to hear. "This can't be I wouldn't do that Lucy you know me.... baby please stop I'm sorry!" he jerks awake and I shut my eyes. I can feel him move out of bed I move and stretch like I just woke up. "Hey baby" I yawn talk.


I walk into the bathroom we share and start to get the left over makeup off my face. I see Luke undressing behind me, he gets into only his underwear and walks up kisses my cheek and gets in the shower. Inside the shower he takes off his boxers and throws them at me. I start laughing... I grab all his clothes and every towel in the bathroom I run out and get the guys and my camera.



The water turns off. I turn on my camera.


"UH CAN SOMEONE GET ME A TOWEL!!" Luke yells. I look at the guys and giggle. I cover my mouth a bit and yell "I think there is one on your bed babe!" He opens the door and looks out. We all start laughing, he sees my camera and sighs. "Luce will you please bring me a towel?" I throw one near the door but he would have to come out to get it. "What are you going to do for it?" I question. "Baby I'll do anything." he whines.


"I need content babe." I tease. He shuts the door and grabs the floor mat. Shoot I should have grabbed that... Good thing it is really small. Come on Lukie its not like its something we haven't seen before. He looks at me and I blush hard-core. He covers his front grabs the towel and runs back exposing his butt to the camera. We all have a fit of laughter.


He walks out in his towel. All the guys have already parted ways... I am sitting on his bed scrolling through my phone when he tackles me I fall on the floor and act like I'm hurt."Owwwww Luke that hurt that wasn't funny" I fake whine. "Aww baby I'm sorry" he goes to help me up. I grab his towel and run. I run to Calum's room and hide behind him Luke runs in holding himself and turns crimson. I don't think he thought Calum was in here.


He grabs a hat that was sitting on Calum's dresser and covers himself better. "Aww mate that's my favorite hat" Calum whines. Luke grabs the towel out of my hands. I would have tried to pull it away but I'm laughing to much at them. He takes the hat off himself wraps the towel tight and puts the hat on Calum's head and kisses his cheek lightly. "Eww gross go do that to your girlfriend not me" Calum says. He walks out. "I swear if you two do it on my bed I will hurt you!" he yells behind him.


We burst out in a fit of giggles.


I run back in my room and lock the door and sit on my bed out of breath. Luke runs through his room and through our bathroom. Crap I forgot that door. He kisses me and also tells me he will get revenge soon. I wonder what he is going to do. He gets some boxers and sweatpants on and comes and kisses me again. Softly but passionate, I bite his bottom lip and he gets on top of me. "Luke" I mumble and look at him. "I know baby" he whispers. Things get kinda heated and he flips us around so I am on top. I kiss him and kinda grind up against him. I know this is a bad idea but it feels so right.


I hate myself for making us wait but I really want and need to wait. You know what....


Screw it.















No wait I can't.... can I?



Hey guys sorry I haven't been here in a while I am trying to get everything updated Make sure to leave a like favorite comment you know the drill...

LOL and Lots of Love


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