You'll never get that boy.


1. what's the gossip?

"Why don't you get a god damn job?" The voice in front of me was loud and stern.

"Because I can't grandad, I have tried you know." I kept my head down so that he couldn't see how angry he was making me.

"Look I have to go to college now grandad, I'll see you after." I left him in the lounge coughing, I would help him but every time I had helped him before he would get angry and say I fussed to much over him.

"Yo Harley!" As I walked out my door Daisy was waiting for me, looking wind blown with her hair all over her face.

"Any gossip?" I asked, I had missed the Friday night party as per usual, grandad won't let me go out anymore, especially after I came home at 4am and woke him up last time.

"Nah only that I kissed Riley." She stared at the ground smiling while I stood and took it all in.

"You mean.."

"Yes I mean Riley Harmsdale the Riley that is really popular and super hot and has 5 other gorgeous boys gathered around him all the time." She jumped up with excitement as we walked the short way to college.

We walked all the way to college gossiping about the amazing night I had missed.

"Well here we are, the hell hole they call college. I'll text you at break, have fun." She called back to me as she left me standing all alone.

I waved goodbye as daisy went off to her class and I went to mine.

"HARLEY!!!" I knew the voice from anywhere, I turned to see Jamie, my gay best friend, who hadn't admitted he was gay yet. "You missed the party of the year Harley! Daisy got a kiss from Riley!"

"Why didn't she fucking tell me?" I asked Jamie.

"Apparently no one saw her do it? She was scared no one would believe her." As Jamie yapped on I quickly had to shut him up because walking towards us was Riley and his gang of 5 boys. "Harley are you listening?" Unfortunately I wasn't and answered him back with silence. I was too busy staring.

( Btw- I'm really sorry if my writing has changed? )

"Oh god Harley stop staring at them." He pulled me away quickly into the classroom.

"Late again? Let's not make it a habit." Mrs Thomas said loudly as I was pushed into the room. Before I could answer I was pushed again, however this time a little harder than Jamie had pushed me.

"Out of my way Harley." It was Tammy, or as me and Jamie like to call her 'Tammy the Tangerine.' Yep. She was one of the orange girls, that basically was the school bitch.

"Uh excuse me Tammy, firstly you're late and secondly you just hurt a student. Please everyone just take your seats." We all did as was asked and sat in our seats. "Right now..." Mrs Thomas started to begin but was interrupted.

"Can we learn something useful? Like how to contour? Or how to stop lipstick coming off when you make out with someone?"

"Maybe to stop her lipstick coming off she should stop sucking so much..."

"JAMIE! Be quiet or she will hear you!" I giggled quietly.

After lesson:

"What the hell where you two laughing about the whole time?" Her face came right into mine, so close I could smell her breath.

"Woah sister. Back off." Jamie grabbed the tangerine and pulled her further away from me.

"Thanks Jamie. And we were laughing about something that happened Friday." Honestly it was the quickest thing I could think of.

"Oh my gosh, I totally forgot you're friends with that Daisy girl who claims that she kissed my boyfriends mate. Umm, he would never do that." She turned away smacking her bag on Jamie's arm.

We stood in silence wondering what to say to each other.

"Woah guys what's the drama?" Daisy called as she ran over her skirt flapping as she did so.

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