You'll never get that boy.


2. Are Daisy and Riley an actual thing?

"So what exactly happened Daisy?" I asked as we walked back from college together.

"Look, I'm not lying, I swear." She looked at her phone screen and then looked behind her. "Look here he is why don't we ask him now."

"No Daisy." I turned to pull her back but they had already had eye contact and she was already talking to him.

"Hey Daisy, who's this?" Riley spoke to her and held her arm gently.

"Oh? This? This is Harley." I smiled trying not to show my teeth. I hated when I did that.

"Hi, I'm Riley and this is Sam." He pointed to he boy next to him who was a little shorter.

"Hi Harley." He said and smiled.

"Okay so what's up Daisy?" Riley asked trying to edge his was closer to both of us.

Suddenly I felt a cold shudder as Sam touched my arm.

"It doesn't matter now Daisy. Umm I have to go." I said as I turned to walk away. A boy had never touched me like that, and never sent shivers down my spine.

"Harley wait!" Daisy called and ran after me, "what are you doing?"

"Look seriously Daisy I don't want to hang around with them, do you not know who Sam's girlfriend is?" My spine shivered again, even to think of how much trouble id be in if she had seen.

"Yes of course the Tammy Tangerine. But look Har, just come over talk, it will be fine." She pulled me over to the tree where the two boys had decided to sit and have a cigarette.

"Hey Daisy? Do you wanna come round mine later? You me and Sam?" As he asked he handed her the cigarette so she could take a puff.

"Sure. Uh what time?"

"Um now?" He pulled her onto him and they started to liking and laughing at each other. I stood staring down at all three of them, wondering when I should leave.

"Baby!" A loud voice called.

Oh shit. Oh shit.

"Hey." Sam called back as Tammy the tangerine started walking over to us, she sat down and pulled Sam's jumper under her bum.

"What are they doing here?" She asked scowling at me. Before anyone could answer I turned and walked away. I couldn't face having her stupid face growling away at me, while I looked like a mug.

"I'm home." I called as I walked through the front door, hanging up my cardigan.

"Just in time, I've found you a job Harley." I rolled my eyes and took the piece of paper from him. "Tomorrow straight after college go down there, it's all sorted.

"Um cheers grandad, I guess." I walked into the kitchen and started to make myself some dinner. I turned on the radio and danced and sung myself to happiness. It was the only way I could clear my head from gorgeous boys and tangerines.

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